Top Universities in Nunavut Canada

Top Universities in Nunavut Canada

Northwest Territories is the second largest divisional territory in Canada while Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada, province or administrative territory. These two areas are so vast that almost 3 million square km of it is just land and the other 400,000 is water. The reason we are discussing these two territories as one entity for the band of colleges is that these two used to be one territory. Nunavut was separated from Northwest Territories officially in 1999; however, it was considered a separate entity by most since 1993 when the map of the area began to be drawn. Combined, these two vast areas only have a population of 75,000. Most of these two areas are part of the Arctic tundra, especially Nunavut. That is why these two regions are especially so rich in wildlife and have their population spread out in a small settlement and both only have two small towns. Read everything about Top Universities in Nunavut in the respective article.

Most of the population in these areas are First Nations and the religions they mostly adhere to are Roman Catholic for both. Another reason for discussing these two territories and their higher education together is because the one college each that these two have was in fact separated into two after the separation of Nunavut in 1999. The two colleges do have branch campuses as well as learning centres for several smaller municipal communities as well.

Higher Education in the Territories

For most of the history, Northwest Territories and Nunavut have been a single territory, so we are going to talk about the higher education here in Top Universities in Nunavut as one. Until the 1960s the government wasn’t actively involved in the education of the people of Northwest Territories beyond the school level education. The few programs, if any, were directed only by the Angelic and Roman Catholic. The very first Adult Vocational Training Centre in the territory was established back in 1969 in the city of Fort Smith. Then more communities until 1977 had those Vocational Training Centres. It wasn’t until the year 1984 that the government felt the need for a more comprehensive program which catered to tertiary education as community colleges instead of a bunch of institutes that just provides specialised technical skill training. That is when the door to higher education was opened in these areas, and people began careers that finally met with the demands of the changing technological world.

Arctic College formed the backbone of higher education in the Top Universities in Nunavut. There is, however, an Academy of Learning College that complements the education received at the community college campuses of the Arctic College. Out of all these areas, Yellowknife is the largest municipality with almost 20,000 population in the now Northwest Territories. Nunavut’s largest is below 7,000 called Iqaluit. Arctic College separated into Aurora College in 1999 for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Arctic College for the Nunavut Territory of course.

Top Universities in Nunavut

  1. Aurora College

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Aurora College (part of Top Universities in Nunavut) is a public community college with an emphasis on the fine arts education and programs that also augment that with technological study areas. The college has nearly 4,000 students most of which are the First Nations. Most of the programs offered at the Aurora College are designed to help the people living in the Northwest Territories. There are diplomas and certificates available for the students that help them get jobs in the offices, marine industry and other prominent positions to earn more than people with only high school diplomas. Aurora College also has three Science Research Institutes which contributes to knowledge for indigenous people and their prosperity as well. There are undergraduate programs available as well with the Aurora College with Bachelors in Education, Healthcare, Nursing and Science on offer. The college was established in 1984 as Arctic College, replacing the Adult Vocational Training centre before it. It also has several campuses available across Yelloknife, Inuvit and Fort Smith. The second one in Top Universities in Nunavut.

  1. Nunavut Arctic College

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Nunavut Arctic College (exists in Top Universities in Nunavut) is the product of separation of Nunavut from Northern Territories. It was officially established in 1995. However, the college’s root can be dated back to the establishment of Adult Vocational Training Centre at Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories. The College offers diplomas and certificates involving certain technical skills. It also offers a few undergraduate programs and the total student count for the college reaches the 2,500 mark. The greatest asset that Nunavut Arctic College has for the students that go there is their partnership with other universities all over other territories of Canada. These partnerships include Nursing Program with Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Art with the Carleton University, Law with University of Victoria and also University of Manitoba. It Ranks first in Top Universities in Nunavut.

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