Top 10 Texas Universities For Communication Engineering

Top 10 Texas Universities For Communication Engineering

Today there are more than 170 schools, colleges and universities in California state that are offering various programs in research communication discipline. This article is an overview of programs their options and course period. In addition, it also helps you choosing the right program for you.

First of all let us give you a brief erudition about the program, best institutes, their educational costs, locations, official websites and lots of another information is given in the article.  The students who are looking for an institute to get a degree in communications engineering, California state has an extensive number of universities that are offering diverse degree programs in this discipline. Bachelor’s degree programs are also offered in various top rated California universities in the communications field, media studies, and diverse other aspects. Besides various minor programs are also available for the students. Similarly, some of these universities are also offering the doctoral as well as masters degree programs.

California State University – Fullerton Claims to be a Best Institute in the state for Communication Engineering

university of california state Fullerton campus
The Fullerton campus of the University is offering a bachelor’s degree program in the communications sector along with the tourism and entertainment studies, public relation, journalism, photo communication and advertising. The M.A in communication program is focusing on the professional and mass communication along with entertainment and tourism guide. However, If you are interested to get admitted in a minor course in the communications sector, you can deal with the public relation, advertising, and journalism disciplines. The university also offers number of internship, scholarship, practice labs and student clubs to the students. The university is base to over 30 part time as well as permanent faculty members that are working in the communications department.

California State University – Long Beach

California State University - Long Beach

Winning the second spot in our rankings, here is no other than California State University – Long Beach that is providing undergraduate, as well as the graduate degree programs in communication as a major. The undergraduate degree programs are offering diverse preferences such as organizational and interpersonal connection, citizens affairs, and communication study programs.

Besides the various internship programs are also offered by the university to its eligible students. The university students are authorized to contact with their classmates with the student communication association in university prisms. However, you can also pick the institute that fits on you. In this article, we are going to rank top 10 highest rated and most popular universities in California that are offering four years and other degree programs in the communications sector.

communication engineering students at california state university

List of Top 10 Texas Universities For Communication Engineering  According to 2015 Rankings

Rank University Location Official Website
1. California State University – Fullerton 800 North State College Boulevard, Fullerton, CA 92831, United States Official Website
2. California State Long Beach Campus 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840, United States Official Website
3. Northridge Campus 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330, United States Official Website
4. San Diego State University 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182, United States Official Website
5. San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States Official Website
6. San Jose State University 1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192, United States Official Website
7. University of California – Berkeley Berkeley, CA, USA Official Blog Link
8. University of California – Davis 1 Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616, USA Official Blog Link
9. University of California – San Diego 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093, USA Official Blog Link
10. University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA, USA Official Blog Link


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