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Top 10 Universities in South Australia State


South Australia is fourth largest state of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is also the third least densely populated subdivision of the country, with West Australia and Northern Territory being even less scarce in population. Regarding the people that live in the country, the population of South Australia is the most centralised of all. In all other places, most of the population is near the coasts. Adelaide is the main portion of South Australia’s people, and that is why most of the higher education in the state is concentrated in that area. It is also the only state in the country that is bordered by all other states or administrative divisions in the Mainland Australia except for Australian Capital Territory which is entirely engulfed by New South Wales. South Australia consists of the aridest places in the continent of Australia, trumped only by the extreme conditions of the Norther Territory. Because of its more centralised population, the economy of the state relies on agriculture and manufacturing industry. Because of that, the education system in SA is also geared towards the education of the student to excel in the most prominent professional fields in the state. Here find all info about Top Universities in South Australia.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in South Australia

  1. Tabor College Australia

top universities in south australia state

Tabor College is a small Christian college with a liberal arts curriculum focus. The college offers specialised education with certificates as well as undergraduate education and even a few programs at the Master’s level. The areas of study include Counselling, education, humanities, liberal arts, ministry, performing arts and youth studies. Tabor College has its roots in the Angelic and Baptist Churches. Most of the students and faculties in the college are derived from the main churches of the Uniting Church in Australia. Bachelor’s degree in Art, Social Sciences and Theology are the mainstays at the college. While it also offers post-graduate and a doctorate program in Theology. It is also a member of the South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges which means that students here have great chances of exploring their education outside the state as well after undergraduate studies. Tabor College has a medium sized campus with around 1,000 students under its care. Placed at fifth in Top Universities in South Australia.

Torrens University Australia

best universities in south australia state

Torrens University (member of Top Universities in South Australia) is a private higher education institute in South Australia and the only university of private nature in the state. Torrens University is recognised as only the third private university in Australia after it was established very recently in 2012. The university’s student body is ever growing and with four campuses in major cities of the country – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – the university is estimated to have over 5,000 student population. TUA is a member of the Laureate International Universities network in Asia, and the Government of Australia approved the application of Laureate Education Asia to establish a network of private universities in the country in 2011. The University offers students a standardized education from the same university across four different states in the country. Among its budding educational opportunities include Business Administration, Design, Healthcare, Education and Global Project Management. The university also offers post-graduate degrees using Research as well. Ranks fourth in Top Universities in South Australia.

Flinders University

top universities in south australia

Flinders University is the second oldest of the three public universities in the city of Adelaide and in Top Universities in South Australia. Apart from the capital city, the university also has several campuses in other places of South Australia like Darwin, Riverland, Alice Springs, and what not. That means that Flinders University is also mindful of the fact that places in the state besides Adelaide are also in desperate need of higher education. The university was established in 1963. Since then it has ranked many times in the top 50 universities in the world that are younger than 50 years. The best thing about Flinders is its ability to offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and post-graduate programs that are over 150 in number. Study areas like Business Administration, Education, Healthcare, Humanities, Law, Engineering, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies. A student population of over 19,000 and innovative research capabilities, Flinders University, is a great choice for the masses. Comes at third in Top Universities in South Australia.

University of South Australia

best institutes in south australia

University of South Australia (exists in Top Universities in South Australia) was established in 1991. However, the origins of this university can be traced back to 1856 with the College of Advanced Education. The university was established by the merger of South Australia Institute of Technology (Established 1889) and College of Advanced Education. Now with more than 36,000 students, The University of South Australia is the largest higher education institute in the state. In the past decade, the University has been ranked among top universities in South Australia and the world many times in the past couple decades. One of the emerging institutes being of the technological kind because of which there is a whole division of Information Technology and Engineering. Then there are the Business School, Education, Liberal Arts and also Health Sciences. Research Institutes are also a major part of education at UniSA with four flagship research institutes managing their buildings and wings as well. The university also has numerous student organisations and several sports teams as well. Ranked second in Top Universities in South Australia.

University of Adelaide

best institutes in south australia state

University of Adelaide (part of Top Universities in South Australia) was established in 1874 which makes it the third oldest tertiary institute in the country. It is also the member of the Group of Eight which makes it one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. University of Adelaide is also the most selective institute of higher education in the state. Apart from the campus in Adelaide, the University also has several residential colleges in other places of the state making it more convenient to the people living outside of the capital metropolitan areas. The total study areas in the university are divided into four faculties with Arts, Engineering and Computer Science, Health Sciences, Professions and Faculty of Sciences offering over 150-degree programs through the University. UofA also has the highest graduation employment rate in the state which is the thing that most students want; job assurance after graduation. It counts in 1st in Top Universities in South Australia.

Top Universities in South Australia

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. University of Adelaide 20,000 80 – 85%
2. University of South Australia 36,000 75 – 80%
3. Flinders University 19,000 70 – 75%
4. Torrens University Not Available 65 – 70%
5. Tabor College Australia Over 1,000 Over 60%



Top Universities in Nunavut Canada

Top Universities in Nunavut Canada

Northwest Territories is the second largest divisional territory in Canada while Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada, province or administrative territory. These two areas are so vast that almost 3 million square km of it is just land and the other 400,000 is water. The reason we are discussing these two territories as one entity for the band of colleges is that these two used to be one territory. Nunavut was separated from Northwest Territories officially in 1999; however, it was considered a separate entity by most since 1993 when the map of the area began to be drawn. Combined, these two vast areas only have a population of 75,000. Most of these two areas are part of the Arctic tundra, especially Nunavut. That is why these two regions are especially so rich in wildlife and have their population spread out in a small settlement and both only have two small towns. Read everything about Top Universities in Nunavut in the respective article.

Most of the population in these areas are First Nations and the religions they mostly adhere to are Roman Catholic for both. Another reason for discussing these two territories and their higher education together is because the one college each that these two have was in fact separated into two after the separation of Nunavut in 1999. The two colleges do have branch campuses as well as learning centres for several smaller municipal communities as well.

Higher Education in the Territories

For most of the history, Northwest Territories and Nunavut have been a single territory, so we are going to talk about the higher education here in Top Universities in Nunavut as one. Until the 1960s the government wasn’t actively involved in the education of the people of Northwest Territories beyond the school level education. The few programs, if any, were directed only by the Angelic and Roman Catholic. The very first Adult Vocational Training Centre in the territory was established back in 1969 in the city of Fort Smith. Then more communities until 1977 had those Vocational Training Centres. It wasn’t until the year 1984 that the government felt the need for a more comprehensive program which catered to tertiary education as community colleges instead of a bunch of institutes that just provides specialised technical skill training. That is when the door to higher education was opened in these areas, and people began careers that finally met with the demands of the changing technological world.

Arctic College formed the backbone of higher education in the Top Universities in Nunavut. There is, however, an Academy of Learning College that complements the education received at the community college campuses of the Arctic College. Out of all these areas, Yellowknife is the largest municipality with almost 20,000 population in the now Northwest Territories. Nunavut’s largest is below 7,000 called Iqaluit. Arctic College separated into Aurora College in 1999 for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Arctic College for the Nunavut Territory of course.

Top Universities in Nunavut

  1. Aurora College

top universities in nunavut

Aurora College (part of Top Universities in Nunavut) is a public community college with an emphasis on the fine arts education and programs that also augment that with technological study areas. The college has nearly 4,000 students most of which are the First Nations. Most of the programs offered at the Aurora College are designed to help the people living in the Northwest Territories. There are diplomas and certificates available for the students that help them get jobs in the offices, marine industry and other prominent positions to earn more than people with only high school diplomas. Aurora College also has three Science Research Institutes which contributes to knowledge for indigenous people and their prosperity as well. There are undergraduate programs available as well with the Aurora College with Bachelors in Education, Healthcare, Nursing and Science on offer. The college was established in 1984 as Arctic College, replacing the Adult Vocational Training centre before it. It also has several campuses available across Yelloknife, Inuvit and Fort Smith. The second one in Top Universities in Nunavut.

  1. Nunavut Arctic College

best universities in nunavut province

Nunavut Arctic College (exists in Top Universities in Nunavut) is the product of separation of Nunavut from Northern Territories. It was officially established in 1995. However, the college’s root can be dated back to the establishment of Adult Vocational Training Centre at Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories. The College offers diplomas and certificates involving certain technical skills. It also offers a few undergraduate programs and the total student count for the college reaches the 2,500 mark. The greatest asset that Nunavut Arctic College has for the students that go there is their partnership with other universities all over other territories of Canada. These partnerships include Nursing Program with Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Art with the Carleton University, Law with University of Victoria and also University of Manitoba. It Ranks first in Top Universities in Nunavut.

Top 10 Universities in Queensland State

Top 10 Universities in Queensland State

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, and it is also the third most populous in the country. It is exapnd over 1.8 million km square, which is more than half the size of India has a population below the 5 million mark, whereas India has 1,300 million people. The capital of the state is Brisbane, and it is also the largest city in the state. Queensland has 10 out of the 30 largest cities in Australia. That is the reason why there are several colleges and tertiary educational institutes in the state. There are seven public universities in the state while Bond University stands as the lone private university. There are in fact, five universities in the state that can be qualified as having very large on-campus student population. University of Queensland is the largest with over 50,000 students at its structural disposal. Unlike Victoria and Tasmania which we have previously discussed, education in Queensland is abundant but not limited to just one or two bigger cities. Some of these even have their headquarters in the smaller cities of the state. That creates equal opportunities for people that live in different areas of the state which is quite frankly larger than around 200 nations in the world. Read everything about Top Universities in Queensland.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Queensland

  1. Central Queensland University

top universities in queensland state

With over 35,000 students in the several different campuses of the University, Central Queensland University deserves to be in the top five of our university rankings for Queensland. It is also Australia’s first dual sector university offering higher education as well as vocational education for students with 12 years of education complete. The university was established in 1967 in the town of North Rockport. It also has 11 other campuses spread across the state and a total of four campuses that are in the largest cities of Australia, regardless of state lines; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. CQU offers over 200 distinct programs of study in the higher education line alone with the undergraduate and post graduate studies covered. The University also has six schools, or you can call them faculties with their deans that include areas of education, business, law, healthcare, engineering and technology. Central Queensland University is not only a great gathering of intellectuals from all over the country as well as international students, but it also has a very high graduation employment rate which is above the national average. It is fifth in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. James Cook University

top 10 universities in queensland australia

James Cook University (member of Top Universities in Queensland) was established in 1961 in the city of Townsville, and yes, if you are not familiar with the place, we are not talking about the popular social media game here. The university is primarily classified as a teaching and research institute. The university has over 15,000 undergraduate students and around 5,000 are in postgraduate and research programs. The popular research programs at the university include the human genome studies, engineering, biodiversity, sustainment of ecosystems and the marine biology research. JCU not only has branch campuses in other parts of Australia, but it also has them at overseas with Fiji, Beijing and Singapore also housing James Cook University campuses. There is a total of 21 research centres in the university, and it also has five divisions of education with their sub-colleges and over 250 programs of study at the graduate and undergraduate level combined. It is fourth in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. Queensland University of Technology

top universities in queensland australia

Another university that is in top universities in Queensland, that was established during the educational reform in the state during the 1960’s, Queensland University of Technology is a public research university established in 1965 in the large city of Brisbane. The main curriculum of the university revolves around the STEM education, but there are other popular areas of study as well. Business Studies, Education, Healthcare and Law are just some of the popular examples. QUT has been ranked several times in the top 100 universities in the world by Times Higher Education. It was, in fact, ranked the best university under 50 years of age in Australia till the year 2015. There are nine research centres and an institute dedicated to technological advancement in the country. QUT receives around A$900 million annually regarding governmental funding alone. Along with the 35,000 student population, high graduation employment rate and strong reputation in the community, QUT is a great place to receive higher education in the state. The 3rd university in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. Griffith University

top universities in queensland

Griffith University (part of Top Universities in Queensland) is another public research university that was established in 1971 in the city of Brisbane. The university is named after the very first Australian Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. When the university initially started as a small institute it had only 450 students which are now nearly a 1000 fold more with 43,000 being the university’s estimated student population. The university has a total of four academic divisions; Arts Education and Law, Business, Health and Science. Together these divisions have over 20 schools and colleges that give around 200 distinct degree programs. It is ranked among the top 2% universities in the world. Ranks second in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. University of Queensland

Best Ten Universities in Queensland

The oldest university in the state, University of Queensland (also exists in Top Universities in Queensland) is also the largest public research university in the state. With over 50,000 students, the university has six faculties that also have extended research and teaching activities. UQ offers undergraduate majors, graduate programs and doctorate programs in business, engineering, healthcare, law, science, liberal arts and technology. The student association at the University of Queensland with around 200 organisations and clubs that are involved with the Australian Business Association and Sports Association. Sport is a great part of the student life in UQ with a large Athletic Centre, the largest Tennis Centre in the country and a Sports program that offers students ability to get into over 50 different sporting teams. The university also has 11 residential colleges in several different towns and cities of the state. With one of the highest graduation employment rate, largest student population and world ranking among the top 50 universities in the world, University of Queensland is a no brainer for the top ranking in Queensland universities. It is 1st in Top Universities in Queensland.

Top Universities in Queensland

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. University of Queensland 50,000 80 – 85%
2. Griffith University 43,000 70 – 75%
3. Queensland University of Technology 45,000 Around 80%
4. James Cook University 20,000 80 – 85%
5. Central Queensland University 35,000 78 – 80%
6. University of Southern Queensland 8,000 fulltime, 19,000 Online 80 – 85%
7. Bond University 4,000 67 – 70%
8 University of the Sunshine Coast 7,500 Around 65%





Top 10 Universities in Victoria State

Top 10 Universities in Victoria State

Victoria is the most densely populated state in America. That is the reason why despite being the smallest mainland state in the country, it is the second most populated one. With over 6 million people living in Victoria, the state is a very hot climate when it comes to higher educational facilities. Melbourne is the largest city in the state and the second largest metropolitan center in the country. There are a total of eight public Universities in Victoria that dole out tertiary education in Victoria and most of them either have their main campus or branch campus in the city of Melbourne. Monash University and Melbourne universities are two of the largest and most prestigious universities in Australia; both are in Melbourne. That is attributed to the fact that out of the 6 million people in the state, 4.5 million, which is around 75%, reside in the city of Melbourne. That doesn’t mean that other areas of the state don’t enjoy tertiary education, unlike Tasmania where Hobart is the only source of higher education. Towns like Gleeson have the prestigious Deakin University which has a student population across three campuses in different locations of the state. Read everything about Top Universities in Victoria in the respective article.

top universities in victoria state

All the institutes given below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Victoria 

  1. Victoria University

top universities in victoria

Victoria University has established itself not only as a go to public university but also a tertiary institute that gives technical and further education (TAFE) in the form of diplomas and certificates. The university was established in 1836, making it one of the oldest tertiary institutions in the country. If you strictly talk about the undergraduate studies, post graduate or the doctorate level programs, Victoria University has a student population that hovers around the 27,000 number. However, if you do count the other students that get technical education and other of the sorts then that population go well over 45,000. VU is a non-denominational research university that offers around 200 distinct programs. There are several colleges and faculties that operate under the university with the college of arts, education, engineering, health, sport and exercise, law and justice and then you finally have the Victoria Polytechnic institute for the TAFE students. With six research institutes and excellence centers, Victoria University is not only a great choice of undergraduate programs but for the students that go the distance it is a very good fit. It is fifth in Top Universities in Victoria.

  1. Deakin University

top 10 universities in victoria state

Deakin University (exists in Top Universities in Victoria) is a fairly new edition in the lineup of public universities in the state. It was established in Geelong in 1974 and since then it has opened campuses across the state of Victoria in Warrnambool, Burwood and the latest was established in the city of Melbourne. It is a very strong research university and it receives over A$100 million in governmental grants and sponsored research. There are a total of 46,000 students in the university out of which over 12,000 are post-graduate students while the rest are undergraduate. Around 250 distinct program of study is a given seeing the total student enrollment. The research centers include areas such as Chemistry, Healthcare and Molecular Biology, while there are even subjects such as Sports and Population Health Research amongst the wide array of opportunities at the post graduate level. Deakin University is often ranked among the top 100 universities of the world by Times Higher Education, while QS World Rankings has it in the 300-350 range almost every year. Comes fourth in Top Universities in Victoria.

  1. RMIT University

top 10 institutes in victoria

RMIT University (member of Top Universities in Victoria) is a public research university that stands for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The curriculum at this particular university revolves around the STEM studies. The university was established in 1887 and it is now the second largest university in the state of Victoria with around 60,000 students out of which 45,000 are undergraduate students. RMIT University have also gone the way of University of Victoria where technical and vocational areas of study are also available. These TAFE students are over 20,000 in number at the RMIT. There are four main faculties of the university that are the College of Business, College of Design and Social Context, College of Science, Engineering and Health, and finally the RMIT School of Graduate. RMIT University has cultivated a culture of excellence over the years and that is personified by its school of art and design. The university is often ranked among the top 250 universities in the QS rankings while its School of Art and Design is ranked at 16th, making it the best such school in the Southern Hemisphere. Counts third in Top Universities in Victoria.

  1. Monash University

top 10 universities in victoria

Monash University (part of Top Universities in Victoria) is one of the two largest research universities in the state of Victoria along with the University of Melbourne in terms of their facility and the annual research endowment that both receive. The university is often ranked among the top 75 universities of the world in not only the QS rankings but other as well such as Times Higher Education and US News & World Report. Monash University has 70,000 students in total out of which almost 50,000 are involved in undergraduate studies. The education here is divided into several campuses and 10 faculties which include, art, business, engineering, healthcare, Information Technology and law. Monash University has often traded places as the No.1 university in Australia by a handful of universities, one of which is the University of Melbourne. It is a member of the Group of Eight Universities in Australia which is like the country’s own Ivy League and a mix-bag of prestigious and older universities. They compete against each other in sports, academia and research qualities as well as job placement and several other factors. Ranks second in Top Universities in Victoria.

  1. University of Melbourne

top 10 institutes in victoria State

University of Melbourne (exists in Top Universities in Victoria) is a prestigious research university with a student body that around the 44,000 mark. It was established in 1853 in the city of Melbourne. Now-a-days, the university of Melbourne has become one of the biggest research institute in the country with an annual endowment that is around A$2 billion. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical research is one of the most innovative and prestigious research institutes in the country as well as the world. The university has also been a melting pot of notable alumni with many governmental and elite officials among the foray and great intellectual minds with 9 Nobel Laureates among the mix. The university also has the strictest acceptance criteria in the state with around 60% of the students getting accepted for enrollment every year after applications. It is 1st in Top Universities in Victoria.

Top Universities in Victoria

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Melbourne Over 40,000 60 – 65%
2. Monash University 70,000 75 – 80%
3. RMIT University Around 60,000 80 – 90%
4. Deakin University Over 45,000 70 – 75%
5. Victoria University 27,000 70 – 75%
6. Swinburne University of Australia 21,000 75 – 80%
7. La Trobe University 36,000 80 – 85%
8 Federation University Australia 23,000 80 – 90%




Top Universities in Tasmania State

Top Universities in Tasmania State

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia and the only that is not part of the mainland Australian continent. The state consists of one Main Island which has the largest city of Hobart and an archipelago of very small 334 Islands surrounding the main one. 300 of those are just 174 km square while 3,500 km square for the other except for the Main Island. It has a total population of 520,000 people. The education in Tasmania is influenced by the population of the state and how it is concentrated. Over half of the population resides in the greater Hobart area while others are in smaller towns and rural areas. That is why the only University in the state is in Hobart. Read about Top Universities in Tasmania in the given article.

The higher education scene in the state only has two tertiary education institutes. The first one is the fourth oldest university in Australia, The University of Tasmania. The other institute is the Christ College which is even older than the University of Tasmania. In fact, it is the oldest post-secondary institute in the country. Owing to the resounding success of the University of Tasmania and its comprehensive degree granting ability, the Christ College also started a more comprehensive education base and even became affiliated with the University of Tasmania since 1933. The degrees granted by these two institutions are accredited by Department of Education and Training, Tasmania.

Impact of Higher Education in Australia

Higher education in Tasmania may be small but it is a very strong education system in the Top Universities in Tasmania. Yet the absence of other tertiary education institutes means that many of the adults in Tasmania fall behind the average for post-secondary education graduates in Australia. Actually, the fact is that almost 50% of the total Tasmanian population is categorized as functionally illiterate. That may go down to the fact that even though there are around 10 colleges in the state, only one is considered a tertiary education institute. That is because unlike other states in Australia the colleges for students are separate for classes 11 and 12. High school is from grade 7 to grade 10, while before that students go to elementary school.

Around half of the students are also below the national average for mathematic baseline as well. The reason so many students in Tasmania do not go on to receive education even beyond the 10th grade level is because they need to obtain the Tasmanian Certificate of Education which is only doled out by colleges that are mostly in Hobart. So, people from other towns are too reluctant to let their kids leave at the age of 16. The ones that do go on to the University of Tasmania and other Top Universities in Tasmania are usually better off as the recipients of tertiary education in the state go on to earn two to three times more on average than those without an undergraduate degree.

The two degree granting tertiary institutes of Tasmania are listed below.

Top Universities in Tasmania

Christ College

Top Universities in Tasmania State

Situated in the small town of Sandy Bay with only 12,000 population; Christ College is the oldest tertiary institute in Australia, as it established in 1846 as a theological college. After its affiliation with University of Tasmania in 1933, the college became a residential institute. The influence from the bigger university has also caused Christ College to include post-graduate studies amongst its curriculum. The college has around 250 undergraduate and postgraduate students in its care at any given time.

The reason Christ College (part of Top Universities in Tasmania) was established was not only to give theological and philosophical education to its students but also supply an education base for those who wanted to be in ministry studies as well. Even its motto says ‘Jesus Christ Shall be mine’. Being a residential college of the University of Tasmania, the college is also involved in sporting activities that include soccer, rugby, tennis, Australian rules football and cricket which is taken quite seriously. The second one in Top Universities in Tasmania.

University of Tasmania

Top Universities in Tasmania

University of Tasmania (exists in Top Universities in Tasmania) is the fourth oldest university in Australia, established in 1890 in the city of Hobart as a public institute. The university has now poised itself as a very large research intensive university. It has a student population that is around the 34,000 mark while 6,000 of them are in graduate studies and research projects. The university is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities and it is ranked among the top 10 research universities in Australia several times over. One of the reason U of T has done so well in these rankings is because of its strong Institute for Marine and Arctic Studies. It offers over 250 distinct programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level. UT offered its very first PhD after the Second World War in 1949.

Over the years, the university has merged with or gotten affiliated with several other tertiary education institutes in and out of the state. The College of Advanced Education which was established in 1966 was eventually merged with the university and its courses were also taken over by the university in 1981. The story of Christ College has already been described. UT also has a brilliant library collection with several libraries in Hobart and one in the campus of Sandy Bay. Department of Education has made quite a few reforms when it comes to University of Tasmania because of which the institute has expanded its educational reach in almost all the regions – Northwest, South, North – of the states in order to give students in rural areas a shot at higher education as well. The acceptance rate here is just around the 80% mark which is still rather strict when you consider that the university is the only one in the state with so many affiliates and one residential college. The university is fairly involved in national sports with varsity teams and receives around 600 million Australian dollars annually in state funding. It ranked 1st in Top Universities in Tasmania.

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