Top 10 Universities in California for Kinesiology

Top 10 Universities in California for Kinesiology

list of top 10 universities in california for kinesiology degree programs

Every day is launching the latest discoveries and world is transforming into more advanced era. However, it is only due to the education in various sectors such as IT, Medical, Business, Technology and lots of many other fields that are growing faster throughout the world. Every field has its significance due to its quickly rising demand. Today we frequently hear the word Kinesiology that also seems to be rapidly rising education field around the world.

Kinesiology is also known as human kinetics that is widely recognized as the scientific study concerned with the human movement. It deals with mechanical, physical and psychological methods. The applications of kinesiology to the human health incorporate orthopedics and biomechanics, conditioning and power, ways of reconstruction including functional and physical therapy.

It was a concise debut regarding kinesiology. As it has become a modern field of education major, its interest and demand has raised within a couple of years. If you are looking for the top ten best and most popular universities in California for the quality programs in kinesiology, this article might help you finding the best and top rated institute fitting to your choice. Before going to proceed, you must have an estimate of the average salary and scope of this field.

The salaries of kinesiology specialists vary from experience to experience but the normal salary for the kinesiology in California State is estimated to $60,372 per year.  If you are a new comer in this field as a fresh kinesiologist, you can earn the starting salary $49,719 per year. However, if you continue serving in California state and demonstrate your professional skills you can increase your annual salary within a short span of time. While picking a profession of your choice, you must evaluate salaries of diverse specialists and aspects including the health reimbursement and possibilities for growth and sponsorship over the time.

Average Salaries for kinesiology Professionals in California

Average Salary for Kinesiologist in california state
Above was the visual report that is showing the average salaries for the kinesiology professionals. If you are interested to pursue a degree from a reputed school, college and university within California you are welcome to choose any of these top ten most popular California institutes that are offering the kinesiology programs.

List of Top 10 Universities in California for Kinesiology 2015 Rankings

Rank Institute Location Official Website
1. Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011, United States Official Website
2. Texas A&M University 401 Joe Routt Boulevard, College Station, TX 77843, United States Official Website
3. University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States Official Blogs
4. University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602, United States Official Website
5. University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Official Website
6. University of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506, United States Official Website
7. University of North Carolina North Carolina, U.S Official Website
8. University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN 37996, USA University of Tennessee
9. University of Texas Austin, TX 78712, USA University of Texas
10. University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA, USA University of Virginia


kinesiologist by gender pie chartKinesiologist by gender Pie Chart a few careers are likely to be geared en route for the variety of operational groups having the diversity in their age. These operational groups comprise the normal age in United States for the Kinesiologist 42 years old. As it is valid for males vs. females, 59 percent of Kinesiologist is male in USA while, on the other hand, female Kinesiologist in United States are only 41 percent.

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