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Top 10 Universities in Ontario Canada

Top 10 Universities in Ontario Canada

Ontario is the most populous state of the Confederation of Canada. In fact, the province accounts for the 40% of entire Canadian Population. When it comes to area, only Quebec has it beat when it comes to the ten provinces. However, the two administrative territories – Nunavut and Northwest Territories – also have it beat for sheer area with Nunavut being twice in size; making it the 4th largest division in Canada. However, like in any other area in Canada the higher education in the province is shaped by the population which this province is fairly abundant in when it comes to Canadian standards. Ontario not only has Ottawa as its provincial capital but it is also the capital of the country while its largest metropolitan area, Toronto, also serves as the largest for the country. So it is not any surprise that Ontario has over 40 research university and hundreds of careers oriented higher education institutes and small private colleges. The rapid increase of these institutions in the past two decades is attributed to the increased immigration and migration of people from other provinces in Canada. Also the increase of adult learners in the country has also been a big factor. The fact is that 20 out of the top 50 universities in Canada belong to the Province of Ontario so even those that are mentioned are in the tables are top notch in terms of quality. Read every detail about Top Universities in Ontario in this article.

Top Universities in Ontario

  1. McMaster University

top universities in ontario

McMaster University (also a part of Top Universities in Ontario) is a large public university that has a status of a very active research institute. The university was first established way back in 1887 in the city of Hamilton. The university has a total of six faculties that include the Humanities, Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and then the simple Science faculty with majors such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy and whatnot. The DeGroote School of Business has strong ties with the community in Hamilton, both business and commercial. Then there is also the DeGroote School of Medicine providing med-school education. The university offers over 250 programs at the undergraduate level alone and offers graduate studies and research project opportunities to the students. McMaster has quite a strict acceptance rate, just over 50%, for a university of its sheer size with 30,000 students. The university has been ranked among the top 150 universities in the world several times by the Times Higher Education and the QS university rankings. In fact the university also has two noble laureates and several high ranking government officials amongst its very notable alumni. Comes at fifth position in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. Queen’s University

top universities in ontario canada

Queen’s University is the second oldest higher education institute in the province with its conception dating back to the 1840s. The university is another one of the 25 public universities in the province and one that is frequently ranked amongst the top 10 in the past two decades, going even as high as the No.4 ranking in the country in Maclean’s Magazine a couple years back. The university has a large student body of around 24,000 students, whom are education in the ten different faculties of the university, including the graduate studies and research school which has over 4 thousand post-graduates. QU also offers other educational services apart from the conventional undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in the form of pre-professional programs, diplomas and baccalaureates. The university is a member of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport and has several varsity teams, named Golden Gaels, in the Ontario Athletic Conference. QU also has a very large research endowment which almost as twice as that of McMaster university with over a billion Canadian Dollars’ worth of funding. Exists at fourth in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. Carleton University

best universities in ontario

Carleton University (part of Top Universities in Ontario) is a comprehensive research university in Ottawa, the provincial and national capital. Carleton is the most sought after higher education institute in Ottawa. The evidence of that is showed in the very large student body of 28,000 and the acceptance rate that is just a shade over 20%. The university has a very bright international reputation with QS international rankings among the top 250 on several occasions for the past decade. It was also ranked the 4th best comprehensive research university in Canada by Maclean’s Magazine for the year 2015, taking over the past ranking of Queen’s University. Its governmental research endowment combined with sponsored grants spills over half a billion dollars. The popular majors are in Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Sciences including Architecture. There are several athletic varsity teams also, called the Ravens. Placed third in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. University of Waterloo

top universities in ontario province

University of Waterloo (exists in Top Universities in Ontario) is a public research university established in the city of Waterloo in the year 1956. Despite being the youngest university in the top 5 ranked in our list, University of Waterloo is not only a member of the U15 research universities organization but also home to some of the most popular research intensive post-graduate programs. It is an institute that boasts over 36,000 students with over 6,000 of them undergoing graduate studies in the university. It is an institute that started out as an affiliate of the University of Western Ontario and then ended up shooting past it in the rankings after gaining independence. There are five total faculties of the Arts, Applied Health, Engineering, Environment, and the Faculty of Science. It is often ranked among the top 150 university in the QS university rankings and the top 3 in the MacLean’s Magazine for comprehensive universities in Canada. Its athletic teams are called Waterloo Warriors and the students also receive scholarships based on sports needs of the university. The second in Top Universities in Ontario.

  1. University of Toronto

top 10 universities in ontario canada

University of Toronto (exists in Top Universities in Ontario) has established itself not only as the largest university in province and country while also being the oldest institute in the province. Despite having a student body that is over the 80,000 mark, the university has a very strict acceptance rate that is below 40%. Around 60,000 of those students are full time spread across 18 faculties and schools with the most comprehensive collection of programs, over 500, in Canada. It has a very astute global reputation with a top 25 worldwide ranking and the #1 ranking in Canada that is doled out to the university by several academic bodies and magazines. It is ranked the second most efficient research performer in the world among the universities with over 2 billion Canadian dollars in governmental funding alone. It is also very comprehensive in its athletic endeavors with over 40 varsity teams for women and men. Ranks 1st in Top Universities in Ontario.

Top Universities in Ontario

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Toronto Over 80,000 30 – 40%
2. University of Waterloo 36,000 50 – 55%
3. Carleton University 28,000 20 – 25%
4. Queen’s University 24,500 40 – 45%
5. McMaster University 30,000 55 – 60%
6. York University Over 50,000 80 – 85%
7. University of Western Ontario 28,000 70 – 75%
8 University of Ottawa 42,500 95 – 100%
9. University of Windsor 15,000 75 – 80%
10 Brock University 17,500 80 – 85%


Top 10 Universities in British Columbia Canada

Top 10 Universities in British Columbia Canada

British Columbia is the western most province of Canada with a massive area of 944,000 square km and population that is just around the 4.7 million mark. The British Columbia ranks as 5th by area among all of the Canadian territories, provinces or otherwise. Over half of those people live in the greater Vancouver area, which are the Vancouver Metropolitan and the towns surrounding that. That is the reason why most of the higher education facilities in the provinces are concentrated there. The capital of the province is however the city of Victoria which is also home to some of the better institutes the likes of University of Victoria. Burnaby is a municipality that is also part of the metro Vancouver is also home to some other higher education institute. Most of the British Columbia population resides between the Rocky Mountains area and the Pacific Ocean. There are over 35 institutes of higher education in the province out of which 14 are universities, around 15 private colleges and several training institutes. As of 2016, there are approximately half a million students undergoing post-secondary education in British Columbia. Mentioned details in article below about Top Universities in British Columbia.

Top Universities in British Columbia

  1. Vancouver Island University

Top Universities in British Columbia Canada

Vancouver Island University (exists in Top Universities in British Columbia) was established in 1969 as Malaspina College but its roots can be traced back to 1936. The university was first established in Nanaimo which now acts as the main campus and the headquarters to three other campuses in Province. Vancouver Island University is a large institute with over 20,000 students in its care. It is a primarily undergraduate university with a core curriculum focus on the liberal arts. The university offers associate degrees, diplomas, baccalaureates, undergraduate and there are also abundant post-graduate study programs, especially in the business and liberal arts faculties. Bachelors in Science and technology field are also available and some other popular majors are in the healthcare and nursing department. True to its status as a public university, VIU also receives fair research endowment in the form of over $140 million and some sponsored grant research funding as well. It is also quite a selective institute with around 65% of the applicants getting enrolled in the university. It comes at fifth in Top Universities in British Columbia.

  1. British Columbia Institute of Technology

Top 10 Universities in British Columbia Canada

British Columbia Institute of Technology, often referred to by its initials BCIT, is a public polytechnic institute. This higher education facility is very large with over 48,000 students across five different campuses in Burnaby and the greater Vancouver metro area. It was first established around the mountain surrounding Burnaby in the British Columbia. Out if the 48,000 students, around 30,000 are the full time students. Among the five campuses are the Aerospace campus and a Marine campus. The others have School of Business, School of Energy, School of Health Sciences, School of Transportation along with three others and over 250 programs study at the undergraduate level along with diplomas and baccalaureate studies. Downtown Vancouver campus has business and media programs, computing and information studies. The institute has a high acceptance rate of just below 90% which is a given considering it is a public polytechnic institute accessible to the masses. Here is fourth in Top Universities in British Columbia.

  1. University of Victoria

Top Universities in British Columbia

University of Victoria (exists in Top Universities in British Columbia) is a large university that was established as the Victoria College in 1903 as an affiliate branch of McGill University. It is one of the oldest institutes in the province with around 21,000 students out of which around 3,500 are post graduate students. The undergraduate study programs include Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Humanities faculty that has a lot of programs, a law school, Healthcare and science programs in including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. There is also the School of Earth and Social Sciences which is heavily involves in both land and water grants. University of Victoria has an acceptance rate of just below 75% and almost half a million dollars in endowment and sponsored research annually. It ranks third in Top Universities in British Columbia.

  1. Simon Fraser University

Top 10 Universities in British Columbia

Simon Fraser University (member of Top Universities in British Columbia) is one of the larger universities in the province; in fact it is the third largest in British Columbia. It is a public research university and also ranked amongst the top comprehensive universities in Canada by the Maclean’s Magazine. It has around 29,000 students that are in the undergraduate programs. There is a beautiful campus surrounded by the scintillating Burnaby Mountain, there are two others also in the city of Surrey and the metropolis of Vancouver. The university offers over 200 programs at the undergraduate level. Students here also have the option to study in the post-graduate programs. There are the faculties of Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. The technology programs are also available in the university and the Beedie School of Business is the most popular of the lot. Athletic Conferences include the Canada Interuniversity Sports conference and the students getting a shot at sports scholarships. Second in Top Universities in British Columbia.

  1. University of British Columbia

Top 10 Insititues in British Columbia

University of British Columbia (part of Top Universities in British Columbia)  was established back in 1908 also under affiliation with McGill University and the institute finally got independent and became a primary post-secondary institute in the province in 1915. It is now among the top five universities in Canada almost every year according to the Maclean’s Magazine. It is now ranked among the top 50 universities in the world according to the QS University rankings. That is really down to the extremely comprehensive research program of the university. It is also the largest university in the province and among the top three largest universities in the country. UBC has an acceptance rate of around 50% which not only means that over 75,000 students apply for the university but also that the students have to study hard and stand out in the extracurricular to get in. The university get over 1.5 billion dollars in governmental funding and it makes over 2.1 billion when you also count the sponsored research. The 1st university in Top Universities in British Columbia.

Top Universities in British Columbia

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of British Columbia 61,000 50 – 55%
2. Simon Fraser University 35,000 75 – 80%
3. University of Victoria 21,000 70 – 75%
4. British Columbia Institute of Technology 48,000 85 – 90%
5. Vancouver Island University 20,000 60 – 65%
6. Thompson Rivers University 25,000 80 – 85%
7. Royal Roads University Over 5,000 70 – 75%
8 University of Northern British Columbia 4,000 70 – 80%
9. University of the Fraser Valley 15,500 Over 90%
10 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design 2,000 60 – 70%



Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador is the eastern most province of the vast Canadian territory. Almost one third of the province is an Island which is gob smack within the Atlantic Ocean. With the mainland territory of the province besides that Newfoundland and Labrador has always been a haven for people with fishery skills and interest in marine culture. It is the largest out of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada with an area of 405,212 square km, which is still larger than over 130 countries of the world. NL is the most homogenous province out of all of the Canadian territories in terms of language spoken with over 97% of the residents reporting English as their mother tongue. The biggest minority is French and after that there are a few Indigenous languages spread around sporadically. Read here all about Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Over 92% of the total population of the NL is located in the Southeast main Island of the province which is just over 100,000 square km in area. Which makes the population here 470,000 out of the 525,000 in the total province. Out of that over half, 260,000, is situated in the Avalon Peninsula which is less than 10,000 square km in area. Than even out of that, 40% of that population is in the 20th largest metropolitan area of just 446 square km which is on the easternmost tip of the peninsula. Because of population concentration like that, the only University in the province is the one in St. John’s, province’s capital, while there are three other campuses spread across the province.

Till the 1990s, the Newfoundland and Labrador only had Memorial University of Newfoundland to rely on for its higher education needs. That also meant that the basic post-secondary education scene in the province was not really that accessible. Then the 90s education reform led to the creation of College of North Atlantic which replaced a training institution that was severely lacking in resources and technology. Now the college serves over 20,000 students around the province in 17 campuses across 15 major cities and towns.

The Impact of Higher Education on Newfoundland and Labrador

The fact is that even the Memorial University of Newfoundland did not become a comprehensive degree granting university till the late 90s. That was accompanied by the establishment of the College of North Atlantic which is now a large technical institute in Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador with courses regarding career-oriented areas, diplomas and university-level transfer courses at the start. There are 25 other minor institutes in the province that are private technical and training institute which receive their course review and quality check from the Department of education. These institute offer higher education in over 175 programs concerning career-oriented education. But they didn’t count in as a part of Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The three departments and institutes, Department of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland and College of North Atlantics receive their recommendations regarding education from the Council on Higher Education in the province.

Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador

  1. College of North Atlantic

Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

College of North Atlantic (part of Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador) is a large institute of higher education that was first established in Stephenville in 1997 which now operates as the headquarters and main campus to the 16 other campuses across the province. CNA provides technical training and skills education to 8,000 full time students while there are 1,500 part-time students also affiliated with the college. Around 12,000 students of continuing education from various walks of life also attend the College of North Atlantic to keep their respective licenses and their skills up to snuff. The college offers courses undergraduate programs as well in fine arts, business, engineering, healthcare and education. It is second in Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador

Memorial University of Newfoundland (exists in Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador) was officially recognized as a university in 1949 and the most comprehensive degree granting higher education institute in the province. Its roots can be dates back to the year 1925 and it also has a satellite campus that operates in England. There are around 18,000 full time students at the university and around 3-4 thousand students operate as part time. It also the only doctorate granting and an institute that also has a School of Graduate studies and Research activity.

MUN also receives over $100 million dollars’ worth of funding in terms of governmental endowment and the sponsored research annually. The students at the university are also involved in the Canada Interuniversity Sports conference which means that they can also look forward to receiving scholarships to compete with their varsity teams called the Memorial Sea-Hawks. Memorial University of Newfoundland is also the only institute of higher education in NL province to have a selective admissions criteria which usually holds out at around 70% annually. Ranks 1st in Top Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Top Universities in Yukon Canada

Top Universities in Yukon Canada

Yukon is one of the three administrative territories in Canada and it is the smallest one, the other two being Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Yukon was split from the Northwest Territories in the late 19th century in 1898. The three administrative territories of Canada all have English and French as their official languages. The territories also recognize other languages that were used to communicate by the first nations but only English and French are part of the laws, court and legislative procedures. Read below about Top Universities in Yukon.

The amazing fact about Yukon is that despite the territory’s behemoth size of almost half a million km sq. which is larger than over 150 sovereign states/countries of the world, its population barely reaches the 40,000 mark. In fact the 2016 estimate is barely over 37,000. That is pretty much the deciding factor in determining the education scene in the territory. The academics include few pre-schools, junior highs, a handful of High Schools and then there are two post-secondary institutions alone that provide the higher education to the masses in Yukon.

Even that wasn’t available to the people of Yukon till 1979 until the restoration of the governmental territorial representation from Canada. After that the Yukon College was established in 1983. Its main campus was established in the city of Whitehorse which is the capital and the largest city with over 75% of the total Yukon population. The rest of the population is in the seven other town, with the second largest city of Yukon, Dawson, being a town of around 1,500 population. I mention than little town only for the reason that the other Yukon degree granting, higher education institution is in that town called the Yukon School of Visual Arts.

The Impact of Higher Education on Yukon

The higher education Institutes of Top Universities in Yukon are accredited by the Yukon College Governance, which puts emphasis on quality assurance in the institutes as well as a proper structure for student admittance in the land. These higher education institutes are also poised to servicing the First Nations people that are in a sizeable minority in the land and speak languages other than English and French. These reforms have led to the ease of accessibility to the aboriginal people in Yukon. It is reflected in the fact that only one out of four Aboriginal people in Yukon that are over the age of 25 now have not completed either High School or entered in any post-secondary education institute, University or otherwise.

The other positive impact of obtaining higher education for people in Top Universities in Yukon is the immediate availability for better job opportunities in the territory, especially the city of Whitehorse. This has been overly true for the labour and service market. The population of Yukon has also been on the rise since the education reform. People from other areas of Canada and even international students have come to pursue education at Yukon College. This has had a great impact on Yukon’s economy and thriving administration as the last census showed an increase of 15% in population.

Here is some information about the two higher education institutes in Yukon for the people that want to study here. You can count the fact of Whitehorse being the least polluted city in the world being a huge plus in favour of studying and living in Yukon.

Top Universities in Yukon Canada

  1. Yukon School of Visual Arts

top universities in yukon

Yukon School of Visual Arts,(also exists in Top Universities in Yukon) also known widely by the acronym of SOVA, is the most northern Visual arts college in Canada and North America. The college is accredited through the Applied arts division of the Yukon College and also has partnership with four other art schools from other parts of Canada. These are Alberta College of Art, Calgary; Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver; NSCAD, Halifax; and the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ontario. The institute was established in2007 in the city of Dawson and it is also a part of the Dawson City Arts Society which allows students access to showcase their own talents through Exhibits. The curriculum is based on all visual media, may they be 2D, 3D or even 4D, which is categorized as New Media. The students at SOVA also have the privilege to hold video conferences for collaboration with other art school partners of the institute. Ranked second inTop Universities in Yukon.

  1. Yukon College

top universities in yukon canada

Yukon College (member of Top Universities in Yukon) was established in 1983 after the restoration of the Canadian administration. But the roots of the College can be traced back further 20 years with the Yukon Vocational and Technical Training Institute being replaced by it because of the administration’s complains about lack of quality and other issues beforehand. Now Yukon College has around 6,500 students with over 200 of them in some kind of post-graduate programs, around half in undergraduate degrees and the rest attending classes for partial degrees, diplomas, vocational certificates and other pre-professional studies along with continuing education. There are five areas of studies with the School of Liberal Arts; Business School and Management; School of Science, Trades and Technology; School of Health; and lastly the School of Access with all the vocational certificates and diplomas. The acceptance is over 90% as the college is available to all the Yukon residents that have a High School Diploma. It comes at first in Top Universities in Yukon.

Top 10 Universities in Saskatchewan Canada

Top 10 Universities in Saskatchewan Canada

Saskatchewan is one of the three Prairie Provinces in Canada and its southern half is exactly what that name implies. It has a population of a shade over 1.1 million and over 90% of that resides in the prairie half. The northern half is termed the boreal province because of the vast reaches of boreal forests which actually become a part of the Taiga as it reaches far north. The province was previously inhabited by several indigenous groups that had their own languages which are still seen floating about in the minority in Saskatchewan. In fact over 50% of the students in the colleges and university enrolled are actually the First Nations. Read here about Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

The largest metropolis is Saskatoon while the city of Regina is a close second. So after that that the rest of the population is dispersed in small towns and villages. These two metropolitan areas are actually the home to all of the three universities in Saskatchewan, one in Regina and two in Saskatoon. University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon however, is a large university that has multiple campuses and affiliate colleges in other areas of the province as well. There are technical colleges and training schools available, as well as small liberal arts colleges.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Ministry of Advanced Education, Saskatchewan.


Top Universities in Saskatchewan

  1. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Top 10 Universities in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Polytechnic (exists in Top Universities in Saskatchewan) is a large higher education institute for technical education and skills training. The institute sports over 13,000 full time students which is a Full Load Equivalent of the students it serves. Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves over 26,000 distinct students in various areas of studies which influence almost all the economic sectors of the province. Its main campus is in the city of Saskatoon while other campuses include the campus in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, and Regina.  The institute was established back in 1959. The students opting to study here have easy access of education and the 150 different study programs to choose from. The fifth one in Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

  1. First Nations University of Canada

Top 10 Universities in Saskatchewan canada

First Nations University of Canada officially became a university in 2003. However, the roots of the university can be traced back to the year 1976 when the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College was incepted in Regina. Since the college was given the university status, it has expanded its roots in the other parts of the province, namely Prince Albert and the city of Saskatoon. Because of the proximity to the University of Regina with the main Regina campus, the students of the two universities share facilities such as labs, libraries and cafeteria while the FNU students are also obligated to pay University of Regina Student Union Fees. The university also shares part of its curriculum with the U of R and their syllabus is often correlated with each other. First Nations University of Canada also offers scholarships to the Aboriginal and First Nations people of Canada. The acceptance rate of the university is below 90% and the strength of the student body is between the 1500 and 2000 mark. It is 4th in Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

  1. St. Thomas More College

Top 10 Universities in Saskatchewan

St. Thomas More College (member of Top Universities in Saskatchewan) is a liberal arts college that is affiliated with the Catholic Church and the University of Saskatchewan. It is the only federated college that is affiliated and receives accreditation through University of Saskatchewan. It is reflected in the mission statement and vision of education at the college. St Thomas More was established in 1936 as a way to promote the ways of the Catholic Church and to influence the moral character of the students that study through here. The college offer Ministry studies and also offers undergraduate liberal programs such as philosophy, humanities, and fine arts. There is the School of Arts and Science that also allows the students options to get degrees in programs of Archaeology and Political Science. It has around 1,500 full time students enrolled and an acceptance rate that is around the 70% mark. Count it at 3rd in Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

  1. University of Regina

Best 10 Universities in Saskatchewan

University of Regina (part of Top Universities in Saskatchewan) is one of the two research universities in Saskatchewan and it is also the second largest institute by virtue of full time students that are enrolled at the university. The university was established in 1911 as a public institute in the city of Regina. In terms of the degrees offered, University of Regina offers full range of degrees from the undergraduate to the doctorate level, pre-professional programs, diplomas and training certificates, and also the baccalaureate degrees. The education areas include Business Administration, Fine Arts, Teaching Education, Engineering, Healthcare and Nursing. The university also has a faculty of graduate studies and research activities that offers opportunities to the post-graduate students. The university receives around $50 million of endowment every year and then there is also sponsored research. In terms of the athletics, the university has several varsity teams that are involved in the Canadian Interuniversity Sports. The acceptance rate here is 71%. It is second in Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

  1. University of Saskatchewan

Top Universities in Saskatchewan canada

University of Saskatchewan (exists in Top Universities in Saskatchewan) is the largest university and the higher education institute in the province of Saskatchewan. It was founded in 1907 when the act to establish a university for the province of Saskatchewan was passed. The university offers over 200 study programs over the undergraduate, masters and doctorate level programs. U of S is the premier research University of Saskatchewan. It offers education in all major areas concerning engineering, fine arts, business, medicine, nursing and healthcare, social works and others. The research endowment of the university is highest in province with over $200 million in government scholarships. U of S also has its own museum and art galleries and the university is known for producing Rhodes scholars among its students very consistently over the recent years. The acceptance rate is around 72% which makes it the most applied for higher education institute in Saskatchewan. It is at 1st in Top Universities in Saskatchewan.

Top Universities in Saskatchewan

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Saskatchewan Over 21,000 70 – 75%
2. University of Regina 14,500 70 – 75%
3. St. Thomas More College 2,000 65 – 70%
4. First Nations University of Canada 1,500 80 – 90%
5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic 13,000 90 – 100%
6. Campion College 1,200 80 – 90%
7. Luther College 500 80 – 90%%
8 Gabriel Dumont Institute Around 250 Over 80%



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