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Top 10 Universities in Colorado State

Top 10 Universities in Colorado State

Colorado is the state of mountains, valleys, breathtaking peaks and voluptuous parks. 30 of the highest peaks in America belong to the state of Colorado. It has four national parks, 11 protected forests and some of the best ski slopes in the country. With that being said the students would love to study in an environment which is full of background scenery and a progressive yet laid back society of people. Like many other states in the US, the state college systems in Colorado are undoubtedly the strongest. However, there are a few examples like the Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines and other private colleges that retain smaller focus but impetuous education quality. Then again, state schools are cheap and provide breadth and width of education and research along with resources that very few can match. Following are the Top ranked universities in State of Colorado measuring the quality of education, value, and acceptance and graduation rate in a single package. Study here about Top Universities in Colorado in this article.
All the institutes below are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Top Universities in Colorado

5.Colorado College

Top 10 universities in colorado
Colorado College is a private non-profit college that has single-handedly introduced a curriculum of teaching that might end up changing the worldly approaches in the future. Established in 1874, Colorado College is known for its colorful history and an intimate campus that lets its almost 2,500 students choose some of the most exhilarating studies. Students must have to try one of this Top Universities in Colorado. The acceptance rate is less than 20% so you will have your work cut out if you want to get in. The result is worth it as you get world-class faculty with a hands-on and personal teaching experience unlike any other. The students here take one subject at a time in blocks of four weeks and four subjects per semester. That lets the students completely immerse in a single subject without getting a migraine of keeping up with 4 to 6 projects in the final week like poor souls in my college had to. There is also downtime of 4-5 days between blocks so you get to go on camping trips, site visitations or whatever you would like to do in your time off. It is 5th in the list of Top Universities in Colorado.

4. University of Denver

Top universities in colorado
University of Denver (which is part of Top Universities in Colorado) is one of those private colleges that we discussed before that give the state school systems a run for their money. The university established back in 1864 is medium to large in size with 12,000 students learning at the bachelor’s, masters and doctorate level. Half of these students are undergraduate and University of Denver also affords opportunities to its students to earn an associate or pre-professional degrees. There are over 50 majors available and the UD students also have the opportunity of trying out for dual degrees while they are studying. With the acceptance rate less than 70%, it is a little trying to get into. It is 4rth in the catalog of Top Universities in Colorado.

3.Colorado School of Mines

Top universities in colorado
Colorado School of Mines has become one of the top higher education institutes in recent years. Established in 1873, CSM has been setting the standards for applied sciences and engineering studies year in and year out. The acceptance rate is also on the lower side with only 36% of the applicants getting enrolled in the undergraduate programs. Their engineering program is nationally ranked and considered one of the best worldwide. Apart from the intellectual gathering of students you also get a community of 5,000 learners that establish strong ties with the community by involving themselves with training and help centers. It is 3rd in the ranking of Top Universities in Colorado.

2. Colorado State University

Top 10 universities in colorado state
Colorado State University (exists in the list of Top Universities in Colorado) is a metropolitan research university that was established in 1876 in the city of Fort Collins. The Colorado State University (CSU) system has branch campuses in other cities such as Peublo and a Global campus that is for online education. CSU Fort Collins is a large college with a student body approaching the 30,000 mark. The selection criteria is on the higher side with almost 80% of the applicants getting in, but that is to be expected considering it is a state school. The most promising fields at CSU are the veterinary sciences and animal studies are top notch. Then there are popular courses like the agricultural studies, biomedical sciences and environmental studies as well. The university is very research oriented and the students can indulge in over 150 majors at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. It is 2nd in the category of Top Universities in Colorado.

1. University of Colorado at Boulder

Top universities in colorado state
University of Colorado at Boulder is just not the largest university in the state of Colorado with its 35,000 students; it is also consistently ranked amongst the best universities in the country. The university packs a punch with over 150 majors in fields such as aeronautical, engineering, business, law, healthcare, chemistry and quantum physics, and other earthly fields like ceramics and geology in the mix. Try one of these Top Universities in Colorado. The university receives millions of dollars in state funding and has been the pillar of state funded education in the state for many years. Apart from the great educational facilities UC-Boulder also has plenty of varsity teams in their Buffaloes system while their skiing team is a stuff of legends. They have won 28 NCAA national championships out of which 20 titles have been for skiing alone. It is 1st in the list of Top Universities in Colorado.

Top Universities in Colorado

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Colorado 35,000 70 – 80%
2. Colorado State University Over 30,000 70 – 80%
3. Colorado School of Mines 5,000 35 – 40%
4. University of Denver 12,000 60 – 70%
5. Colorado College 2,500 15 – 20%
6. University of Colorado Denver Less than 30,000 70 –75%
7. Regis University 13,000 75%
8 United States Air Force Academy Over 4,000 15 – 20%
9. University of Northern Colorado 15,000 70%
10 Metropolitan State University of Denver 28,000 65% – 75%