Top 10 Universities in Massachusetts State

Top 10 Universities in Massachusetts State

Massachusetts is the home of the Boston tea party and a horde of other cities that have proven over the years to be excellent incubations for quality education and innovation. The 7th smallest state in the country is home to two universities and colleges that are recognized among the best in the world, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the latter being the official #1 in the world. The state despite being quite small is the mostly populated state in New England region and the third most densely populated in USA.With its population of 6.5 million and rising, Massachusetts is home to momentous yet progressive cosmopolitan cities and towns with flair and character that have not only have some of the best universities in the country but also many private liberal arts colleges that are at the top of the pile.The city of Boston is voted as the 6th most student friendly city of the world. Then there are quiet cities like Cambridge and Amherst that have the cream of the crop. If you want to get the best and lead the best then Massachusetts is the place where you can learn to become the best. Read all information about Top Universities in Massachusetts here in this article.

All the institutes below are accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Top Universities in Massachusetts

5.Amherst College

Top 10 univresities in massachusetts state

Amherst College (that is one of the Top Universities in Massachusetts) was found in 1821 almost two centuries ago with its rich history and tradition guiding the new innovation and creative minds. The college is touted as one of the best liberal arts private institutes for higher learning in the States. Amherst houses a beautiful 1000-acre land where 1,800 students from various eclectic backgrounds gather for the purest form of education one can get. The undergraduate programs at Amherst are of utmost prestige with majors such as Asian Language and Civilization, History, Music, Psychology, Physics, Women and Gender Studies, and whatnot are taught at a five college consortium system. It has a very strict selection process that looks for uniqueness and passion for education above all else to process less than 18% of the annual applicants. It ranked 5th in the catalog of Top Universities in Massachusetts.

  1. Boston University

Top univresities in massachusetts state

Boston University is the largest non-profit, private university in the city of Boston with a sweet tooth for research oriented education. The university was established in 1839 and most of its campuses now reside gob smack in the middle of the city with its prestigious med school being in the south. A high percentage of postgraduate students indicate the seriousness of the research based studies at BU. It has so many researchers and faculties on payroll that it has actually become the largest employer in the city. The university has a hard selection policy with less than 40% of the students making through the gates despite it having a very large student body of around 40,000. Starting from the bachelor’s and specific pre-professional programs, BU offers master’s and doctorate level programs as well in over 250 majors. It is 4rth in the ranking of Top Universities in Massachusetts.

3.Tufts University

Top univresities in massachusetts

Tufts University is a non-profit, private university with one of the most selective student admission processes in the country, 17% percent, and a large student body of over 12,000. The main campus was established in the city of Medford in 1852. Studenyts must have to study in the of the Top Universities in Massachusetts. Tufts University has embodied its very rich history in innovation and even new invention for students to enjoy the kind of academic excellence that is hard to beat. There are over 100 majors on offer for the studious and the School of Engineering and School of Arts & Science are two of the most popular departments of the university. The students at the four lively campuses of Tufts are tightly involved with academic researches and professional leadership centers and institutes all over the state. It is 3rd in the category of Top Universities in Massachusetts.

  1. Harvard University

Top univresities in massachusetts

The oldest institute of higher education in United States is also one of the best institutes in the world, if not the best outright, established in 1636. Situated in the city of Cambridge, a proverbial stone’s throw away from Boston, Harvard University (exists in the Top Universities in Massachusetts) is synonymous with the highest quality of education, success and that status of elite that most in the world vie for. HU is a large university with a student body of 21,000 out of which 50% are in professional programs and 33% in the undergraduate studies. Being of the traditional giants and member of the prestigious Ivy League, Harvard is also a symbol of progress in the world with almost half of the student body being female, a percentage that is on the rise every year. With the largest academic library in the world, 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, 47 Nobel Prize Winners and 32 Heads of States, Harvard has set the standard for elite quality in the entire world. It is 2nd in the list of Top Universities in Massachusetts.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top 10 univresities in massachusetts

MIT is the best university in the state of Massachusetts, then the New England region, then the East Coasts, United States, North America and finally the world. Recognized for its excellence in academia as well as ground breaking research year in and year out, MIT is the world leader in technology and science. The business school is also one of the best in the country and then there are top engineering, nuclear science and aeronautical programs. An acceptance rate of 8% is second only to Harvard’s 6% in the state. The student body of 11,000 has over 50% postgraduate students that excel in research and grants work.Ironically enough, MIT being the #1 institute it is for serious learning, is also #1 in its practical jokes. A “Piracy Certificate” is awarded to the student completing physical education courses such as fencing, sailing and archery. It comes at number one in the catalog of Top Universities in Massachusetts.

Top Universities in Massachusetts

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Over 11,000 8%
2. Harvard University Over 20,000 6%
3. Tufts University 12,000 17%
4. Boston University Around 40,000 30 – 40%
5. Amherst College 1,900 15 – 18%
6. University of Massachusetts Amherst Over 30,000 60%
7. Boston College Over 15,000 30 – 35%
8 Williams College Over 2,000 15 – 20%
9. University of Massachusetts Boston 20,000 50 – 60%
10 Wellesley College 2,500 30%