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Top 10 Universities in Hesse State

top universities in Hennessy state

Hesse is a Federal State in the Federal Republic of Germany. The state used to be an independent country under the Grand Duke up till the formation of the German Empire in 1871, known as the German Reich. Hesse is an average sized state in Germany with an area of just 21,000 square km. It still has a high population density as is the case with many other central European countries and states. With a population of beyond 6 million and counting, Hesse is a breeding ground for quality education facilities that not only include the lower tier of education but the higher education scenery as well, as discussed in Live News Streaming Hesse has been one of the top choices for education facilities in Germany because of its diverse group of inhabitants in the capital city of Wiesbaden and the largest city in the state; Frankfurt is Main. A significantly huge portion of the total population, over half a million, is from foreign countries with Turks, Polish, Italians and other European settlers coming here during and after the World War II. Hesse has some of the leading Universities and Colleges in the liberal arts department with Frankfurt am Main lauded as a cultural center of great significance.

All the institutes below are accredited by Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.

Top Universities in Hesse

5. University of Kassel

top universities in Hesse State

University of Kassel, officially known by its German name as Kassel Universität, is a large university with around 24,000 students. It was founded in 1971 in the city of Kassel. Since then, the university has grown to accommodate students from over 120 countries. There are several degrees available to the international students in languages other than German whereas most of the programs adhere to the German Language and the local student bodies. Majors in Humanities, Liberal Arts, Architecture, Urban and Landscape Planning, Social Sciences and Engineering are the most widely pursued in the University. There is a total of six research centers of international standards that address Environmental Systems and explore several energy sources. Another plus point to students seeking enrollment here is that the Library of the University is also the State Library for the entire state of Hesse.

4. Philipp University of Marburg

top universities in Hesse state

One of the oldest Universities in Germany, Philipps-Universität Marburg, serves as a state university open to the public. It was established 490 years ago in 1527 in the Town of Marburg. The university not only has an academic but a cultural influence on the surrounding areas of the town of Marburg. The area has a total population of 72,000, and out of that, the university stands with over 25,000 student population. That is the reason why Marburg is often referred to as the University Town. The University is also credited with the World’s very first Professorship in Chemistry in the early 17th century. The university is ranked among the top 50 in Germany year after year. The university excels especially in biology and life sciences regarding research. That is the reason why there is over 7,500 administrative staff that includes a large portion of hospital staff as well. Biology, Chemistry and Medicine are at the forefront of popular majors and then there are Mathematics, Engineering and Liberal Arts among the foray as well.

3. Darmstadt University of Technology

best universities of Hesse state

Darmstadt University of Technology, also called as Technische Universität Darmstadt, is an older, public University that was founded in 1877. The university is commonly referred to as TU Darmstadt with the initials being taken from the official name. TU Darmstadt is the first ever university in the world to set up a faculty of electrical engineering which first came into effect in 1883. The university has an extensive staff of nearly 5,000 out of which over 2,700 are professors and lecturers. TU Darmstadt has just over 25,000 students under its care which means the student to teacher ratio here is very low (1:9) despite it being a public university. That enables the student going to this college a more personalised touch in learning as well as having the abundant resources for research purposes that only a large public university can offer. Darmstadt deals with education that pertains to the STEM part of education; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. That is why fields of study such as mechatronics, computer engineering and Information Systems Engineering are at the forefront.

2. University of Giessen

top universities in Hesse state

University of Giessen is the second greatest university in Hesse State. It was founded in 1607, making it one of the oldest universities in Germany. It is officially known as Justus Liebig Universität Giessen in Germany. The university is named after Justus Von Liebig who is its most notable faculty member, known for his contributions towards agricultural chemistry and the invention of artificial fertilizer. The university offers courses in the fields of Agriculture, Fine Arts, Economics, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine as Well. In fact, the University of Giessen is very highly regarded for its med school program, and it also boasts the only private university hospital in the country. As of September 2016, JLU has over 28,000 students enrolled in various degree programs.

1. Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt is the largest university in the state which is not-so-coincidentally is also located in the largest city in the state, Frankfurt am Main. The university was founded in 1914 over a hundred years ago and now boasts a student body of over 45,000. The official name of the university is absurdly long, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Main, so it is simply referred to as Goethe University in most situations. The university has 16 faculties in total including Faculty of Law, Linguistics Culture and Arts, Geoscience and Geography, Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science and Mathematics as well. Goethe has produced 18 Nobel Laureates in its centennial existence. Its graduate business school has earned the most Deutsche Bank Prizes in Financial Economics due to the contribution of the school towards financial and economic Research.

Top Universities in Northern Territory State

Top Universities in Northern Territory State

Northern Territory is another federal Australian Territory gob smack in the centre of the mainland Australia, stretching to the northern coast. The territory is the third largest in Australia behind Queensland and Western Australia. Despite that the total population here is barely 250,000. Most of that is because the territory except for the coastal area is all but an arid desert. Because of that the options for higher education are severely limited here. The largest city in the territory is Darwin. As discussed before, the city of Darwin is near the northern coast inside the tip of Northers Territorial Peninsula. Because Darwin comprises of over 60% of the total Norther Territory population, it is a given that the only higher education university. But the buck doesn’t stop just there. There is another tertiary institute in the town of Batchelor that although specializes in TAFE and vocational education, does provide courses at the undergraduate level. Read all about Top Universities in Northern Territory here. some days ago i watched a program on cnn live streaming about this university.

Top Universities in Northern Territory

There are two degree granting tertiary institutes in Northern Territory. The higher educational and even the vocational education have a lot of specializations and courses in mining industry. That is because the lynchpin of the economy in the Northern Territory in none other than the mining industry that contributes over 3 billion AUD a year towards gross domestic product of the state. The Charles Darwin University which is the member of Top Universities in Northern Territory in the city of Darwin has contributed heavily towards the education of the state. The largest library here has immense influence from the university and is also called the Northern Territory Library. Apart from that, nature and environmental study has also been a vital part of the higher education in Northern Territory. Because of its vast wilderness, deserts, National reserves and even National Parks that are over 20 in number the territory has a lot of sectors, private and otherwise, which explore these wildernesses and preserve nature.

Batchelor Institute

top universities in northern territory state

Batchelor Institute (part of Top Universities in Northern Territory) which is officially named Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, is a vocational and TAFE institute in the town of Batchelor, Northern Territory. Batchelor Institute has been a huge advocate of education for adults and women. That is the reason why almost 60% of the students at the Batchelor Institute are women and the same percentage of the students are aged over 30 as well. Batchelor Institute caters with several areas of study, especially the specialization, diplomas and certificates for people to explore the working sector in the Northern Territory market. The institute is also aligned with several universities, including Charles Darwin University, in order to provide undergraduate programs and courses that are credit transferable. Second in Top Universities in Northern Territory.

Charles Darwin University

top universities in northern territory

Charles Darwin University (exists in Top Universities in Northern Territory) is a public university that is predominantly a college for vocational studies and TAFE students. The reason for that is that even though the university has a total of 20,000 students. Out of which only 4,000 are undergraduate and post-graduate students. Even though it is not a member of the Group of Eight, it is in another coalition which is a seven university coalition is called Innovative Research Universities. Charles Darwin University is not just a university with a campus in the city of Darwin. Apart from that there are campuses in Palmerston, Alice Springs, and three other towns. Also there are smaller training centres as well in smaller towns spread across the main highway of the Northern Territory. That means that the university represents people of Northern Territory that come from all corners of the vast area.

It terms of its education. The university is split up into three faculties. The first faculty concerns with the healthcare, environmental studies, engineering and other scientific areas. The other faculty is predominantly liberal art that offers degree in business, arts, law and other behavioural sciences. Finally there is a faculty for Vocational and Training courses. The university also collaborate with other universities that facilitates in credit transfers and course collaboration like it has with Flinders University and University of Sydney. CDU also has nine research centres with a research for minerals, oil and gas, and renewable energy along with sustainable energy being the core focus of these researches. Despite being a heavily vocational institute, Charles Darwin edges out most universities because of its very high graduation employability rate of over 85%. That is why the university is often ranked among the top 500 universities of the world despite only having 4,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The first university in Top Universities in Northern Territory.

Top 10 Universities in New South Wales State

Top 10 Universities in New South Wales State

The New South Wales is a southeastern state in Australia bordering Queensland to the north and Victoria to the south. It is also the state that encompasses the whole Australian Capital Territory. It is the most populous state in the country with almost 8 million people. New South Wales has Sydney as its capital city, the home of Oprah in Australia. Sydney is not only the most populous city in the state with over 60% of the total state’s population in that metropolitan area; it is also the most populous and largest city in the country. It is for that reason a given that most of the top universities, if not all, are situated in Sydney. There are still tertiary institutes and even public universities outside that area. University of Wollongong is certainly one that is in the small city of Wollongong. Then there are Charles Sturt University and Australian Catholic University, the two religious universities with multiple campuses and residential colleges in several places in the state. It is to say that a much larger percentage of adults in New South Wales are inclined to go past undergraduate education than in any other state in the country. Read more about Top Universities in New South Wales.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in New South Wales

  1. Macquarie University

top 10 universities in new south wales

Macquarie University was founded in 1964 as a public research university. Macquarie is a very large university with 40,000 students under education every year. The great thing about it is that over 11,000 of those are post-graduate students while great research endeavours are augmenting their higher education. Macquarie University receives over A$900 million annually for its research endowment. Regarding education, the university is split up into five distinct faculties that include Business, Art and Design, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Law, Nursing and Medicine as fields of study. Macquarie University Hospital is especially an active teaching hospital with a very prestigious pedigree for past few decades. The University is very highly ranked among international universities, and the national rankings always have the university in the top 10-15. Macquarie University has also brew several Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars over the years. Lists fifth in Top Universities in New South Wales.

Wollongong University

top 10 universities in new south wales state

Wollongong University (ranks fourth in Top Universities in New South Wales) was founded in the city of Wollongong in 1951 as a division of the New South Wales University of Technology. The courses suggested here as well as the quality grew astonishingly and with Wollongong becoming a more urbanised area, the division increasingly became larger and independent. The university was then officially established in 1975 as Wollongong University. Now the university serves over 30,000 students annually, making it a very large university and a one that is very research oriented. Over half a billion Australian dollars are granted to Wollongong University every year by the government for research purposes. It has satellite campuses now in other areas of the state and country while there is an international branch as well now in Dubai. Wollongong University offers all of the fields of study such as business, law, engineering, arts and medicine that are expected of a large research university. It is repeatedly ranked among the top 200 in the world by various publications and among the Top Universities in New South Wales.

University of Technology Sydney

top universities in new south wales state

University of Technology, Sydney (member of Top Universities in New South Wales) is another public university that was established in 1965 in Sydney. Even though the University is just 51 years old, its origins can be traced back to Sydney Mechanics School of Arts. Since its establishment as a university of technology which primarily offers courses in STEM fields, the University has grown leaps and bound both in size and reputation. There are 39,000 students in the university for the current year, and the size is likely to go over 40,000 in just the next couple of years. The study areas include engineering, chemistry, biology, physiology, mathematics, computer science, information technology. More recent years have seen Art and Design join the fray with more technological aspect to the latter. Business, law and healthcare are also some of the other popular major. The university receives almost three-quarters of a billion Australian Dollars in research funding as well. Locates at third in Top Universities in New South Wales.

University of New South Wales

top 10 insitutes in new south wales

University of New South Wales (part of Top Universities in New South Wales) is university in the suburb of Kensington Sydney. It was established in 1949. University of New South Wales is the founding member of the Group of Eight which is now a coalition of eight research-intensive, prestigious universities in the country. University of Sydney that is discussed below is also a part of it. In fact, the two universities are so neck and neck in strict acceptance rates, research budgets, international reputation, degree programs, student population and even graduation to employment rate that it is difficult to tell which one is better. It is like Harvard and Yale graduates in the USA competing against each other over which is better in almost every aspect, academic or otherwise. The University of New South Wales receives around 1.7 billion AUD every year with state of the art research centres. UNSW has nine faculties that include art, business, engineering, law and medicine. It is repeatedly ranked among the top 50 universities and the top 5 universities in the country. Comes second in Top Universities in New South Wales.

University of Sydney

top universities in new south wales

University of Sydney (exists in Top Universities in New South Wales) is another prestigious university in city of Sydney, established in the year 1850. University of Sydney is one of the initial members of the Group of Eight which now compound a group of prestigious research-intensive universities in the country. University of Sydney is often ranked among the top 30 – 50 universities in the world. Not only that but it is also ranked as one of the top 10 universities in the world with the most beautiful main campuses. Some of the most notable alumni of the university include Rhodes and Fulbright scholars and 5 Nobel laureates. The University of New South Wales receives around 1.9 billion AUD every year and also has state of the art Libraries, Art Galleries and couple of Museums as well. . UNSW has nine faculties that include art, business, engineering, law and medicine. It also has a total of 16 faculties and several residential colleges across New South Wales also that allows the university to reach farther areas of the state and keep a student population that is in excess of 50,000. Ranks first in Top Universities in New South Wales.

Top Universities in New South Wales

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation to Job Rate
1. University of Sydney Over 52,000 Around 90%
2. University of New South Wales 53,000 85 – 90%
3. University of Technology Sydney 39,000 75 – 80%
4. University of Wollongong Over 30,000 82 – 84%
5. Macquarie University 40,000 70 – 72%
6. University of Newcastle 21,000 75 – 80%
7. Western Sydney University 36,000 80 – 85%
8. Charles Sturt University 36,000 83 – 85%
9. University of New England 21,000 76 – 78%
10. Australian Catholic University 32,000 78 – 80%





Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory is a central district in the Southeastern part of Australia. It is surrounded on all four sides by the state of New South Wales. Regarding area, it is just 2,358 km sq. It is still home to an estimated population of over 400,000. Over 95% of that total population lives in Canberra which is not only the capital of the country but also the only city in the Australian Capital Territory. Regarding population density, it is the first in Australia for any territorial division or a state. Unlike other main cities of the country that are mostly situated at the different coasts of Australia, ACT has located a ways away from the coast making the seasonal changes more distinct than other climates that are moderated by the sea. The city of Canberra is a very well planned out Urban city with several suburban areas, commercial buildings and few other residential complexes and neighbourhoods as well. Read all about Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory in this article.

Educational Scene in Australian Capital Territory,

There are over 140 public and private schools as well as colleges in the territory that provide education up to the grade 12. The tertiary education, after grade 12, is mainly provided by Australian National University – ranked as the #1 university in the Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory – and the University of Canberra. There is a vocational/technical training institute for the masses which collaborates with several universities in the country and other institutes to also offer undergraduate courses or transferable credits. Then there are the few campuses of the public religious multi-campus Catholic colleges, Australian Catholic University and St. Mark’s Theological College, a residential college of Charles Sturt University. Finally, there are two further institutes that provide military and tertiary education to the new and advancing military personnel. Only one of them, Australian Defence Force Academy, has started accepting students from civilian background starting from the fall semester 2016.

All the institutes that are given below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

  1. Canberra Institute of Technology

top universities in australian capital territory

Canberra Institute of Technology (member of Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is the primary provider of vocational and technical education in the Australian Capital Territory. The range of courses offered here is very comprehensive. That is why the Institute has been able to cater to the needs of thousands of students annually. Currently, the student population of the Institute is 36,000 which is almost 10,000 more than what was in 2009. The courses offered are broader in fields including but not limited to, Art and Design, Business, Beauticians, Construction, Communication and Media, Culinary, Health, IT, Environmental and even mainstream courses in Engineering and Information Technology. Another perk of studying at CIT is that it is a TAFE institute which allows even 11th graders to go for certain diplomas and certificates simultaneously. Then there are transferable credits in some courses with the University of Canberra as well as Australian National University also. Third one in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

University of Canberra

top institutes in australian capital territory

University of Canberra (exists in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is a public research University in the suburb of Bruce in Canberra. This Australian Capital Territory University is a primarily undergraduate university with an active focus in research studies along with the post-graduate courses. The University was established in 1967 as the Canberra College of Advanced Education, and it started off as another tertiary institute with an ability to provide TAFE education. Now Canberra offers everything from diplomas, certificates to undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs. The university has four faculties that include areas of study in Arts and Design, Business, Health and STEM education. It also has affiliations and collaborative programs with four TAFE institutes, two in New South Wales, One in Victoria and one in Queensland. Owing to its status as a public research university, the University also has 25 states of the arte Research Centers. Ranks second in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

Australian National University

Best universities in australian capital territory

Australian National University (also a part of Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is a public as well as a national research university located in the suburb of Acton in the city of Canberra. The university has its founders as the Parliament of Australia, the only university to be founded as such, and it was established in 1946. Australian Capital Territory is a planned federal district with the city of Canberra having a well-planned out infrastructure. Because of its urbanisation at the very start, the Australian National University was created to attract intellectuals and such people to the area. Now the territory has over 30% adults over 30 that have a Bachelor’s degree at the very least, compared to the national average of only 19%. The university also has the highest research budget of any university in the country, with 1.2 billion AUD being only granted by the Government alone towards the university. Then there are sponsored researchers and international grants that are awarded to the university as well. In the past century, 16 Nobel laureates have been from Australia, six of them being from the Australian National University alone. Times Higher Education ranks it among the top 25 universities in the world repeatedly and the #1 university in Australia. Comes first in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. Australian National University 21,000 78 – 80%
2. University of Canberra Over 16,000 80 – 82%
3. Canberra Institute of Technology 36,000 60 – 70%
4. Australian Defence Force Academy 2,000 N/A
5. Royal Military College Around 450 N/A






Top 10 Universities in Western Australia State

Top 10 Universities in Western Australia State

Western Australia is the largest state in the country with an area of 2.5 million square kilometres. It means that Western Australia comprises of almost one-third of the entire country whereas it only has 11% of the total population, around 2.6 million. Like most other states in Australia, most of the population lives in the coastal area as almost all of the state is very sparsely populated due to arid conditions especially. However, Western Australia has the most concentrated population in just one part of the state which is the Southwest part, consisting of 92% of the state’s population. A lot of that population, 75% of the state, lives in the metropolitan area of Perth, including the capital city and the surrounding towns. That is the reason why four out of five Universities in Western Australia are in Perth. Western Australia is also home to one of the three private universities in the country with University of Notre Dame often laying claim to the top rank out of the three. The educational scene in Western Australia is also heavily augmented by sporting activities, and cricket, rugby, Australian Rules football, hockey, tennis and soccer make out the bulk of the athletes coming out of the state. Read in this article about Top Universities in Western Australia.

All the universities given below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Western Australia

  1. Murdoch University

top 10 universities in western australia

Murdoch University is a public institute of higher education in the capital city of Perth in Western Australia. It was first established in 1975 making it the third youngest as well as the third oldest university in the state. An estimate of 15,000 students gains education at this public university which is also a member of the Innovative Research Universities in Australia. The education in MU is divided into nine different schools that include areas of study such as Business, Education, Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, Humanities and Healthcare. Murdoch is listed in the QS University rankings among the top 600 for the past several years and it is also ranked in the top 25 tertiary education institutes Australia. The university also has satellite campuses in Dubai and Singapore and an Asian research centers which accounts for a further 3,000 of the international students under the university’s curriculum. Fifth one in Top Universities in Western Australia.

University of Notre Dame Australia

top 10 institutes in western australia

University of Notre Dame Australia  is a private Catholic University in the country and only the second private tertiary institute in Top Universities in Western Australia to have been opened in the country; third being Torrens University in 2012. The university was established in 1989 in the town of Fremantle. UNDA also has two branch campuses, one in another town in Western Australia, Broome and the other in Sydney, New South Wales. The university offers over 120 distinct education programs to its 11,000 students across three campuses. Education is split into nine distinct schools that cater to study areas such as arts, business, education, healthcare, law, medicine, nursing, philosophy and physiotherapy. The degrees offered at the universities range diplomas to undergraduate studies as well as programs in postgraduate education and doctorate degrees. UNDA affords its students with a great many contacts and internship options in the community because of which the graduation to employment rate here is one of the highest in the country. Held fourth in Top Universities in Western Australia.

Edith Cowan University

top 10 universities in western australia state

The youngest University in the state, Edith Cowan University (part of Top Universities in Western Australia) was established in 1991, and it is also the only university in the territory to be named after a woman; the first Australian Woman Parliament member, Edith Cowan. In just 25 short years, Edith Cowan University has cultivated a very fine image reputation which now translates into a student population of over 27,000 and over a 100 different countries represented among them. As a comprehensive research university, the Institute offers over 300 distinct programs across eight different schools of study. The university also has 36 research centres that are divided up among seven different research departments. The research prowess of the University can be made clear with the annual research endowment budget that goes over A$750 million. It is often ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and also has a graduation to employment rate that exceeds the national average of 68%. Third one in Top Universities in Western Australia.

Curtin University

top universities in western australia state

Curtin University (member of Top Universities in Western Australia) is the largest University in the state with over 50,000 students. It was established in 1967 in the city of Perth. In terms of the breadth of education, Curtin University has left no stones unturned. With 95 different learning centres spread across five distinct faculties, Curtin university offers around 500 distinct programs of study. That includes diplomas, vocational certificates, baccalaureates, undergraduate degree programs and post graduate studies including PhD programs. In fact, Curtin University has the only PHD recipient in Western Australia that has won the AINSE Gold Medal; the pinnacle of research excellence in Australia and New Zealand. Curtin University is often ranked among the top 300 universities in the world by several educational authorities and international rankings. Architecture and design, art, business, economics, engineering, environmental and geographical studies, information technologies and material sciences are some of the popular majors at Curtin. It ranks second in Top Universities in Western Australia.

University of Western Australia

top universities in western australia

University of Western Australia (exists in Top Universities in Western Australia) is touted to be the top ranked university in the state for several reasons. First and foremost is because of its international reputation which has it ranked among the top 100 universities in the world several times over. Second is because it is a member of the Group of Eight, the eight most prestigious universities in Australia. Third is that it is the oldest and most selective higher education institute in Western Australia, established in Perth in 1911. Fourth is because of its very active research centres and a governmental endowment that reaches an annual budget of A$1 billion. Fifth is because of the 100 Rhodes Scholar and the one Nobel Laureate that this university has produced. The list may go on and on, but by now you would have gotten the point; it is the best higher education institute to get enrolled into in Western Australia. First one on Top Universities in Western Australia.

Top Universities in Western Australia

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. University of Western Australia 20,000 80 – 82%
2. Curtin University Over 50,000 75 – 77%
3. Edith Cowan University 27,500 72 – 74%
4. University of Notre Dame Australia 11,000 80 – 82%
5. Murdoch University Around 15,000 68 – 70%
6. Engineering Institute of Technology Estimated 5,000 N/A
7. Western Australian School of Mines 2,000 N/A
8 The Polytechnic of Western Australia 50,000 N/A