Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory is a central district in the Southeastern part of Australia. It is surrounded on all four sides by the state of New South Wales. Regarding area, it is just 2,358 km sq. It is still home to an estimated population of over 400,000. Over 95% of that total population lives in Canberra which is not only the capital of the country but also the only city in the Australian Capital Territory. Regarding population density, it is the first in Australia for any territorial division or a state. Unlike other main cities of the country that are mostly situated at the different coasts of Australia, ACT has located a ways away from the coast making the seasonal changes more distinct than other climates that are moderated by the sea. The city of Canberra is a very well planned out Urban city with several suburban areas, commercial buildings and few other residential complexes and neighbourhoods as well. Read all about Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory in this article.

Educational Scene in Australian Capital Territory,

There are over 140 public and private schools as well as colleges in the territory that provide education up to the grade 12. The tertiary education, after grade 12, is mainly provided by Australian National University – ranked as the #1 university in the Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory – and the University of Canberra. There is a vocational/technical training institute for the masses which collaborates with several universities in the country and other institutes to also offer undergraduate courses or transferable credits. Then there are the few campuses of the public religious multi-campus Catholic colleges, Australian Catholic University and St. Mark’s Theological College, a residential college of Charles Sturt University. Finally, there are two further institutes that provide military and tertiary education to the new and advancing military personnel. Only one of them, Australian Defence Force Academy, has started accepting students from civilian background starting from the fall semester 2016.

All the institutes that are given below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

  1. Canberra Institute of Technology

top universities in australian capital territory

Canberra Institute of Technology (member of Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is the primary provider of vocational and technical education in the Australian Capital Territory. The range of courses offered here is very comprehensive. That is why the Institute has been able to cater to the needs of thousands of students annually. Currently, the student population of the Institute is 36,000 which is almost 10,000 more than what was in 2009. The courses offered are broader in fields including but not limited to, Art and Design, Business, Beauticians, Construction, Communication and Media, Culinary, Health, IT, Environmental and even mainstream courses in Engineering and Information Technology. Another perk of studying at CIT is that it is a TAFE institute which allows even 11th graders to go for certain diplomas and certificates simultaneously. Then there are transferable credits in some courses with the University of Canberra as well as Australian National University also. Third one in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

University of Canberra

top institutes in australian capital territory

University of Canberra (exists in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is a public research University in the suburb of Bruce in Canberra. This Australian Capital Territory University is a primarily undergraduate university with an active focus in research studies along with the post-graduate courses. The University was established in 1967 as the Canberra College of Advanced Education, and it started off as another tertiary institute with an ability to provide TAFE education. Now Canberra offers everything from diplomas, certificates to undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs. The university has four faculties that include areas of study in Arts and Design, Business, Health and STEM education. It also has affiliations and collaborative programs with four TAFE institutes, two in New South Wales, One in Victoria and one in Queensland. Owing to its status as a public research university, the University also has 25 states of the arte Research Centers. Ranks second in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

Australian National University

Best universities in australian capital territory

Australian National University (also a part of Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory) is a public as well as a national research university located in the suburb of Acton in the city of Canberra. The university has its founders as the Parliament of Australia, the only university to be founded as such, and it was established in 1946. Australian Capital Territory is a planned federal district with the city of Canberra having a well-planned out infrastructure. Because of its urbanisation at the very start, the Australian National University was created to attract intellectuals and such people to the area. Now the territory has over 30% adults over 30 that have a Bachelor’s degree at the very least, compared to the national average of only 19%. The university also has the highest research budget of any university in the country, with 1.2 billion AUD being only granted by the Government alone towards the university. Then there are sponsored researchers and international grants that are awarded to the university as well. In the past century, 16 Nobel laureates have been from Australia, six of them being from the Australian National University alone. Times Higher Education ranks it among the top 25 universities in the world repeatedly and the #1 university in Australia. Comes first in Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory.

Top Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. Australian National University 21,000 78 – 80%
2. University of Canberra Over 16,000 80 – 82%
3. Canberra Institute of Technology 36,000 60 – 70%
4. Australian Defence Force Academy 2,000 N/A
5. Royal Military College Around 450 N/A






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