Top 10 Best Value Food Science Universities


Top 10 Best Value Food Science Universities

Food science has become a very famous and influential study discipline in the world. Today there is a broad range of schools, colleges and universities available to get this degree, though finding the best institute for food science is not as much easy as we think. For this reason, we have ranked the top 10 best value food science Universities in the United States. The listed universities are selected from 46 different colleges and universities that reported offering such programs certified by The National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator Database. Food science is a Great educational area where engineering, science, technology, and mathematics perform a vital part.

These scientists are working in all aspects of the $600 billion food industry. As per indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a scientist is estimated $58,610, except those with high-level degrees and expertise in the field, usually earn more than $100,000 annually. Pursuing a degree from one of the best food science universities can assist students starting a successful and professional career. The primary job of food scientists is to provide healthy food that is affordable and nutritious along with satisfying the consumer demand — a job of growing difficulty in the current time. If you are also interested in being a food scientist, pick one of the below-listed universities as per your choice.

America’s Best Food Science Universities in 2016 Ranking

1. North Dakota State University – Main Campus

North Dakota State University – Main Campus

  • Average 20 yr. ROI: $410,300
  • Tuition: $7,940
  • Number of Concentrations, Tracks, or Minors: 7
  • Number of Students getting the Financial Aid: 88%

North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences claims to be the top rated educational body for the food sciences degree program. It is also famous as the North Dakota State University. It is a famed public research institute located in Fargo, United States. NDS University holds the top rank in our ranking list of the best and most affordable food science programs as per 2016 estimates. NDSU’s IFT-certified bachelor’s in food science programs weight in microbiology, sciences, food safety, nutrition, engineering, business and management and food processing. Students are also given the chance to get an internship at famed organizations such as Hormel, General Mills, ConAgra, American Crystal Sugar and Roman Meal. Besides the Graduates of this program usually get positions at the above mentioned and alike organizations, serving in fields such as quality control, product development, food inspection, or marketing and sales.

2. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Average 20 yr. ROI: $485,500
  • Tuition:$13,560
  • Number of Concentrations, Tracks, or Minors: 6
  • Number of Students getting Financial Aid: 78%

The 2nd spot on our ranking list is assigned to the University of The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a public research institute positioned in St. Paul, Minnesota and Minneapolis. Its IFT-certified food science degree is offering various aspects including nutrition, advanced food technology, microbiology, chemistry, and biochemistry. The Food Science majors can be engaged in every international study program offered by the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource Sciences together with utilizing the credits to meet elected slots. The University is offering 14 short-term programs and three-semester based programs. It additionally offers one international internship program. The programs are available in different countries including France, England, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, India, and the Bahamas.

3. Iowa State University

Iowa State University

  • Average 20 yr. ROI: $447,700
  • Tuition: $7,731
  • Number of Concentrations, Tracks, or Minors: 5
  • Number of Students getting Financial Aid: 87%

Getting the third spot in our ranking list isn’t other than the Iowa State University of Science and Technology that is also recognized as Iowa State University. It is a famous public space-grant and land-grant research institute established in Ames, Iowa, USA. Its IFT-certified bachelor’s of food science program is offering 5 minors including food safety, culinary science, food and society, nutrition and food science. The food and society minor concentrates on how food science can relieve the terrifying social issues throughout the academic classes related to the societal influences on food policies, food and the consumer, global food problems, and issues of food and society. Furthermore, the students in the culinary science minor will take classes including quantity food production management, advanced food preparation and scientific study of food.

Top 10 Best Value Food Science Universities 2016

List Top 10 Best Value Food Science Universities 2016 Ranking

Rank University Location
1. North Dakota State University – Main Campus Fargo, North Dakota
2. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Paul, Minnesota
3. Iowa State University Ames, Iowa
4. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Baton Rouge, Louisiana
5. University of Massachusetts – Amherst Amherst, Massachusetts
6. Purdue University – Main Campus West Lafayette, Indiana
7. University of Maryland – College Park College Park, MD 20742, United States
8. California State Polytechnic University – Pomona Pomona, California
9. University of Missouri – Columbia Columbia, Missouri
10. Oklahoma State University – Main Campus Stillwater, Oklahoma


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