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Top 10 Universities in New Brunswick Canada


New Brunswick is one from three Maritime Provinces with the largest area out of the three. It is also one of the four original provinces of Canada that came out of the federation union out of the Charlottetown Conference of 1964. Its population, despite being larger than Nova Scotia in the area, is smaller than Nova Scotia with three-quarters of a million people according to the 2011 census. New Brunswick is also the only province in Canada that is officially bi-lingual, English and French, others being officially French only. Still, the minority of Francophones in Canada are also large in number with over 33% of the total NB population being of the French-speaking, most of them originating from Canada. Nova Scotia is bordered on the North by Quebec, and on the south, you have the American state of Maine and Nova Scotia to the West. New Brunswick is a partition from the Nova Scotia as part of the British separation from the French colony. This does not mean that all of the education facilities in New Brunswick are officially English. Universite de Moncton is a fully French university and among the top higher education institutes of New Brunswick. Apart from that, there are a few very highly regarded universities such as Mount Allison University and the University of New Brunswick that are vaunted in the country and recognized internationally. Find everything about Top Universities in New Brunswick.

All the universities or institutes below are accredited by The Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, New Brunswick.

Top Universities in New Brunswick

  1. New Brunswick Community College

new brunswick coumminty college, top universities in new brunswick

New Brunswick Community College (also exists in Top Universities in New Brunswick) was established in 1974 in the city of Fredericton. It is a community college that is available all over the province after its expansion like in the city of Moncton, Miramichi, St John and a few others. The college offers over 90 different programs in six different campuses. NBCC services almost 15,000 students annually. Over 10,000 of them are part of the continuing education curriculum where the professionals seek education about their job to keep their licenses. The rest of them are full-time credit students. NBCC offers professional and associate degrees to its students. The best thing about NBCC is, of course, its accessibility because of the Student Mobility Program that lets the student exchange opportunities in other provinces and internationally. It is 5th in Top Universities in New Brunswick.

St. Thomas University

st thomas university, top universities in new brunswick

A primarily undergraduate university, St. Thomas University is exclusively liberal arts university that was established in the largest city of the province, New Brunswick. St. Thomas offers fine arts, humanities, social science, social works and education. So there are areas like Journalism, Criminology and Social Justice that are popular and others like Anthropology, International Relations, Native Studies, and Women and Gender Studies as well. With all these options available to the 1,100 students in the university, St. Thomas is a wonderful option for studying because it also has research areas that students can delve into. Also, over 60% of the students can receive a scholarship of some kind and also around 70% of the students that apply for enrollment are accepted. The Fourth University in Top Universities in New Brunswick.

Mount Allison University

top universities in new brunswick canada

Mount Allison (consists of Top Universities in New Brunswick) was founded in the year 1839, and it operates as a liberal arts university. Mount Allison University has around 2500 students. It has one of the lowest students to teacher ratio in the country with the lowest being in the province. It is a non-denominational university and also was the very first one in the British Empire to award women with baccalaureate degrees. The university has some of the most notable alumni in the province with a Nobel Laureate, Rhodes Scholars, and Herzberg Prize winners being among them. The primarily undergraduate university is often awarded the top rank in that category in the Maclean’s magazine for more than 15 years. There are three faculties with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Science and also offers business administration degrees to the students. The university is part of Canadian Interuniversity Sport with varsity teams named Mount Allison Mounts. The acceptance rate is around 60% which is the lowest among the universities in New Brunswick. It considered as 3rd in Top Universities in New Brunswick.

Universite de Moncton

university de moncton, top universities in new brunswick

Universite de Moncton (part of Top Universities in New Brunswick) was first established in Moncton, and it has also located Edmundston and Shippagan with over 5,000 students under its care. Maritime universities are not usually francophone, in fact, there are only two of those in the three provinces, one being Universite de Moncton. The university also has the characteristic of being the largest Francophone university in Canada that is not in Quebec. The public university was officially established in 1963 with the merger of three colleges. College Saint-Joseph was the one founded in 1864 which makes the roots of Universite de Moncton as old as over 150 years. There is also a total of eight faculties including ones in arts, education, Engineering, Law and Health Sciences. Students here get the six libraries to augment their studies, sports facilities and varsity teams that are part of the Canadian Interuniversity Sports Conference. Count it in 2nd in Top Universities in New Brunswick.

University of New Brunswick

university of new brunswick, top universities in new brunswick

The University of New Brunswick (exists in Top Universities in New Brunswick) is the oldest English language college in Canada with its initial conception being in the year 1785. The university was founded by a group of Seven Loyalists which is Ironic considering they were the people that left the United States after the American Revolution. The university has over 10,000 students in its care and a campus that is research intensive. It also offers graduate, post graduate and doctorate level universities. It offers over 75 undergraduate programs and 30 post-graduate programs. The university has over 60 research centers, and it receives over $250 million in endowment for research projects. UNB Varsity Reds are the athletic teams of the University and part of the Canadian Interuniversity Sports Conference. It ranked 1st in Top Universities in New Brunswick.

Top Universities in New Brunswick

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of New Brunswick Over 10,000 75 – 80%
2. Universite de Moncton Over 5,000 65 – 70%
3. Mount Allison University 2,500 60 – 65%
4. St. Thomas University 1,100 70 – 75%
5. New Brunswick Community College 4,000 Regular, 10,000 Continuing Education Not Selective
6. Kingswood University Over 500 65 – 70%
7. Crandall University 700 70 – 75%
8 Yorkville University 500 Over 80%
9. St. Stephen’s University 250 70 – 80%
10 Moncton Flight College Around 300 70 – 80%



Top 10 Universities in Nova Scotia Canada


Nova Scotia is the 2nd smallest province of Canada and the largest province among the Atlantic Canadian states regarding population. Most of the population of Nova Scotia is on the mainland of the peninsula while the rest is in the Cape Breton with a very little population scattered in the archipelago of 3,800 Islands that are part of the Nova Scotia. This province has a population that is just shy of the 1 million mark. Being the second smallest state with 55,000 km sq. area, where a person is never more than 67 km away from the ocean, that population means that Nova Scotia is the second most densely population province in the country. Province consists of hill stations and valleys. There are a lot of fossil rock formations in Nova Scotia which makes it a haven for geo scientists and paleontologists. Then, of course, there are the coastal areas and abundance of beaches and also jagged cliffs that lead to the ocean. Read article about Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

The moderate climate of Nova Scotia compared to other provinces because of the ocean means there are more urban areas in the province per km square. Because of that, Nova Scotia is home to nine universities and several post-secondary schools and colleges, most of them residing in the largest city and capital of Halifax. Nova Scotia, despite being small, has a great collection of quality higher education institutes and the high standard of living for cheaper cost is another one of its attractions.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, Nova Scotia.

Top Universities in Nova Scotia

  1. St. Francis Xavier University

st francis xavier university, top universities in nova scotia

It is a primarily undergraduate university that made its mark on the map in 1853 in the city of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. St. Francis Xavier University is a medium sized university with around 5,000 students enrolled in its four different faculties. The acceptance rate is somewhere around the 75% mark, but the number varies depending on the faculties. The four chief faculties of the University are in Education, Arts, Science, and Business. Of course, there are sub-departments in those faculties like how the faculty of science has majors in Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Healthcare and several others. The business school has accounting, finance, business administration and others, while the art department has the most with the likes of Anthropology, Fine Arts, Economics, Music and Political Science. Despite it being a public university it has that private college feel to it with smaller classes and the teaching staff that is more invested in the students’ individual growth. That is the reason why Maclean’s Magazine has ranked it the top ‘primarily undergraduate’ university in Canada several times, five times consecutively. Ranks 5th in Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

Mount Saint Vincent’s University

mount saint vincents university, top universities in nova scotia

Mount Saint Vincent’s University (exists in Top Universities in Nova Scotia) is yet another public university in Nova Scotia, and it was established in the capital, Halifax, in 1873. Also known as ‘The Mount’ in the local circles, the University offers several undergraduate study areas and also offers graduate studies through its grad school. The undergraduate courses are within the faculties of arts, science, business, and education. The Mount also offers several professional and pre-professional study programs as the likes of Applied Human Nutrition, Public Relations, Hospitality Management and what not. The core curriculum is mostly based on the liberal arts studies. MSVU has over 4,000 full-time students, and the students that are further in their studies are involved heavily in their 16 research centers. University’s work towards women empowerment is especially commendable with the Department of Business and Tourism having a primary focus on women. Second University in Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

Saint Mary’s University

saint marys university, top universities in nova scotia

With over 7,000 students being offered courses at undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate level programs, Saint Mary’s University (member of Top Universities in Nova Scotia) is one of the premiere choices of study for students that are in for the long haul. It is the oldest university in Nova Scotia with its early foundations being laid in the year 1802. Saint Mary’s does offer post-graduate education, but the Maclean’s Magazine has it categorized as a primarily undergraduate university and ranked it consistently in the top 10 during recent years. However, the university does have graduate studies professors that have won the national award with the highest percentage of full-time faculties with Ph.D. The student body here has very strong ties all over the country with the student union being a part of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. There are several varsity teams, especially the Huskies, while the best team SMU has ever produced is their women’s basketball team. Ranked 3rd in Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

Acadia University

acadia university, best universities in nova scotia

Another primarily undergraduate university that offers handfuls of a graduate program and alone doctorate program, Acadia University (exists in Top Universities in Nova Scotia) is a medium sized institute with 3,500 students approximately, but it is still very comprehensive when it comes to breadth of choice as the university offers over 200 undergraduate study program combinations. Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Applied Sciences are the two most sought after out of the total four faculties of the university. The university is consistently ranked among the top five Canadian Universities in the Maclean’s Magazine for universities that are primarily undergraduate studies. Acadia University is one of the very first universities to incorporate the mobile computing technology in their curriculum since 1996. The university has several varsity sports teams with the men teams named Axemen and women’s teams named Axewomen. AU is another university that is NOT in the capital as it was established in the town of Wolfville in 1838. It comes at 2nd in Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

Dalhousie University

dalhousie university, top universities in nova scotia

Dalhousie University (part of Top Universities in Nova Scotia) is the only university in Nova Scotia that is categorized specifically as a public research university, meaning that the primary focus of the university is research projects and grants. It offers 180 majors at the undergraduate level and also offers associate degrees, diplomas, baccalaureates and also pre-professional degrees. Dalhousie also has graduate schools and also offers several doctorate level programs. Being a Dalhousie Alumni is considered very prestigious in Canada and internationally as well. The university has a Nobel Prize winner, Herzberg Prize Winners, two Canadian Prime Ministers, 90 Rhodes scholars and several other very illustrious alumni. The acceptance rate is below 80% which varies faculty to faculty and a student body that approaches the 20,000 mark. Dalhousie University is a research intensive university with millions of dollars in endowment and sponsored research and its faculty earn around $125,000 on average in sponsored and endowment research. Ranked 1st in Top Universities in Nova Scotia.

Top Universities in Nova Scotia

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Dalhousie University 20,000 75 – 80%
2. Acadia University 3,500 60 – 65%
3. Saint Mary’s University 7,150 65 – 70%
4. Mount Saint Vincent University 4,200 75 – 85%
5. St. Francis Xavier University Over 5,000 70 – 75%
6. Cape Breton University 2,780 65 – 70%
7. University of King’s College 1,100 75 – 80%
8 NSCAD University Almost 1,000 Over 70%
9. Universite Saint-Anne 500 Over 80%
10 Atlantic School of Theology 150

80 – 90%


Best Universities in Manitoba Canada


Manitoba is the smallest of the three Prairie Provinces in the central, and Midwestern region of Canada but not by much. The largest prairie province is Alberta with 661,000 km sq. area while the smallest Manitoba has 647,000 km sq. area. There is, however, a significant population dip between these three provinces. Alberta has over 3.5 million populations while Manitoba’s is the second least with over 1.2 million. Most of the people in Manitoba live in and around the Winnipeg metropolitan area. The city of Winnipeg which is the capital, largest city, and base of the Legislative Assembly of Canada, alone has the population of 730,000 which is over 60% of the province’s total population. The province is moderately humid in the southern regions while the northern regions are colder and drier. Manitoba consists of grassland and open places while 48% of the area is forested with different types of pines. In fact, the pine forests that you see during that Planet Earth’s episode that also has the polar bear included the regions of Manitoba. With only one metropolitan area in the entire province, the higher educational facilities are mostly in the Winnipeg area. Four of the five universities in Manitoba are in the city, and the four professional sports teams are all from there as well. In this article find all about Top Universities in Manitoba.

All of the universities below are accredited by the Department of Advance Education and Literacy, Manitoba.

Top Universities in Manitoba

  1. University of Saint-Boniface

university of saint boniface - top universities in manitoba

University of Saint-Boniface, officially known as Universite de Saint-Boniface in French, is a Francophone university located in Saint-Boniface neighborhood in the city of Winnipeg; hence then the name. There are technical and professional programs offered by the university then there are bachelor degrees, and master programs are offered by the university as well as advance diplomas and baccalaureate programs. USB also has a Continuing Education division which serves over 5,000 students. In total, Universite de Saint-Boniface has over 6,000 students and only 1,200 of which are full time students. University offers fine arts, business, education, health, science, and majors in the technology department. USB also has a good research activity and the healthcare research of the university is internationally recognized. The fifth in Top Universities in Manitoba.

Canadian Mennonite University

canadian mennonite university - top universities in manitoba

A private university worth its salt, Canadian Mennonite University (also counted in Top Universities in Manitoba) is a relatively new institute of higher education established in 1998. This small-sized university is situated in the urban area of the Winnipeg metropolitan. CMU offers four-year bachelor’s degree options as well as a few masters programs. There are diplomas, vocational studies, associate degrees and baccalaureate programs also on hand. The university’s origins could be traced back to 1944 with the foundation of Concord College. That is because Canadian Mennonite University is a collaborative effort of Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Concord College, and Menno Simons College. The curriculum here is mostly liberal arts-based, but the university has been expanded its horizon in recent years. In 2009, a science laboratory was established to incorporate that area of study, and since 2011 a School of Business is also among the choices for the university’s 1,800 students. It is fourth in Top Universities in Manitoba.

Brandon University

brandon university - top universities in manitoba

Brandon University (part of Top Universities in Manitoba) enjoys a rich history of education and athletics, and it is also the only university in Manitoba that is outside the Winnipeg metropolitan area. Established on the cusp of the 20th century in 1899, the university has a medium sized enrolment of a shade of 3,000 full-time, students. The institute officially became a university in 1967. Since then it has been a vital part of many collegiates and sports organizations. The university is a member of Canadian Interuniversity Sport, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and a few other notable national organizations. Despite being a public university which is relatively larger in size because of Brandon’s small population, the classes are very small, and the student to faculty ratio is 11:1. University offers undergraduate and grad school studies along with diplomas and associate degrees. Popular majors are in fine arts, healthcare, business administration and science. The varsity teams of the University are called Bobcats. It comes at 3rd place in Top Universities in Manitoba.

University of Winnipeg

university of winnipeg - top universities in manitoba

University of Winnipeg (exists in Top Universities in Manitoba) is predominantly an undergraduate studies college that was established in 1871, effectively making it the oldest university in the province of Winnipeg. University’s curriculum mostly has undergraduate majors in arts, business, economics and healthcare which make it a liberal arts university. University of Winnipeg has been ranked in the top 15 Canadian universities of all time with a special focus on undergraduate studies. The student population of the university is in the 10,000s making it a very large institute. That is shown in the seven different faculties including a Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health, and also several centres of research and sustainable studies. U of W is a part of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport where the teams participate in a myriad of sports including basketball, soccer, wrestling, baseball, and volleyball. Many of the notable alumni from the city of Winnipeg are a part of this great university system. The acceptance rate is around 60%, so U of W is much more selective university than others in Canada. The second-ranked University in Top Universities in Manitoba.

University of Manitoba

university of manitoba - top universities in manitoba canada

The university was founded in 1877 in the Metropolitan of Winnipeg, and it is also the largest university in the province with a student population that goes above 20,000 full-time students. The university has ten different buildings that comprise of the Health Sciences Centre. There are two faculties and two schools there. They are namely the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine; then the School of Dental Hygiene and the School of Medical Rehabilitation. University also has a pharmacy and agricultural college then there is a Manitoba Medical College affiliated with the University which also has the Bacteriological Research Building. Apart from the very serious education in healthcare, U of M also has engineering, business, fine arts, architecture and other areas of studies such as social work. Students should look ahead of taking part of Top Universities in Manitoba.

There is a School of Art Gallery which allows the students in liberal arts to showcase their talents. University has a budget of research that goes well over half a billion dollars every year. University of Manitoba has a history of producing academically and athletically gifted alumni. That is shown by the almost 100 Rhodes Scholars the university has produced. University has an acceptance rate that is somewhere around the 50% mark, but it changes from school to school as the Manitoba Medical College barely accepts over 10% of the admission letters. The number one university in Top Universities in Manitoba.

Best Universities in Prince Edward Province


The most smallest Province in Canada is Prince Edward Island, and it is also the least populated of them all. The province itself is not just a single Island; rather it is composed of the main Island and an archipelago of smaller 231 Islands. Apart from its official name as the Prince Edward Island or PEI, the province has several informal names that are mostly used by local or people living in Maritime Provinces of Canada. PEI is often referred to as the ‘Cradle of Confederation’ because of the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 for the union of the Canadian Confederation. However, PEI did not join the Confederation until 1873 when it became the seventh Canadian province. It is also sometimes called the ‘Garden of the Gulf,’ that is mostly attributed to the island’s propensity for pastoral agricultural lands that dominate it and the backbone of the economy here which is farming. In fact, this very small Island province produces 25% of the total potato yield in Canada. Read all information related to Top Universities in Prince Edward in this article.

Most of you would be wondering by now that what higher education opportunities would be a 140,000 population province with a reliance on agriculture would have? You would be right in your assumptions as the PEI only had this one university – University of Prince Edward Island – which in essence replaced Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan’s University in the education reform policy in 1969. It does offer a community college and a religious degree-issuing private institute to pick up the slack left by the medium sized University. There is no point in discussing rankings here, so we are going to list the three institutes in descending order.

Top Universities in Prince Edward

  1. Maritime Christian College

Maritime Christian College, Universities in Prince Edward

Maritime Christian College (part of Top Universities in Prince Edward) is first and foremost, as the name suggest, a Christian College which specialized in ministry training and also issues degrees in several philosophical and theoretical areas that help the students in the ministry training to impart their knowledge. The college is affiliated with the Churches of the Christ and Christian Churches which in turn were formed as part of a Restoration movement as a plea for unity of the essential elements of Biblical Christianity. The college itself was created to fill the lack of official ministry training in the Prince Edward Island and the neighboring Maritime provinces. The reason for that was any student that was interested in ministry education had to go to the US for the training and then they would end up staying in service there, forming a sustaining decline in the Churches in PEI. After its establishment in 1960 in Charlottetown, the college shared facilities with Central Christian Church for over three decades. The college then formed its campus which is located near the University of Prince Edward Island. That move allowed the students to share facilities like sports equipment and facilities, libraries and even cafeteria. The 3rd Institute in Top Universities in Prince Edward.

Holland College

Holland College, top universities in Prince Edward

A provincial College in the capital of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown; the community college was named after the British Army Engineer named Samuel Holland, not the country Holland if anybody was wondering. The main campus is in the capital city, but after the college’s inception in 1969 after the main formation campus, the college expanded in different towns of PEI like Summerside and Georgetown. Students should make up their mind for Top Universities in Prince Edward. Holland College’s best offering is in the Paramedicine Service Education which provides both primary and advance care education. Then there is the Culinary Institute of Canada that is under its affiliation. College offers other variety of fields in liberal arts and sciences. Holland College is known for providing scholarship options to the PEI residents because most of their families are sustaining farmer’s salaries. Second one university in Top Universities in Prince Edward.

University of Prince Edward Island

university of prince edward island - top universities in prince edward

University of Prince Edward Island (exists in Top Universities in Prince Edward) is primarily a liberal arts institution with an ever growing institute that has expanded to science, education and healthcare curriculum. The university has a medium sized student body with around 4,400 students studying in 6 different departments across the University of Prince Edward Island. The university officially came into being in 1969 during the education reform policy when the Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan University were replaced by the University to provide a non-denominational form of education. The university, however, traces its roots back to 1804 when the first Kent College was formed and the renamed into the Prince of Wales College in 1860. UPEI is a part of the National Research Council of Canada with an Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology. The university grants undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees and also houses the only veterinary medicine campus and a nursing school in the province. It is number one in Top Universities in Prince Edward.

Top 10 Universities in Quebec Province


Quebec is the largest province of Canada and the second largest administrative division behind the Nunavut territories. Most of the population of Quebec is concentrated in the Greater Montreal Area in the southern part of the province while the northern part of the Province is very scarcely populated. That is the purpose why most of the higher education institute, at least the ones that are worth mentioning internationally, are among the three cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. The amazing thing about Quebec is that it is terribly huge, thus very scarcely populated. It is about half the size of India and where India has 1,300 million people, Quebec barely goes over the 8 million mark. In fact, there are only 19 countries in the world that have a larger surface area than the province of Quebec. So if you do decide to study here, then you have the knowledge that it is a very lightly populated place which is full of natural wonders all around. But that is not the only thing to pick this place for your higher educational needs. Quebec has several universities that are amongst the best in the whole North American region and a few that make the QS International rankings also. All details are given in this article for Top Universities in Quebec.

All the institutes given here are accredited by The Ministry of Education, Higher Education, and Research, Quebec.

Top Universities in Quebec

  1. Concordia University

concordia university, best universities in quebec

Seeing what we just discussed about the Greater Montreal Area in the upper section, it is a given that most of the universities in this rankings list are going to be from that place. Concordia University was established in 1974 in Montreal. Concordia University is a non-sectarian and coeducational university. Since the university has been granted the public status, it has attracted many students for its lower than average tuition fees and great research capabilities. CU came into being with the merger of Sir George Williams University – now the main campus – and the Loyola University. The university offers myriads of majors at the undergraduate level, and there is also a grad school for the postgraduate and doctoral studies. Its business school, John Molson Business School, is its biggest attraction with it ranking in the top 100 in the world. Concordia University has a very large student population of around 46,000 and an acceptance rate that is approximately 60%. The 5th one in Top Universities in Quebec.

  1. Universite de Montreal

universite de montreal, tpo universities in quebec state

Universite de Montreal, or more commonly known as the University of Montreal (also exists in Top Universities in Quebec) in the international circuits is the largest university in the state if bar the 87,000 students that the University of Quebec serves at its various campuses spread across the state. Still, with 49,000 students at a single campus and over 60,000 students counting the affiliate colleges is nothing to sneeze at. The massiveness doesn’t just stop there, however. Being one of the few Canadian Universities that were built in the 19th century, Universite de Montreal has over 650 programs at the undergraduate level only. The university also has similar grad school programs, and the students can even go on to pursue further studies with its 71 doctoral programs. The university is highly research-centric which is evident by the fact that it receives the third largest government/private funding and sponsorship in the country. The annual fund’s allocation is over half a billion Canadian Dollars. University of Montreal has a great athletics program. Times Higher Education has ranked the University in the top 150 for the past few years. Here it is the 4th university in Top Universities in Quebec.

Universite du Quebec, Quebec City

university du quebec, top universities in quebec

Universite du Quebec (one from the Top Universities in Quebec) is a publically run university system in the province of Quebec. Quebec City has the main campus which is the signature University of the system built in 1968. The Quebec City campus has over 30,000 students while the whole university of the system serving around 87,000 students every year. The acceptance rate is barely over 40% which shows the popularity and the reputation of the university despite having such a large student body. The University of Quebec was produced as a result of the protests of the students near the 70s when only a few of CEGEP students were being accepted into the Quebec universities. Following that over six public universities for the Quebec systems were established. University du Quebec offers undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, associate and baccalaureate degree programs. Count it in as a 3rd one in Top Universities in Quebec.

McGill University

mcgill university, universities in quebec state,

McGill University (part of Top Universities in Quebec) was established in 1821 and by the issue of King George IV. That is why McGill University is one of the handfuls of universities in Quebec that has English as a primary education medium. McGill University offers over 300 majors at the undergraduate and grad school level. Apart from the specialized diplomas and doctorate program, the university also features pre-professional degree options. McGill University is very large with almost 40,000 students in its care, but the best part is that despite that huge number the acceptance rate of around 40%. The University is lauded for the resounding success of its alumni with 12 Nobel Laureates, over 140 Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners and Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medalists. It is the 2nd number university in Top Universities in Quebec.

Laval University

laval university, universities in quebec state

The oldest university in Canada, which is only beaten by Harvard University in an age in the USA; Laval University (listed in Top Universities in Quebec) is a French language institute which is classified as a public research university. The university became Laval University officially in 1852, but its original foundations were laid in 1663 as Seminaire de Quebec. Over the great thing about the university is that majority of the students are Quebec residents and around 15% of the student body is foreign or outside the Canadian province of Quebec. The popular majors include architectures, engineering, fine arts, Medicine, Music and Theatre, and social sciences. The acceptance rate is around 60% which is pretty strict for a university that has almost 50,000 students under its care. Find this one at number one spot in Top Universities in Quebec.

Top Universities in Quebec

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Laval University 48,000 60 – 65%
2. McGill University 40,000 45 – 50%
3. Universite du Quebec, Quebec City Over 30,000 40 – 50%
4. Universite de Montreal 49,000 40 – 45%
5. Concordia University Over 46,000 55 – 60%
6. Universite de Sherbrooke 35,000 70 – 80%
7. HEC Montreal 12,000 50 – 60%
8 University Du Quebec A Montreal 43,000 90 – 95%
9. Bishop’s University 2,500 70 – 80%
10 Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal 7,000 80 – 90%