Top 10 Universities in Hesse State

top universities in Hennessy state

Hesse is a Federal State in the Federal Republic of Germany. The state used to be an independent country under the Grand Duke up till the formation of the German Empire in 1871, known as the German Reich. Hesse is an average sized state in Germany with an area of just 21,000 square km. It still has a high population density as is the case with many other central European countries and states. With a population of beyond 6 million and counting, Hesse is a breeding ground for quality education facilities that not only include the lower tier of education but the higher education scenery as well. Hesse has been one of the top choices for education facilities in Germany because of its diverse group of inhabitants in the capital city of Wiesbaden and the largest city in the state; Frankfurt is Main. A significantly huge portion of the total population, over half a million, is from foreign countries with Turks, Polish, Italians and other European settlers coming here during and after the World War II. Hesse has some of the leading Universities and Colleges in the liberal arts department with Frankfurt am Main lauded as a cultural center of great significance.

All the institutes below are accredited by Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.

Top Universities in Hesse

5. University of Kassel

top universities in Hesse State

University of Kassel, officially known by its German name as Kassel Universität, is a large university with around 24,000 students. It was founded in 1971 in the city of Kassel. Since then, the university has grown to accommodate students from over 120 countries. There are several degrees available to the international students in languages other than German whereas most of the programs adhere to the German Language and the local student bodies. Majors in Humanities, Liberal Arts, Architecture, Urban and Landscape Planning, Social Sciences and Engineering are the most widely pursued in the University. There is a total of six research centers of international standards that address Environmental Systems and explore several energy sources. Another plus point to students seeking enrollment here is that the Library of the University is also the State Library for the entire state of Hesse.

4. Philipp University of Marburg

top universities in Hesse state

One of the oldest Universities in Germany, Philipps-Universität Marburg, serves as a state university open to the public. It was established 490 years ago in 1527 in the Town of Marburg. The university not only has an academic but a cultural influence on the surrounding areas of the town of Marburg. The area has a total population of 72,000, and out of that, the university stands with over 25,000 student population. That is the reason why Marburg is often referred to as the University Town. The University is also credited with the World’s very first Professorship in Chemistry in the early 17th century. The university is ranked among the top 50 in Germany year after year. The university excels especially in biology and life sciences regarding research. That is the reason why there is over 7,500 administrative staff that includes a large portion of hospital staff as well. Biology, Chemistry and Medicine are at the forefront of popular majors and then there are Mathematics, Engineering and Liberal Arts among the foray as well.

3. Darmstadt University of Technology

best universities of Hesse state

Darmstadt University of Technology, also called as Technische Universität Darmstadt, is an older, public University that was founded in 1877. The university is commonly referred to as TU Darmstadt with the initials being taken from the official name. TU Darmstadt is the first ever university in the world to set up a faculty of electrical engineering which first came into effect in 1883. The university has an extensive staff of nearly 5,000 out of which over 2,700 are professors and lecturers. TU Darmstadt has just over 25,000 students under its care which means the student to teacher ratio here is very low (1:9) despite it being a public university. That enables the student going to this college a more personalised touch in learning as well as having the abundant resources for research purposes that only a large public university can offer. Darmstadt deals with education that pertains to the STEM part of education; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. That is why fields of study such as mechatronics, computer engineering and Information Systems Engineering are at the forefront.

2. University of Giessen

top universities in Hesse state

University of Giessen is the second greatest university in Hesse State. It was founded in 1607, making it one of the oldest universities in Germany. It is officially known as Justus Liebig Universität Giessen in Germany. The university is named after Justus Von Liebig who is its most notable faculty member, known for his contributions towards agricultural chemistry and the invention of artificial fertilizer. The university offers courses in the fields of Agriculture, Fine Arts, Economics, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine as Well. In fact, the University of Giessen is very highly regarded for its med school program, and it also boasts the only private university hospital in the country. As of September 2016, JLU has over 28,000 students enrolled in various degree programs.

1. Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt is the largest university in the state which is not-so-coincidentally is also located in the largest city in the state, Frankfurt am Main. The university was founded in 1914 over a hundred years ago and now boasts a student body of over 45,000. The official name of the university is absurdly long, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Main, so it is simply referred to as Goethe University in most situations. The university has 16 faculties in total including Faculty of Law, Linguistics Culture and Arts, Geoscience and Geography, Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science and Mathematics as well. Goethe has produced 18 Nobel Laureates in its centennial existence. Its graduate business school has earned the most Deutsche Bank Prizes in Financial Economics due to the contribution of the school towards financial and economic Research.