Top 10 Universities in Nebraska State

Top 10 Universities in Nebraska State

The Holy Grail for agricultural enthusiasts, Nebraska is the state that is gobsmacking in the middle of the mainland United States. The state is vastly known for its wide inhabited plains because of it being a part of the American Great Plains region. The state is very large but despite its size the population is just 1.8 million which means only 24 people per square mile. With its history in agriculture and the title of “Cornhusker State” so aptly applies to it, you can say with high certainty that Nebraska is a mostly rural place and a haven for nature lovers. Despite its low population density and the rural status, it is large enough for it to have some quality higher education institutes. The University of Nebraska has done well for itself as a research institute and its various campuses serve as the backbone of the university education in the USA. There are also several private universities that are recognized all over the country for their quality education. The best thing is obviously the very low tuition fees compares to others. Here are mentioned all Top Universities in Nebraska in this article.

All the institutes mentioned below are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Top Universities in Nebraska

  1. Nebraska Wesleyan University

top 10 universities in nebraska state

Wesleyan University (exists in the list of Top Universities in Nebraska) is a prestigious non-private art college in the city of Lincoln which is like the academic hub of the state with its public and private colleges. The reason Lincoln is one of the best cities in the country to study is that of the low living costs, crime rate, and the level of unemployment. Nebraska Wesleyan University was established in 1887 as a small private institute back then. The students at this liberal arts university have conventional as well as unique majors. There are gender studies, music, theater and dance, human behavioral science and then there are majors like health and human performance. The acceptance rate here is between 70 – 80% but the best part about joining the NWU is the four-year graduation guarantee and also the massive financial aid that the university doles out every year. It exists at number five in the ranking of Top Universities in Nebraska.

University of Nebraska at Omaha

top universities in nebraska state

University of Nebraska at Omaha was established in 1908 as a part of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary to provide Christian values and knowledge without the binding influence of a church. A non-profit public research institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha has done a great job of providing applied research and hands-on internship opportunities to its students. A large student body of 16,000 is provided with the option to choose from over 120 majors at the undergraduate level. The university also provides majors at the Masters and Ph.D. level which brews the research students and faculty to innovate. The athletic program of the university is also very well-known while the university’s group of alumni is one of the most notable in the state. It is 4th in the category of Top Universities in Nebraska.

Bellevue University

top universities in nebraska

Bellevue University is the youngest university in this lineup having been established in 1966; it is, however, the foremost higher educational institutes for adults. Students must have to try one of the Top Universities in Nebraska. Over 80% of the undergraduate students in the university are over 25 years when they graduate. That is mostly down to the most sophisticated business administration and accounting program that is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. The university carries a large student body of over 12,000 with an acceptance rate that is just below 80%. The great thing about studying at Bellevue is the athletic focus that is as comprehensive as a public university. The university has several men and women varsity teams in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The 3rd one in the catalog of Top Universities in Nebraska.

Creighton University

top universities in nebraska

Creighton University (also a member of Top Universities in Nebraska) in the city of Omaha is dedicated to providing Jesuit Catholic guided education that urges its student to first serve the community and then look for self-improvement. The university has a medium to a large student body of 9,000, and less than 75% of the students that apply for admission are accepted annually. The most popular fields in the university are liberal arts and then there is the healthcare department. The healthcare department has medicine, nursing and emergency medicine. Then there are majors in business, law, pharmacy and physical therapy that appeal to the masses. Military veterans are also accepted to resume their studies. Creighton has a well-respected sports program and some of the most notable alumni from Omaha city usually belong to the university. The 2nd in the list of Top Universities in Nebraska.

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

top 10 universities in nebraska

University of Nebraska at Lincoln (part of Top Universities in Nebraska) is the leadership university of the University of Nebraska system, and it is also the premiere research university in the state. Established in the city of Lincoln in 1869, University of Nebraska at Lincoln is now the largest university in the state. Despite its larger size with almost 200 majors available, it is also the most selective institute in the state with under 70% acceptance rate. UNL offers undergraduate, doctorate and master level education with the most comprehensive selection of majors in the state. The university has its feet rooted in the energy and food sustenance projects that promote biodiesel and biofuel usage and also promotes the local produce respectively. The athletic program is one of the best in the state with several varsity teams in the NCAA Division I. It is 1st in the ranking of Top Universities in Nebraska.

Top Universities in Nebraska

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Nebraska at Lincoln 27,000 60 – 70%
2. Creighton University 9,000 70 – 75%
3. Bellevue University 12,500 75 – 80%
4. University of Nebraska at Omaha 16,000 70 – 80%
5. Nebraska Wesleyan University Almost 4,000 70 – 80%
6. University of Nebraska at Kearney 8,500 70 – 80%
7. University of Nebraska Medical 4,000 70 – 80%
8 Wayne State College 5,000 80 – 90%
9. Concordia University Nebraska 1,800 70 – 80%
10 Hastings College 2,000 60 – 70%