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Top 10 Texas Universities For Computer Animation

Top 10 Texas Universities For Computer Animation

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Texas state is universally renowned for its highest quality education and top rated universities in an extensive range of disciplines from which engineering stands among the leading disciplines. It holds the top rated engineering universities that are offering  the best degree programs in diverse engineering departments including chemical engineering, communication engineering, and many others.

Today Texas is widely famed as the home to one of the leading animation producing identities. As per the indication of Texas movie Commission, this community consists of more than 50 visual effects and animation firms along with the college students and alumni.  The field of animation incorporate distinct subjects like computer graphics,  interactive media, fine arts, game designing and associated field of interest.  Today numerous Texas universities are offering the master’s degree program in this extensive and broad field. These universities are famed as certified by the southern union of colleges and schools “commission on colleges”.
We have collected some authentic figures and prepared a list of top rated and best schools, colleges and universities in Texas that are offering the quality education in computer animation degree program.  Before going to get admission we recommend you to check out the basic features and regulations regarding the subject matter.

Must Read these Instructions before, You Get Admission in Computer Animation Program

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For the students who are excited to get the degree in computer animation field, there is a big diversity in the institutes. As some colleges are offering two years programs contrary to the institutes that are offering four years programs. However, both the universities and colleges are offering the associate as well as bachelor’s degree programs. You can also find the undergraduate certification and get specialization in 2D and 3D animation along with the gaming production management from these reputable institutes within Texas region.  From our below-given institutes, one is also awarding you a master degree in the interactive expertise making it unique one.

Through all the programs being offered by these famous and accredited universities and colleges enable the students to grow their skills through portfolio production. In addition, some programs also put together an internship practice to their students. Diverse programs prepare the professional animation experts by featuring the specialization in programming, 3D animation, and various game designing skills and expertise that help the students making a wide path for their professional and brightened career. But which is the Best Texas University for getting a degree in Computer Animation?

Visual Communication Department at Austin Community College Claims to be the Best Institute for Compute Animation

Visual Communication - Austin Community College

The department of visual communication at Austin Community College is awarding certificates as well as the diverse associate degree programs in 2D and 3D animation. The 2D animation course incorporates digital painting, story boarding and various advanced animation tricks. Additionally, students are also prepared to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe after Effects and a variety of trendy software specially designed for animation and visual production.

Similarly, the 3D animation programs are covering the modeling and rendering tricks, cinematic, and character rigging. Auto-desk Maya is given much emphasis because it is famed as the primitive software for the students of 3D animation. However, Adobe Premiere as well as the Adobe Photoshop is also included in the course. The finishing point of a final portfolio is also compulsory for the students.

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At a Glance List of Top 10 Texas Universities For Computer Animation

Rank Institute Location Official Website
1. Austin Community College District 1212 Rio Grande Street, Austin, TX 78701, United States Department of Visual Communication
2. Collin County Community College District 2800 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75074, United States Collin County Community College District
3. Lee College 200 Lee Drive, Baytown, TX 77520, United States Lee College
4. Northwest Vista College 3535 North Ellison Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States Northwest Vista College
5. Richland College 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243, United States Richland College
6. Sam Houston State University 1806 Avenue J, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States Sam Houston State University
7. Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX, United States Southern Methodist University
8. Texas A&M University – Commerce 2200 Campbell Street, Commerce, TX 75428, United States Texas A&M University – Commerce
9. University of the Incarnate Word 4301 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States University of the Incarnate Word


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