Top 10 Chemical Engineering Colleges in USA

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Colleges in USA

Who is a Chemical Engineer?

Today, chemical engineering has got much popularity all over the world. A chemical engineer applies its knowledge of dissimilar chemical properties for creating the latest and innovative substances including fuel, lubricants, or cleaning solvents for improving the existing ones. Furthermore, an engineer can also assist as a troubleshooter by supporting and enhancing the industrial activities by utilizing a suitable chemical system.

Today many Chemical engineers are working for industries, companies and many other operational organizations that produce the stocks straightly associated with the chemical compounds. In this framework, they may serve in output devilment, including the research and practices on the chemical ideas and formula weights to either design or develop the goods that carry them. One thing to keep in mind is that the maximum work depends upon the personal background of an engineer in the chemical means to learn safe compounds, as she/he may also be jobbed with conducting wide range of tests in a mixture of environments to discover the benefit and optimal usage of these chemicals.

Basic Tasks of a Chemical Engineer

What do the chemical engineers do

  • A Professional engineer frequently carries various types of studies to formulate and develop the chemicals making process.
  • He is an expert in making an estimate of time and cost required to the completion of projects.
  • An engineer makes distinct types of pressure, gravity and density tests at varying levels of production.
  • He takes multiple types of protection actions for those who are working closer enough to the chemical reactions.

Salary Outlook for a Chemical Engineer in the USA

Choosing the chemical engineering can be a good decision for the students mostly living in the United States as this study field has a great job outlook than many other engineering disciplines. A chemical engineer working in the USA can expect to earn the annual salary of over $73K on average. After completing your education, you can earn the minimum annual salary of around $51K and with your field experience and good will can let you earn the annual salary up to $122k per year on average.

Median Annual salary of a chemical engineer in USA

Besides a massive package can include over $15K from various types of bonuses and $12K from the profit sharing programs.  It is not the limit! Apart from all the discussed benefits and facilities, the chemical engineers are also granted the medical benefits. So if you have decided to be a chemical engineer, you can expect to enjoy a great job satisfaction. However, male chemical engineers are far greater in number among the survey respondents than the female engineers.

Where to Get Admission?

Picking a right institute for higher education can be a difficult decision to take. However, you don’t need to be worried about finding a great institute. We are here to help you finding a great institute that truly fits you. Below is the list of Top 10 Colleges offering the best chemical engineering programs in the United States. So what you are waiting for? Just scroll down the list and pick either of the universities as per your choice !!

list of top 10 chemical engineering colleges in USA

List of Top 10 Chemical Engineering Colleges in USA – 2015 Rankings

Rank Institute Location
1. Massachusetts Inst Of Technology  CAMBRIDGE
2. University Of California-Berkeley BERKELEY
3. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign URBANA
4.  University Of Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS
5. Stanford University STANFORD
6. University Of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON
7. University Of Texas At Austin AUSTIN
8. Carnegie Mellon University PITTSBURGH
9. Cornell University ITHACA
10. California Institute Technology PASADENA


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