List of Top Ten Best Caribbean Medical Schools

List of Top Ten Best Caribbean Medical Schools

If you are looking for the best Caribbean Medical Schools, then you have reached the right place Because in the article, you can find the top rated in states. Every place has a few popular institutions offering various disciplines in the world. Here in this article our key region is the Caribbean area. According to 2009 estimates, the Caribbean nations had more than 39.17 million occupants. Here the literacy rate is good enough then many other areas. Here the medical sector also holds a significant place in other fields. It doesn’t matter in which country you are living or working as a health expert.

Probably everyone has the dream to become a doctor, but it is not possible for everyone to achieve this goal as it is not much easy for every individual to get admission to a good medical school. If you are living in a Caribbean country, then you can find two types of medical schools classified as regional medical schools and offshore medical schools. The local students are giving education in the regional institutes while, on the other hand, Canadian and American students are educated in the offshore institutions. Do you know what are the best and high rated Caribbean schools? Scroll down the list and pick one of these top rated institutes.

The American University of Caribbean claims to be the BEST among other Caribbean institutes

American University of Caribbean

Established in 1978, the Institute is the considered the best university in the Caribbean area. Its main campus is positioned in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten while the administration office is positioned in the Coral Gables in Florida. In 2011, the number of its enlisted students was estimated to 1000 that got a reasonable rise during a short span of time. It is a private Institute which is accredited by ACCM. Furthermore, it also stands among the world directory of medical school that is increasing its popularity all through the planet. Its main campus has more than 650 students and 75 faculty members. Its official website and address can be seen in the below table.

Rose University


Rose University beats the SABA UNIVERSITY in our rankings and was founded in 1978.  It is a private university just positioned at the Portsmouth, Dominica. Its administrative campus is located in North Brunswick, New Jersey.  Chartered by the Government of Commonwealth of Dominica, it is the third most popular institute in Caribbean countries. It is certified by CAAM-HP which is a Caribbean accreditation authority for the education in medicine and other health services. Furthermore, it is additionally accredited by the Dominica Medical Board.


SABA UNIVERSITY campus building

Founded in 1986 this university holds the third spot in our rankings. It is just positioned at the Bottom Caribbean Netherlands. It has more than 500 students and 30 faculty members. Its motto is “Education for Life” which clearly elaborates the importance of quality education. Its administrative campus is located in Devens, Massachusetts. Joseph Chu is the president of this popular university. It also holds a spot in the Word Directory of Medical Schools. It got accreditations from ACCM and NVAO. Below is the complete list of top ten best Caribbean medical schools.

List of Top Ten Best Caribbean Medical Schools

Sr.No. Names Address & Contact Details
1 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CARIBBEAN 901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 700 Coral Gables, Florida 33134

2 ROSS UNIVERSITY 4, B, 485 S Highway 1 South, Iselin, NJ 08830, United States

3 SABA UNIVERSITY The Bottom, Caribbean Netherlands

4 ST. GEORGE’S UNIVERSITY True Blue, Grenada

5 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ANTIGUA Saint George, Antigua and Barbuda

6 MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF AMERICAS 27 Jackson Road, Suite 302 Devens, Massachusetts 01434, United States

7 ST. MATTHEWS UNIVERSITY Lime Tree Bay Ave, West Bay, Cayman Islands

8 ALL AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES 66 High Street Black River Jamaica, West Indies

9 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY No-01 AIM-U Ave, Beausejour Road North Entrance, Gros Islet, St Lucia.

10 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ST.VINCENT 17950 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252, United States


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