Top Universities in Northern Territory State

Top Universities in Northern Territory State

Northern Territory is another federal Australian Territory gob smack in the centre of the mainland Australia, stretching to the northern coast. The territory is the third largest in Australia behind Queensland and Western Australia. Despite that the total population here is barely 250,000. Most of that is because the territory except for the coastal area is all but an arid desert. Because of that the options for higher education are severely limited here. The largest city in the territory is Darwin. As discussed before, the city of Darwin is near the northern coast inside the tip of Northers Territorial Peninsula. Because Darwin comprises of over 60% of the total Norther Territory population, it is a given that the only higher education university. But the buck doesn’t stop just there. There is another tertiary institute in the town of Batchelor that although specializes in TAFE and vocational education, does provide courses at the undergraduate level. Read all about Top Universities in Northern Territory here. some days ago i watched a program on cnn live streaming about this university.

Top Universities in Northern Territory

There are two degree granting tertiary institutes in Northern Territory. The higher educational and even the vocational education have a lot of specializations and courses in mining industry. That is because the lynchpin of the economy in the Northern Territory in none other than the mining industry that contributes over 3 billion AUD a year towards gross domestic product of the state. The Charles Darwin University which is the member of Top Universities in Northern Territory in the city of Darwin has contributed heavily towards the education of the state. The largest library here has immense influence from the university and is also called the Northern Territory Library. Apart from that, nature and environmental study has also been a vital part of the higher education in Northern Territory. Because of its vast wilderness, deserts, National reserves and even National Parks that are over 20 in number the territory has a lot of sectors, private and otherwise, which explore these wildernesses and preserve nature.

Batchelor Institute

top universities in northern territory state

Batchelor Institute (part of Top Universities in Northern Territory) which is officially named Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, is a vocational and TAFE institute in the town of Batchelor, Northern Territory. Batchelor Institute has been a huge advocate of education for adults and women. That is the reason why almost 60% of the students at the Batchelor Institute are women and the same percentage of the students are aged over 30 as well. Batchelor Institute caters with several areas of study, especially the specialization, diplomas and certificates for people to explore the working sector in the Northern Territory market. The institute is also aligned with several universities, including Charles Darwin University, in order to provide undergraduate programs and courses that are credit transferable. Second in Top Universities in Northern Territory.

Charles Darwin University

top universities in northern territory

Charles Darwin University (exists in Top Universities in Northern Territory) is a public university that is predominantly a college for vocational studies and TAFE students. The reason for that is that even though the university has a total of 20,000 students. Out of which only 4,000 are undergraduate and post-graduate students. Even though it is not a member of the Group of Eight, it is in another coalition which is a seven university coalition is called Innovative Research Universities. Charles Darwin University is not just a university with a campus in the city of Darwin. Apart from that there are campuses in Palmerston, Alice Springs, and three other towns. Also there are smaller training centres as well in smaller towns spread across the main highway of the Northern Territory. That means that the university represents people of Northern Territory that come from all corners of the vast area.

It terms of its education. The university is split up into three faculties. The first faculty concerns with the healthcare, environmental studies, engineering and other scientific areas. The other faculty is predominantly liberal art that offers degree in business, arts, law and other behavioural sciences. Finally there is a faculty for Vocational and Training courses. The university also collaborate with other universities that facilitates in credit transfers and course collaboration like it has with Flinders University and University of Sydney. CDU also has nine research centres with a research for minerals, oil and gas, and renewable energy along with sustainable energy being the core focus of these researches. Despite being a heavily vocational institute, Charles Darwin edges out most universities because of its very high graduation employability rate of over 85%. That is why the university is often ranked among the top 500 universities of the world despite only having 4,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The first university in Top Universities in Northern Territory.

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