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Top 10 Universities in Missouri State

Top 10 Universities in Missouri State

Missouri University is somewhat of a meeting point between the southern, eastern and western cultures in the United States. Standing at the eastern cusp of the Midwestern region, Missouri is aptly named the ‘Gateway to the West.’ A state with the much-vaunted variety with rivers, great plains, and even high mountainous regions; Missouri has every that a complete state has to offer when it comes to attracting students from other regions. That fact is also owed to the largely affordable tuition fees of even the private colleges that are in abundance. The city of St. Louis is the major higher educational influence in the state. Then the cities like Branson and Kansas City have their theatre and music history. Missouri is an averagely populated and a large state. It is the 30th most densely populated and the 18th most populous state in the nation. The people here have over 50 higher educational institutes to choose from which include the state colleges, private universities, religious academies and vocational institutes that dole out associate degrees. In this article Top Universities in Missouri.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Top Universities in Missouri

  1. University of Missouri – Kansas

top 10 universities in Missouri state

University of Missouri at Kansas (one that is member of Top Universities in Missouri) was established in 1929 as part of the University of Missouri public university system. UMKC may be a little younger in the grand scheme of things, but the university has done well to shine in all the key areas that make a university great. There are over 120 areas of study that are available at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. level programs. The university’s student body is an eclectic mix of diverse cultures and races while students from over 50 different nations are enrolled in the university. The Carnegie Foundation has deemed UMKC a socially engaged and aware community university that is military, gay and environmentally friendly.

UMKC offers majors in all areas such as business, engineering, law and liberal arts but its Medical School is especially in the top 5 categories. Their M.D program is also unique as the students can avail the option of obtaining their M.D and bachelor’s degree in a span of six years instead of 8 or 9. The acceptance rate is just under 65% with a student body of 16,000. It is 5th in the list of Top Universities in Missouri.

  1. Saint Louis University

top universities in Missourii

Saint Louis University is the oldest college in the state and it is also one of the leading traditional Jesuit universities in the country. The university was established in 1818 in the city of St. Louis as a private institution. Saint Louis University has also left its mark as a great research university as the student body of over 17,000 has over 5,000 postgraduate students. There are 90 majors available at the undergraduate level whereas there are over 100 different programs at the grade school level. Then there is the doctorate level program of course.

The university is known for its large community and a campus that is akin to a town with over 90% of the freshmen living on campus. Saint Louis has a very competitive athletic program to with the 60% acceptance rate. The university has 18 varsity teams that compete at the NCAA Division I level. It is 4th in the list of Top Universities in Missouri.

  1. Webster University

top universities in Missouri state

A private university that is known for its size as well as the capable outreach and international studies program, Webster University was established in 1915 in the city of St. Louis. Its location in the city of St. Louis alone gives it a perfect platform to maximize its association with the local business as well as some of the Fortune 500 companies. Students should have to try one of the Top Universities in Missouri. That is the reason why students at Webster are afforded research as well as internship opportunities that let them venture out into the real world. The 22,000 student body has over 150 options in the undergraduate program as well as grad school and doctorate level degrees. Their curriculum puts emphasis on globalization owing to its affiliation in 14 countries across four continents. WU has several varsity teams competing at the national level, and the university even fields forensics and chess teams that compete in intramural sports. The acceptance rate is below 75% which is par the course for such a large university. It is 3rd in the ranking of Top Universities in Missouri.

University of Missouri in Columbia

top institutes in Missouri state

The University of Missouri-Columbia, nicknamed “Mizzou” (exists in the category of Top Universities in Missouri) is the largest university in the state of Missouri. It was established in 1839 in the city of Columbia, Missouri and it now operates as the flagship university in the state school system. Owing to its large size and the flagship status, the university has a huge emphasis on research and also has over 300-degree programs throughout the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels. The university also offers baccalaureates and associate degree options for part-time students. The frontline majors are in fields of mathematics, engineering, technology, science, and healthcare. It is also the very first university to the west of Mississippi and sits on a grand 1,262-acre campus. Mizzou has an acceptance rate around the 75% mark which is still rather strict for a university with over 32,000 students. It is 2nd in the category of Top Universities in Missouri.

Washington University in St. Louis

top 10 universities in Missouri

Washington University in St. Louis (which is a part of Top Universities in Missouri) is the definition of excellence with its intimate class sizes – 8:1 student teacher ratio – 16% acceptance rate, over 100 distinct majors and finally the 95% graduation rate to go with all of that. The university has a knack for producing Nobel Prize winners with its 25 Nobel Laureates which are also among its faculty. Washington University produces the highest percentage of grad school scholars in the state. WU in St. Louis also obtains the cream of the cop when it comes to students with over 90 percent of its student body being in the top 10% of their respective high schools. This medium sized to a large sized research university with a 13,000 student body has set the bar for Missouri higher education institutes, now it is up to the other universities to match it. It is 1st in the list of Top Universities in Missouri.

Top Universities in Missouri

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Washington University in St. Louis 13,000 15 – 20%
2. University of Missouri at Columbia Over 32,000 75 – 80%
3. Webster University 22,000 70 – 75%
4. Saint Louis University 17,000 60 – 65%
5. University of Missouri – Kansas City 16,000 60 – 65%
6. Missouri State University 24,000 70 – 80%
7. Truman State University 6,000 70 – 75%
8 University of Missouri – St. Louis Over 16,000 75 – 80%
9. Missouri University of Science and Technology 7,000 85 – 90%
10 Park University 20,000 60 – 70%