Top 10 Universities in Pennsylvania State

Top 10 Universities in Pennsylvania State

Despite being the 33rd largest state in the U.S, it is evident that the state is very densely populated considering the fact that Pennsylvania is the sixth most populous state. It is often called the Keystone state because of its proximity to all the mid-Atlantic as well as mid-west states. The city of Philadelphia is a huge metropolitan with a population of over 1.5 million and the largest city of the state of Pittsburgh being the second largest but with a bigger population of 2.4 million. Pennsylvania is one of the most economically powerful states in America with a GDP that is above several crucial countries on the map like Indonesia, Austria, Pakistan, Portugal and much more. It is a no brainer then that there are going to be a lot of higher education facilities in the US and that is a fact with over 450 institutes nesting in the state. That has made choosing the top 10 Institute among them a real hassle with many of brilliant private colleges and even public universities getting left out. The ten that are left are the cream of the crop. Read this article about Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

All the institutes below are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Top Universities in Pennsylvania

  1. Swarthmore College

top universities in Pennsylvania state

A private college formed by the Quakers to begin co-educational endeavors way back in 1864 when no few would go in that unchartered territory. Now it is known as the best liberal arts college in the state that also started providing majors in the engineering field in the recent past. Like many other top private liberal arts colleges, there are a lot of undergraduate options and the students also get to design their curriculum with freedom of course choices to some extent. The college is one of the only eight colleges that are deemed severely Green by U.S News and World Report. Parents must have to take under consideration one of the Top Universities in Pennsylvania. Swarthmore has recognized the need for a scholarship system considering their costly tuition fee so there are some ways deserving students can get through college here. There are need-based scholarships, work-study and merit-based scholarships are available. The average scholarship awarded per student is $38,700. However, to be even considered for that privilege the students have to get through the below 20% acceptance rate. It is 5th in the category of Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

Penn State University

top universities in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State University, aka Penn State, is a very large university with even deeper pockets for research oriented studies. Despite having such a mammoth student body with nearly 50,000 students, the acceptance rate is just over 50%. That alone emphasizes the popularity this university enjoys and the global attraction that it carries in its studies. The students at Penn State are driven to think innovative solutions to real-world problems and become community leaders for the betterment of society. That is why the university boasts the biggest student-run philanthropic organization in the world. The university has continually ranked among the top 100 universities in the world according to several worlds recognized publications. That is because of the world-class faculty, athletic programs that include NCAA Division I teams, State-of-the-art research capabilities and much more. The 4th in the row in the list of Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

Carnegie Mellon University

top 10 universities in Pennsylvania state

Carnegie Mellon University is a private college that exists in the list of Top Universities in Pennsylvania in the city of Pittsburgh. Established in 1899 as a private – research oriented – higher educational Institute, Carnegie Mellon has made its mark with a large student body of 13,000 with a faculty that is large in number. That means that the classes are often with less than ten students in them giving the professors to mold their students into future winners because of the individualized attention. The university has all the major fields like business, computer science, engineering, liberal arts and healthcare among the mix. The students thus have the option to choose from seven different schools with the university to go to. CMU also has a high involvement with local companies and around the city of Pittsburgh with the university facilitating over 1,000 company conceptions. The acceptance rate here is quite low in the mid-20%, so the students have to saddle up to get into the university. The 3rd one in the catalogue of Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

University of Pittsburgh

top 10 universities in Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh is another public university that carries the torch for being one of the top public research universities in the world. Founded in the city of Pittsburgh in 1787, it is the second-oldest higher education institute in the state with a student body that approaches 35,000 in number. There are over 200 majors available at the bachelor, masters and doctorate level. Apart from that, there are several pre-professional programs, baccalaureates, and associate degrees also available. Despite all of that students must have to check that out one of the Top Universities in Pennsylvania. Despite being a public university with a relatively affordable tuition fee when it comes to New England and Mid-Atlantic states, the University grants 6 out of 10 applicants with the financial aid of some sort with even full tuition scholarships being a possibility for 20% of them. With a high-class faculty, commitment to athletics and cream among the top students it is not a longshot that Princeton Review deemed University of Pittsburgh as the best in the nation in 2015 for undergraduate students. The 2nd one in the category of Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsylvania

top 10 universities in Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania, unlike the name suggests, is a private university that is a part of Top Universities in Pennsylvania but it carries the weight of being one of the best in the world. Ranked 13th in the QS University Rankings, the University is part of the prestigious Ivy League and in most cases that is enough to prove the credibility of a university being one of the best. The Penn shows its progressive nature as the student body approaching 25,000 has 52% that are female and 53% minorities. The acceptance rate is below 10%, and the students are awarded need-based, athletic and merit-based scholarships more than $44,000 on average. Maybe that is the reason why the University of Pennsylvania is often recognised as the best value private university in the United States. The number one university in the ranking of Top Universities in Pennsylvania.

Top Universities in Pennsylvania

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Pennsylvania 25,000 9 – 10%
2. University of Pittsburgh 35,000 40 – 50%
3. Carnegie Mellon University 13,000 20 – 30%
4. Penn State University 49,000 50%
5. Swarthmore College 1,500 15 – 20%
6. Drexel University 25,000 50 – 60%
7. West Chester University 18,000 50 – 60%
8 Haverford University 1,200 25%
9. Lehigh University 7,500 30 – 40%
10 Bucknell University 3,500 30 – 40%