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Top 10 Universities in North Dakota State

Top 10 Universities in North Dakota State

Home to the friendliest people in the United State and a certain charm in the vast uninhabited plains of both badlands and grasslands, North Dakota is a state worth mentioning when it comes to higher education. Whether it is the innate isolation afforded to much of the scarcely populated state and a region that is ideal for agriculture North Dakota is breaking the shackles and finally starting to register in people’s eye as a state that doesn’t only rely on its agriculture and fossil fuel to ‘fuel’ its economy. It is also the most religious state by far and has the least percentage of Atheists and largest percentage of churches per capita. It is not the most stunning state of all but it has places of historic and national importance such as the capital city of Fargo itself and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. When it comes to education the state funded colleges are the main sources of quality education. Apart from that there are a few two-year vocational and community colleges as well. In this article you can read about Top Universities in North Dakota.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Top Universities in North Dakota

  1. University of Mary

top 10 univresities in north dakota state

University of Mary was established in 1959, and it operates as one of the very few private colleges in North Dakota that provide quality education. Running in the city of Bismarck, University of Mary is a small-sized university with just over 5,000 students in total most of which are full-time. The university offers up to 50 distinct majors at the undergraduate level. Students at UM also pursue graduate studies. The resources are not that great considering it is a not a funded public university, that too in North Dakota. Still, the university does a great job on keeping the class sizes intimate and an ethical basis of education that is influenced by Christianity. University of Mary doesn’t have any faith related restrictions so students from all ethnicities, cultures and religion can apply to study and thrive in an environment that solely focuses on quality education. The 5th one in the list of Top Universities in North Dakota.

  1. University of Jamestown

top univresities in north dakota state

University of Jamestown (exists in the top category of Top Universities in North Dakota) is another private college that makes the cut, only this time it is in the shape of an even smaller university. Getting into the university poses a stiffer challenge as compared to some other institutes in North Dakota with its 60% odd admission rate annually. Apart from that, the thing that makes this very old institution so prestigious in the state is because of the approach to the curriculum. Throughout their years at the undergraduate level, the students undergo self-assessment and focused career and academic counseling. The freshman enters programs that promote learning communities along with the seniors and the upperclassmen also go through internships all year long to ready them for the professional life.Getting through UJ can be a challenge because of its focused and hands-on learning along with the small student body of over 1,000. But it most definitely prepares you for life ahead. The 4rth institute in the catalog of Top Universities in North Dakota.

  1. Minot State University

top univresities in north dakota

Minot State University that is 3rd one in the ranking of Top Universities in North Dakota is a boon to the students as the university offers education like a private university but has the resources of being a state funded school behind it. Established in 1913, Minot State University has now become the most selective higher learning institute in North Dakota. With a selection rate of less than 60%, it is clear that the university goes after the highly intellect and innovative minds. There are 60 different majors to get a hold of at the undergrad level while there are also better options than most at the post grad and doctorate level. Small class sizes, learning communities and relationship with bigger local companies has put Minot State University on the map with ease. You should also have to take this under consideration as it is part of one of the Top Universities in North Dakota.

  1. North Dakota State University

top univresities in north dakota

North Dakota State University showcases the might of public universities in the USA and how the research capabilities of these state-funded colleges beat 95% of the private ones’ with some aplomb.Called as NDSU by the students Fargo locals, the university has a large student body of 17,000 that provides students with over 100 majors at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level programs. Students should have to take admission in one of the Top Universities in North Dakota. Being a large college, NDSU has students from all across the globe which provides an eclectic hue to the student backdrop. The university’s premiere holding is the Research and Technology Park where graduating students have incubating space for their entrepreneurial ideas and the ability to work with multiple local businesses. It comes at 2nd position in the ranking of Top Universities in North Dakota.

  1. University of North Dakota

top 10 univresities in north dakota

University of North Dakota was established in 1883 in the city of Grand Forks with the largest student body in the state that just narrowly beats the NDSU’s. Being a big research oriented institute, it is also pertinent that UND would also provide a large number of majors to study in. A much as 225 majors are available at the college. Despite being big in size, UND has kept their classes small, and it has fostered some of the great minds in the country through their excellent education. The university boasts Fulbright and Rhodes Scholars and even a Pulitzer Prize winning playwriter Maxwell Anderson. UND has provided innovative research and researchers in the field of engineering, health sciences, environmental and energy-related researches. The university appears to be first in the list of Top Universities in North Dakota.

Top Universities in North Dakota

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of North Dakota 18,000 80 – 85%
2. North Dakota State University 17,000 80 – 85%
3. Minot State University Over 4,000 50 – 60%
4. University of Jamestown 1,100 60 – 70%
5. University of Mary 5,000 70 – 80%
6. Dickinson State University Over 3,500 60 – 70%
7. Valley City State University Less than 2000 80 – 90%
8 Northern North Dakota University 3,781 80 – 90%
9. Mayville State University 1,500 80 – 90%
10 Trinity Bible College 500 80 – 90%