• top universities in northern territory

    Top Universities in Northern Territory State

    Northern Territory is another federal Australian Territory gob smack in the centre of the mainland Australia, stretching to the northern coast. The territory is the third largest in Australia behind Queensland and Western Australia. Despite […]

  • Top 10 Universities in New South Wales State

    Top 10 Universities in New South Wales State

    The New South Wales is a southeastern state in Australia bordering Queensland to the north and Victoria to the south. It is also the state that encompasses the whole Australian Capital Territory. It is the […]

  • top institutes in australian capital territory

    Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

    Australian Capital Territory is a central district in the Southeastern part of Australia. It is surrounded on all four sides by the state of New South Wales. Regarding area, it is just 2,358 km sq. […]

  • top universities in western australia

    Top 10 Universities in Western Australia State

    Western Australia is the largest state in the country with an area of 2.5 million square kilometres. It means that Western Australia comprises of almost one-third of the entire country whereas it only has 11% […]

  • top universities in south australia

    Top 10 Universities in South Australia State

    South Australia is fourth largest state of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is also the third least densely populated subdivision of the country, with West Australia and Northern Territory being even less scarce in population. […]

  • best universities in nunavut province

    Top Universities in Nunavut Canada

    Northwest Territories is the second largest divisional territory in Canada while Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada, province or administrative territory. These two areas are so vast that almost 3 million square km of […]

  • top universities in queensland

    Top 10 Universities in Queensland State

    Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, and it is also the third most populous in the country. It is exapnd over 1.8 million km square, which is more than half the size of […]

  • top universities in victoria

    Top 10 Universities in Victoria State

    Victoria is the most densely populated state in America. That is the reason why despite being the smallest mainland state in the country, it is the second most populated one. With over 6 million people […]

  • Top Universities in Tasmania

    Top Universities in Tasmania State

    Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia and the only that is not part of the mainland Australian continent. The state consists of one Main Island which has the largest city of Hobart and an […]

  • top 10 universities in ontario canada

    Top 10 Universities in Ontario Canada

    Ontario is the most populous state of the Confederation of Canada. In fact, the province accounts for the 40% of entire Canadian Population. When it comes to area, only Quebec has it beat when it […]


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