Top 10 LLM Program in Canada

Top 10 LLM Program in Canada

Top 10 LLM Program in Canada 2016

The LL.M program is known as the first step towards learning in various countries. It offers an extensive range of opportunities to concentrate in a particular study discipline or to move through a research program. It can also be very helpful in obtaining a law degree at the doctoral level.An LLM permits you legally to arbitrage struggles in any job sector. A Master of Law degree offers the wealth of information, most people who get the graduate degree in this discipline, get specialization in any area of legal defense.The Canadian students give much preference to Education, and have revealed a first-rate education policy with high standard and quality education institutes in the countryside. Not only does Canada render a clean and safe atmosphere, but it has been several times ranked among world’s most ideal destinations to live regarding the quality of life by the United Nations index. If you are also interested in getting an LLM degree, we have listed the Top 10 LLM Program in Canada as per 2016 rankings.

1. The University of Law

The University of Law

Founded in 1962, the University of Law is a private university in positioned in the United Kingdom. It offers various specialist legal training programs, law degrees, and extending professional development courses for Welsh and English solicitors, judges, barristers, and paralegals. Expand your career boundaries and improve your legal works in a functional practice area. Before applying for LLM degree program, a U.K student must possess a bachelors degree or the GDL or LPC; however it may be reserved for the applicants with relevant working experience. While on the other hand, the international students are required to must have an English language level equal to IELTS 6.5 or over with the minimum score of 6.0 in every component.



Founded in 1970, CDI College is a private educational body positioned in Canada. Originally, it was formed as Toronto School of Business. It offers a broad range of academic programs in the Healthcare, business, technology, law and much more. When it comes to the Law programs, its Diploma Legal Administrative Assistant makes it the second best institute for LLM program. This program is extremely concentrated and carries a broad array of aspects of the legal education. Students will not only improve their transcription and keyboarding abilities, but they will also get hands-on practice in the two primary word processing programs. Students also will study the conventional methods and technology applied in a legal way. Subject areas will cover real estate, wills and estates, civil litigation, corporate and commercial law and family law.

Career Opportunities

A profession in the law field is both rewarding and prestigious. Being a legal administrative assistant, a law graduate can be the essential link between the lawyer and a client. This program ⎯ in combination with effective communication and interpersonal abilities, and a self-confident & professional attitude ⎯ equips students for a broad range of jobs in either a great legal firm or a small legal work.

3. Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College

Getting the third spot in our ranking list isn’t other than the Vancouver Career College that offers the paralegal diploma program. Become an essential part of a legal office by getting registered to the Paralegal diploma program offered by the college. Paralegals are given great respect along with a heavy remuneration, so they stand as the highly paid affiliates of a legal team. This program prepares the students to survive in the fascinating and challenging world of law. Paralegal diploma joints the great legal training with administrative skills.

Top 10 LLM Program in Canada

List of Top 10 LLM Program in Canada 2016 Ranking

Rank Institute Program
1. The University of Law LLM in Legal Practice (Intellectual Property) – online
2. CDI College Diploma Legal Administrative Assistant
3. Vancouver Career College Paralegal Diploma Program
4. Reeves College Legal Administrative Assistants
5. OsgoodePD – Osgoode Hall Law School – York University LLM International Business Law
6. OsgoodePD – Osgoode Hall Law School – York University LLM Tax Law
7. Vancouver Career College Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma
8. OsgoodePD – Osgoode Hall Law School – York University LLM in General Law
9. Reeves College Paralegal Diploma Program
10. OsgoodePD – Osgoode Hall Law School – York University LLM in Canadian Common Law

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