Top 10 Universities in Maryland State

Top 10 Universities in Maryland State

Maryland is a hot spot for intellects and the likes with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities, both non-government and government, in the small area that the state sits on. It is the ninth smallest state in the country but despite that it is the 19th most populous state with 6 million people in the state. It is also the only state with over 10,000 miles square area without a zone, so if you intend to study in the state of Maryland, then you have to get your umbrellas and raincoats ready. The best thing about the state is that it not only has the cheaper state schools in abundance as well as the private colleges with intimate classes, but there are also institutes that are considered world class like Johns Hopkins University, United State Naval Academy and the University of Maryland at College Park. The largest city, Baltimore, is a gathering of many top colleges in the state. Here in this article read all about Top Universities in Maryland.

All the institutes below are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Top Universities in Maryland

  1. United States Naval Academy

top 10 universities in maryland state

United States Naval Academy (also a member of Top Universities in Maryland) was established in 1845 as a public institute that provides federal service education to its students. The student body which is mostly made of Navy hopefuls is an impressive 5,000 in number. There is another reason that students are so eager for getting into the Academy. The reason being the zero tuition fee that comes with the enrollment. The USNA waives the tuition fee and gives military leadership based education as well as competitive athletic challenges throughout the curriculum. The result is that you become a trained Navy or Marine Corps officer or end up in any other federal service. Getting into this institute isn’t a piece of cake either with the applying candidate needing a nomination from the Congress. Even after that, the acceptance rate is a ruthless 8%. It is the 5th one in the ranking of Top Universities in Maryland.

University of Baltimore

top universities in maryland

University of Baltimore is the youngest university in this list with it foundation being laid in early 1925. It is now a medium sized university with a shade over 7,000 student population. The curriculum of the university has a liberal arts core with further emphasis on business, law, and other sciences. The perk studying at the University of Baltimore, UBalt, is that you get intimate classrooms and individualized teacher attention for the price of a public school. Apart from that, the students have research and internship opportunities that let students explore the job market early on. Then there are almost a 100 student-run organizations within the student body, several varsity teams, and intramural sports as well. There is a Veterans Center that allows veteran students easy access and provides this former military personnel with tools to cope with the civilian lifestyle ahead of them. The acceptance rate is just over 60% which is stricter than most colleges in the state. The 4th in the number in the catalog of Top Universities in Maryland.

Towson University

top universities in maryland state

Towson University is another public university in the state of Maryland that truly solidifies its position as a university for the masses. It is also the second-largest university in the state after the University of Maryland at College Park and narrowly beating the Johns Hopkins University by 1000 with its 22,500 student body. Students must have to take admission in one of the Top Universities in Maryland. Towson University’s reputation is etched into the history books as an affordable yet immaculate research university. There are 110 distinct majors available at the undergraduate, graduate, and the doctorate level. The acceptance rate is a rather strict 59% which the second lowest for a public university in the state. TU is very well known for its athletic program and has 19 sports teams competing in the NCAA Division I. The great thing about that is that 13 of those teams are women’s which indicates that female students have a great shot at becoming top professional athletes. Towson was ranked 15th in the national public university rankings by the U.S News & World Report. It is 3rd in the listof Top Universities in Maryland.

University of Maryland at College Park

top 10 universities in maryland state

University of Maryland (which is also a part of Top Universities in Maryland) establishes itself as a prestigious public university that rests at the helm of all others in Maryland. This signature campus at College Park is a shining example of a large research university that fosters a healthy learning curve for the students. The freshmen experience program at the University lets new students mingle with the seniors to acclimatize to their new situation. There are service learning programs that teach hands-on learning with community service projects. Then there are live and learn programs as well as several research fellowships and internships available through the university’s association. With teams competing in the NCAA Division I, research projects funded by the federal government, over 150 distinct majors and finally a low 45% acceptance rate; it is easy to see why the University of Maryland at College Park is so highly rated. The 2nd university in the category of Top Universities in Maryland.

Johns Hopkins University

top 10 universities in maryland

Johns Hopkins University (exists in the list of Top Universities in Maryland) was established in 1876 as a private institute. It is certainly not the oldest institute in the country by a long shot but it still holds the distinction for being the very first university in the county that dedicated resources towards research projects. The reason Johns Hopkins University is the best in Maryland has little to do with its 16% acceptance rate; although it does have a strong bearing during consideration for the top spot. It is because most of JHU’s alumni are leaders in hundreds of top national organizations; another being the 36 Nobel Prize Winners that the university has produced since its conception. Johns Hopkins University has what most would say the most prestigious medicine program in the country with it solely being ranked 8th in the QS University world rankings. It is 1st in the ranking of Top Universities in Maryland.

Top Universities in Maryland

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Johns Hopkins University 21,300 16%
2. University of Maryland at College Park 27,000 45%
3. Towson University 22,500 55 – 60%
4. University of Baltimore 7,500 60 – 65%
5. United States Naval Academy Over 5,000 8%
6. University of Maryland, Baltimore County 14,000 55 – 60%
7. Loyola University Maryland 7,000 60 – 70%
8 Goucher College 4,000 40 – 50%
9. Salisbury University 9,000 45 – 50%
10 Washington College 2,000 60 – 70%