Top 10 Universities in Queensland State

Top 10 Universities in Queensland State

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, and it is also the third most populous in the country. It is exapnd over 1.8 million km square, which is more than half the size of India has a population below the 5 million mark, whereas India has 1,300 million people. The capital of the state is Brisbane, and it is also the largest city in the state. Queensland has 10 out of the 30 largest cities in Australia. That is the reason why there are several colleges and tertiary educational institutes in the state. There are seven public universities in the state while Bond University stands as the lone private university. There are in fact, five universities in the state that can be qualified as having very large on-campus student population. University of Queensland is the largest with over 50,000 students at its structural disposal. Unlike Victoria and Tasmania which we have previously discussed, education in Queensland is abundant but not limited to just one or two bigger cities. Some of these even have their headquarters in the smaller cities of the state. That creates equal opportunities for people that live in different areas of the state which is quite frankly larger than around 200 nations in the world. Read everything about Top Universities in Queensland.

All the institutes below are accredited by The Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Top Universities in Queensland

  1. Central Queensland University

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With over 35,000 students in the several different campuses of the University, Central Queensland University deserves to be in the top five of our university rankings for Queensland. It is also Australia’s first dual sector university offering higher education as well as vocational education for students with 12 years of education complete. The university was established in 1967 in the town of North Rockport. It also has 11 other campuses spread across the state and a total of four campuses that are in the largest cities of Australia, regardless of state lines; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. CQU offers over 200 distinct programs of study in the higher education line alone with the undergraduate and post graduate studies covered. The University also has six schools, or you can call them faculties with their deans that include areas of education, business, law, healthcare, engineering and technology. Central Queensland University is not only a great gathering of intellectuals from all over the country as well as international students, but it also has a very high graduation employment rate which is above the national average. It is fifth in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. James Cook University

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James Cook University (member of Top Universities in Queensland) was established in 1961 in the city of Townsville, and yes, if you are not familiar with the place, we are not talking about the popular social media game here. The university is primarily classified as a teaching and research institute. The university has over 15,000 undergraduate students and around 5,000 are in postgraduate and research programs. The popular research programs at the university include the human genome studies, engineering, biodiversity, sustainment of ecosystems and the marine biology research. JCU not only has branch campuses in other parts of Australia, but it also has them at overseas with Fiji, Beijing and Singapore also housing James Cook University campuses. There is a total of 21 research centres in the university, and it also has five divisions of education with their sub-colleges and over 250 programs of study at the graduate and undergraduate level combined. It is fourth in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. Queensland University of Technology

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Another university that is in top universities in Queensland, that was established during the educational reform in the state during the 1960’s, Queensland University of Technology is a public research university established in 1965 in the large city of Brisbane. The main curriculum of the university revolves around the STEM education, but there are other popular areas of study as well. Business Studies, Education, Healthcare and Law are just some of the popular examples. QUT has been ranked several times in the top 100 universities in the world by Times Higher Education. It was, in fact, ranked the best university under 50 years of age in Australia till the year 2015. There are nine research centres and an institute dedicated to technological advancement in the country. QUT receives around A$900 million annually regarding governmental funding alone. Along with the 35,000 student population, high graduation employment rate and strong reputation in the community, QUT is a great place to receive higher education in the state. The 3rd university in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. Griffith University

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Griffith University (part of Top Universities in Queensland) is another public research university that was established in 1971 in the city of Brisbane. The university is named after the very first Australian Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. When the university initially started as a small institute it had only 450 students which are now nearly a 1000 fold more with 43,000 being the university’s estimated student population. The university has a total of four academic divisions; Arts Education and Law, Business, Health and Science. Together these divisions have over 20 schools and colleges that give around 200 distinct degree programs. It is ranked among the top 2% universities in the world. Ranks second in Top Universities in Queensland.

  1. University of Queensland

Best Ten Universities in Queensland

The oldest university in the state, University of Queensland (also exists in Top Universities in Queensland) is also the largest public research university in the state. With over 50,000 students, the university has six faculties that also have extended research and teaching activities. UQ offers undergraduate majors, graduate programs and doctorate programs in business, engineering, healthcare, law, science, liberal arts and technology. The student association at the University of Queensland with around 200 organisations and clubs that are involved with the Australian Business Association and Sports Association. Sport is a great part of the student life in UQ with a large Athletic Centre, the largest Tennis Centre in the country and a Sports program that offers students ability to get into over 50 different sporting teams. The university also has 11 residential colleges in several different towns and cities of the state. With one of the highest graduation employment rate, largest student population and world ranking among the top 50 universities in the world, University of Queensland is a no brainer for the top ranking in Queensland universities. It is 1st in Top Universities in Queensland.

Top Universities in Queensland

Ranking University/College Student Body Graduation Employment Rate
1. University of Queensland 50,000 80 – 85%
2. Griffith University 43,000 70 – 75%
3. Queensland University of Technology 45,000 Around 80%
4. James Cook University 20,000 80 – 85%
5. Central Queensland University 35,000 78 – 80%
6. University of Southern Queensland 8,000 fulltime, 19,000 Online 80 – 85%
7. Bond University 4,000 67 – 70%
8 University of the Sunshine Coast 7,500 Around 65%