Top 10 Universities in Nevada State

Top 10 Universities in Nevada State

top 10 universities in nevadaWhat happens in Vegas stays in Nevada (Or was it Vegas?). That has been the famous line that has become synonymous with the sin city and in turn the whole state itself. If you are not from Nevada then no one would blame you if you couldn’t name a single city from the state apart from Vegas. It is also true that the Nevada lacks not only the number but also the quality of education that its neighboring state California as well as some other mountain states, Midwest and especially the New England states can provide. Still, it will be a ‘sin’ to leave out the state that has the gambling center of the world and one of the most adventurous places in the globe from the list of educators. Where there are people, there will be educational facilities, however few and far between. Some of the top ranked universities in Nevada are listed below; which are there unsurprisingly without any competition as they were almost all of them that we could find. Here are mentioned Top Universities in Nevada in this article.

Top Universities in Nevada

  1. College of Southern Nevada

top 10 universities in nevada state

With a student body that goes beyond 50,000 and an undergraduate strength of over 35,000 undergraduate College of Southern Nevada is the largest higher education institute in the state of Nevada. Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, CSN (part of Top Universities in Nevada) offers 150 degrees and professional associate certifications for over 90 different fields of study. Students can also participate in some courses online. Studying in CSN can also lead to other educational opportunities as CSN has credit transfer agreements with three state funded universities. With campuses all over the place and serving the rural area, CSN is a great choice for those looking to get ahead in life. CSN Coyotes and other notable the varsity teams are in the West Athletic Conference. It is 5th in the list of Top Universities in Nevada.

  1. Great Basin College

top universities in nevada

Great Basin College was established in 1967 in the city of Elko, Nevada and it enjoys a healthy student body of 4,500 students. Most of these students are in the two-year associate programs and there are also four-year degree programs on offer. Great Basin College is one of the best educational institutes in Nevada particularly because it provides opportunities for people living in the vast rural areas in Nevada. There are a total of 20 satellite campuses of GBC that operate all over Nevada. You can get a four year degree in fields such as business, healthcare, IT, law and criminal justice. The great thing about Great Basin is that it also offers 15 different professional certificate programs that can lead to advance education in that particular career like going to study in a reputable law school after graduation. It is the 4rth in the ranking of Top Universities in Nevada.

  1. Sierra Nevada College

top universities in nevada state

Sierra Nevada College is the premiere liberal arts higher education institute in the state that focuses on students implementing their innovative ideas with their classical four-pronged learning model. The college was established in 1969 in the town of Incline Village with official recognition from Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Sierra Nevada College (SNC) is one of the strictest institutes in Nevada when it comes to accepting student application. Students wish to study in one of the Top Universities in Nevada.

The college has a small student body of just over 1,000 with a small teacher to student ratio of 11:1. SNC has a very high graduation rate among its peers while almost 90% of the students are inclined to receiving some sort of scholarship or grants at the grad school level. It is 3rd in the catalog of Top Universities in Nevada.

  1. University of Nevada – Reno

top 10 universities in nevada

University of Nevada (exists in the list of Top Universities in Nevada) Reno prides itself on being a research oriented university that promises to deliver hands-on teaching and learning approach in their academics. The university was established back in 1874 in Reno which makes it the oldest higher education institute in Nevada. The admission rate is decidedly on the higher side with just over 80% of the applicants getting selected for enrollment. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs with over 150 distinct majors to choose from. It is 2nd one in the category of Top Universities in Nevada.

UNR is dedicated towards its environmental sustainability efforts by reducing its carbon footprints. That is done by allocating part of the food services budget towards it. UNR is also recognized as a Tier 1 university by U.S News & World Report. It also has several varsity teams in the NCAA Division 1 athletics. With a diverse student body, great selection of majors, quality faculty and top-notch research endeavors makes it one of the best choices for students in Nevada.

  1. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

top 10 universities in nevada state

University of Nevada Las Vegas was established in 1957 as a small branch college of the University of Nevada in Reno. Since then it has come a long way to become the larger educational institute and a bigger economic power than its original Reno counterpart. Unlike the expensive night life in Las Vegas and the lavish hotel rooms, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) is a fairly affordable university with a high research focus. Being near the stellar life of the biggest gambling center of the city, UNLV has become an attractive choice for students much quickly thus the university having an acceptance rate below 60%, the strictest in Nevada. It is the 1st university in the list of Top Universities in Nevada.

Top Universities in Nevada

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Nevada – Las Vegas 33,000 50 – 60%
2. University of Nevada – Reno Over 20,000 80 – 90%
3. Sierra Nevada College 4,500 60 – 70%
4. Great Basin College 4,500 90 – 100%
5. College of Southern Nevada Over 50,000 100%
6. Nevada State College Over 3,000 100%
7. Western Nevada College Over 5,000 90 – 100%