Top 10 Universities in Quebec Province

Top 10 Universities in Quebec Province

Quebec is the largest province of Canada and the second largest administrative division behind the Nunavut territories. Most of the population of Quebec is concentrated in the Greater Montreal Area in the southern part of the province while the northern part of the Province is very scarcely populated. That is the purpose why most of the higher education institute, at least the ones that are worth mentioning internationally, are among the three cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. The amazing thing about Quebec is that it is terribly huge, thus very scarcely populated. It is about half the size of India and where India has 1,300 million people, Quebec barely goes over the 8 million mark. In fact, there are only 19 countries in the world that have a larger surface area than the province of Quebec. So if you do decide to study here, then you have the knowledge that it is a very lightly populated place which is full of natural wonders all around. But that is not the only thing to pick this place for your higher educational needs. Quebec has several universities that are amongst the best in the whole North American region and a few that make the QS International rankings also. All details are given in this article for Top Universities in Quebec.

All the institutes given here are accredited by The Ministry of Education, Higher Education, and Research, Quebec.

Top Universities in Quebec

  1. Concordia University

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Seeing what we just discussed about the Greater Montreal Area in the upper section, it is a given that most of the universities in this rankings list are going to be from that place. Concordia University was established in 1974 in Montreal. Concordia University is a non-sectarian and coeducational university. Since the university has been granted the public status, it has attracted many students for its lower than average tuition fees and great research capabilities. CU came into being with the merger of Sir George Williams University – now the main campus – and the Loyola University. The university offers myriads of majors at the undergraduate level, and there is also a grad school for the postgraduate and doctoral studies. Its business school, John Molson Business School, is its biggest attraction with it ranking in the top 100 in the world. Concordia University has a very large student population of around 46,000 and an acceptance rate that is approximately 60%. The 5th one in Top Universities in Quebec.

  1. Universite de Montreal

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Universite de Montreal, or more commonly known as the University of Montreal (also exists in Top Universities in Quebec) in the international circuits is the largest university in the state if bar the 87,000 students that the University of Quebec serves at its various campuses spread across the state. Still, with 49,000 students at a single campus and over 60,000 students counting the affiliate colleges is nothing to sneeze at. The massiveness doesn’t just stop there, however. Being one of the few Canadian Universities that were built in the 19th century, Universite de Montreal has over 650 programs at the undergraduate level only. The university also has similar grad school programs, and the students can even go on to pursue further studies with its 71 doctoral programs. The university is highly research-centric which is evident by the fact that it receives the third largest government/private funding and sponsorship in the country. The annual fund’s allocation is over half a billion Canadian Dollars. University of Montreal has a great athletics program. Times Higher Education has ranked the University in the top 150 for the past few years. Here it is the 4th university in Top Universities in Quebec.

Universite du Quebec, Quebec City

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Universite du Quebec (one from the Top Universities in Quebec) is a publically run university system in the province of Quebec. Quebec City has the main campus which is the signature University of the system built in 1968. The Quebec City campus has over 30,000 students while the whole university of the system serving around 87,000 students every year. The acceptance rate is barely over 40% which shows the popularity and the reputation of the university despite having such a large student body. The University of Quebec was produced as a result of the protests of the students near the 70s when only a few of CEGEP students were being accepted into the Quebec universities. Following that over six public universities for the Quebec systems were established. University du Quebec offers undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, associate and baccalaureate degree programs. Count it in as a 3rd one in Top Universities in Quebec.

McGill University

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McGill University (part of Top Universities in Quebec) was established in 1821 and by the issue of King George IV. That is why McGill University is one of the handfuls of universities in Quebec that has English as a primary education medium. McGill University offers over 300 majors at the undergraduate and grad school level. Apart from the specialized diplomas and doctorate program, the university also features pre-professional degree options. McGill University is very large with almost 40,000 students in its care, but the best part is that despite that huge number the acceptance rate of around 40%. The University is lauded for the resounding success of its alumni with 12 Nobel Laureates, over 140 Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners and Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medalists. It is the 2nd number university in Top Universities in Quebec.

Laval University

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The oldest university in Canada, which is only beaten by Harvard University in an age in the USA; Laval University (listed in Top Universities in Quebec) is a French language institute which is classified as a public research university. The university became Laval University officially in 1852, but its original foundations were laid in 1663 as Seminaire de Quebec. Over the great thing about the university is that majority of the students are Quebec residents and around 15% of the student body is foreign or outside the Canadian province of Quebec. The popular majors include architectures, engineering, fine arts, Medicine, Music and Theatre, and social sciences. The acceptance rate is around 60% which is pretty strict for a university that has almost 50,000 students under its care. Find this one at number one spot in Top Universities in Quebec.

Top Universities in Quebec

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. Laval University 48,000 60 – 65%
2. McGill University 40,000 45 – 50%
3. Universite du Quebec, Quebec City Over 30,000 40 – 50%
4. Universite de Montreal 49,000 40 – 45%
5. Concordia University Over 46,000 55 – 60%
6. Universite de Sherbrooke 35,000 70 – 80%
7. HEC Montreal 12,000 50 – 60%
8 University Du Quebec A Montreal 43,000 90 – 95%
9. Bishop’s University 2,500 70 – 80%
10 Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal 7,000 80 – 90%