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Top 10 Universities in Ontario Canada

Top 10 Universities in Ontario Canada

Ontario is the most populous state of the Confederation of Canada. In fact, the province accounts for the 40% of entire Canadian Population. When it comes to area, only Quebec has it beat when it comes to the ten provinces. However, the two administrative territories – Nunavut and Northwest Territories – also have it beat for sheer area with Nunavut being twice in size; making it the 4th largest division in Canada. However, like in any other area in Canada the higher education in the province is shaped by the population which this province is fairly abundant in when it comes to Canadian standards. Ontario not only has Ottawa as its provincial capital but it is also the capital of the country while its largest metropolitan area, Toronto, also serves as the largest for the country. So it is not any surprise that Ontario has over 40 research university and hundreds of careers oriented higher education institutes and small private colleges. The rapid increase of these institutions in the past two decades is attributed to the increased immigration and migration of people from other provinces in Canada. Also the increase of adult learners in the country has also been a big factor. The fact is that 20 out of the top 50 universities in Canada belong to the Province of Ontario so even those that are mentioned are in the tables are top notch in terms of quality. Read every detail about Top Universities in Ontario in this article.

Top Universities in Ontario

  1. McMaster University

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McMaster University (also a part of Top Universities in Ontario) is a large public university that has a status of a very active research institute. The university was first established way back in 1887 in the city of Hamilton. The university has a total of six faculties that include the Humanities, Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and then the simple Science faculty with majors such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy and whatnot. The DeGroote School of Business has strong ties with the community in Hamilton, both business and commercial. Then there is also the DeGroote School of Medicine providing med-school education. The university offers over 250 programs at the undergraduate level alone and offers graduate studies and research project opportunities to the students. McMaster has quite a strict acceptance rate, just over 50%, for a university of its sheer size with 30,000 students. The university has been ranked among the top 150 universities in the world several times by the Times Higher Education and the QS university rankings. In fact the university also has two noble laureates and several high ranking government officials amongst its very notable alumni. Comes at fifth position in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. Queen’s University

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Queen’s University is the second oldest higher education institute in the province with its conception dating back to the 1840s. The university is another one of the 25 public universities in the province and one that is frequently ranked amongst the top 10 in the past two decades, going even as high as the No.4 ranking in the country in Maclean’s Magazine a couple years back. The university has a large student body of around 24,000 students, whom are education in the ten different faculties of the university, including the graduate studies and research school which has over 4 thousand post-graduates. QU also offers other educational services apart from the conventional undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in the form of pre-professional programs, diplomas and baccalaureates. The university is a member of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport and has several varsity teams, named Golden Gaels, in the Ontario Athletic Conference. QU also has a very large research endowment which almost as twice as that of McMaster university with over a billion Canadian Dollars’ worth of funding. Exists at fourth in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. Carleton University

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Carleton University (part of Top Universities in Ontario) is a comprehensive research university in Ottawa, the provincial and national capital. Carleton is the most sought after higher education institute in Ottawa. The evidence of that is showed in the very large student body of 28,000 and the acceptance rate that is just a shade over 20%. The university has a very bright international reputation with QS international rankings among the top 250 on several occasions for the past decade. It was also ranked the 4th best comprehensive research university in Canada by Maclean’s Magazine for the year 2015, taking over the past ranking of Queen’s University. Its governmental research endowment combined with sponsored grants spills over half a billion dollars. The popular majors are in Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Sciences including Architecture. There are several athletic varsity teams also, called the Ravens. Placed third in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. University of Waterloo

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University of Waterloo (exists in Top Universities in Ontario) is a public research university established in the city of Waterloo in the year 1956. Despite being the youngest university in the top 5 ranked in our list, University of Waterloo is not only a member of the U15 research universities organization but also home to some of the most popular research intensive post-graduate programs. It is an institute that boasts over 36,000 students with over 6,000 of them undergoing graduate studies in the university. It is an institute that started out as an affiliate of the University of Western Ontario and then ended up shooting past it in the rankings after gaining independence. There are five total faculties of the Arts, Applied Health, Engineering, Environment, and the Faculty of Science. It is often ranked among the top 150 university in the QS university rankings and the top 3 in the MacLean’s Magazine for comprehensive universities in Canada. Its athletic teams are called Waterloo Warriors and the students also receive scholarships based on sports needs of the university. The second in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. University of Toronto

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University of Toronto (exists in Top Universities in Ontario) has established itself not only as the largest university in province and country while also being the oldest institute in the province. Despite having a student body that is over the 80,000 mark, the university has a very strict acceptance rate that is below 40%. Around 60,000 of those students are full time spread across 18 faculties and schools with the most comprehensive collection of programs, over 500, in Canada. It has a very astute global reputation with a top 25 worldwide ranking and the #1 ranking in Canada that is doled out to the university by several academic bodies and magazines. It is ranked the second most efficient research performer in the world among the universities with over 2 billion Canadian dollars in governmental funding alone. It is also very comprehensive in its athletic endeavors with over 40 varsity teams for women and men. Ranks 1st in Top Universities in Ontario.

Top Universities in Ontario

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Toronto Over 80,000 30 – 40%
2. University of Waterloo 36,000 50 – 55%
3. Carleton University 28,000 20 – 25%
4. Queen’s University 24,500 40 – 45%
5. McMaster University 30,000 55 – 60%
6. York University Over 50,000 80 – 85%
7. University of Western Ontario 28,000 70 – 75%
8 University of Ottawa 42,500 95 – 100%
9. University of Windsor 15,000 75 – 80%
10 Brock University 17,500 80 – 85%