Top 10 Universities in Iowa State

Top 10 Universities in Iowa State

Iowa is the twenty-sixth largest state in the United States of America and it also the 30th most populous. Located in the Midwestern states, Iowa is an exception as in it has the most higher education options for the states in that particular region. States like the two Dakotas, Nebraska and others that are in that region don’t have nearly as many private and public colleges, let alone the ones that are nationally ranked. That is where Iowa has excelled as a state that attracts students from the neighboring states. There are large public universities with research focus and small private colleges with emphasis on rigorous academic curriculum. Then there are the religiously guided schools and colleges that give Iowa its unique flavor. The state has been plagued with mounting student debts in the past because many of its private colleges have steep tuition fees. The state has now remedied that situation with financial need and scholarships somewhat. That coupled with the low cost of living of the state and nationally ranked universities, Iowa is rewarded place to study in. Here in this article mentioned Top Universities in Iowa.

All the universities below are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Top Universities in Iowa

  1. University of Northern Iowa

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University of Northern Iowa (which is a member of Top Universities in Iowa) is a large institute in the city of Cedar Falls established in the year of 1876. The university offers its 12,000 students 90 distinct majors at the undergraduate level. Then there are different programs at the master’s and doctorate level degrees as well. The school is renowned for providing service learning opportunities to the students as well as maintaining smaller class sizes which are mostly a rarity for public universities such as UNI. The international study program at UNI is also a success with students getting opportunity to study abroad in exchange programs, further boosting the diversity of an already eclectic mix of students. The acceptance rate is just over 75% which is moderately strict for a university of this size in the Midwest. UNI has 17 varsity teams competing in the NCAA Division I while there are over 300 student organizations that are a vital part of the campus’ community. It is 5th in the list of  Top Universities in Iowa.

Drake University

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Drake University (that is also exists in the ranking of Top Universities in Iowa) was established in 1881 as a private institute, and it has a long-standing reputation for being a school that provides little off-kilter modes of education. There is an Areas of Inquiry curriculum which urges the students to develop critical thinking on global and environmental issues, world problems, create an understanding of global and regional cultures while developing literacy skills. That is done by throwing students in a mix of variety of subjects and improving their quantitative literacy. Drake University has an acceptance rate of 69% which less than most colleges and universities in Iowa. Apart from that, the 5,000 medium sized student body is also afforded several researches, internship and scholarship opportunity throughout their tenure as students. It is 4th in the catalog of  Top Universities in Iowa.

Iowa State University

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Iowa State University of Sciences and Technology, or simply known as Iowa State University, is a public research university established in the city of Ames, Iowa in 1858. The university is renowned for its massive size, being the largest university in the state. Students should have to take admission in one of the Top Universities in Iowa. It is perhaps best known for its diversity in both students and faculty with the students from over 100 different countries and faculty that includes Nobel Laureates. There are service learning communities in the Iowa State provides a haven for freshmen students that join these communities to enrich their college experience through shared interests. Iowa State also holds other trump cards such as the country’s very first biomass production and processing unit and the world’s highest resolution virtual reality lab. It is 3rd in the list of  Top Universities in Iowa.

Grinnell College

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If the Iowa state university is a university for the masses with research capabilities and laboratories, Grinnell College creates an environment that brews the best of the intellects. Established in 1846 and primarily a liberal arts college, Grinnell College serves 26 options in majors that include literature, theater, and even a classics major that covers the ancient Rome and Greek cultures and mythologies. There is also a global service program that, through their off-campus studies program, gives students opportunities to study all over the world. Several student organizations are also responsible for community service and actionable world problem-solving agendas. The acceptance rate of Grinnell College is barely 18%, which is the lowest for any college in the states. Several sports teams compete in intercollegiate and intramural sports activities. Grinnell has a small sized student body of 1,600, and the classes are very small in size. It is 2nd in the category of Top Universities in Iowa.

University of Iowa

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University of Iowa (which exists in the ranking of Top Universities in Iowa) is a flagship university the state school system of Iowa. The university was established in Iowa City in the year of 1847. Its long-standing history is accentuated by the large student body of 31,000 and a curriculum that features over 200 programs. The university doles out undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level degrees and there are also options for associate and baccalaureate degrees. The writing program of University of Iowa is considered one of the best in the country, and why not, their creative writing and journalism program has produced over 40 Pulitzer Prize winners. The university also produces numerous grad school scholars that include Fulbright scholarships. University of Iowa has an 81% acceptance rate and a tuition fee that is low on the spectrum when compared to other Iowa colleges. So with the value of money, research resources, and great achievements, it deserves to be at the top of the university rankings. It is 1st in the raking of  Top Universities in Iowa.

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Iowa 31,000 81%
2. Grinnell College 1,600 15 – 20%
3. Iowa State University 36,000 80 – 90%
4. Drake University 5,000 65 – 70%
5. University of Northern Iowa 12,000 75 – 80%
6. Cornell College 1,200 70 – 80%
7. Maharishi University of Management Under 2,000 40 – 50%
8 Mount Mercy College Over 2,000 50 – 60%
9. Luther College 2,500 60 – 65%
10 Coe College 1,800 50 – 60%