Top Universities in Tasmania State

Top Universities in Tasmania State

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia and the only that is not part of the mainland Australian continent. The state consists of one Main Island which has the largest city of Hobart and an archipelago of very small 334 Islands surrounding the main one. 300 of those are just 174 km square while 3,500 km square for the other except for the Main Island. It has a total population of 520,000 people. The education in Tasmania is influenced by the population of the state and how it is concentrated. Over half of the population resides in the greater Hobart area while others are in smaller towns and rural areas. That is why the only University in the state is in Hobart. Read about Top Universities in Tasmania in the given article.

The higher education scene in the state only has two tertiary education institutes. The first one is the fourth oldest university in Australia, The University of Tasmania. The other institute is the Christ College which is even older than the University of Tasmania. In fact, it is the oldest post-secondary institute in the country. Owing to the resounding success of the University of Tasmania and its comprehensive degree granting ability, the Christ College also started a more comprehensive education base and even became affiliated with the University of Tasmania since 1933. The degrees granted by these two institutions are accredited by Department of Education and Training, Tasmania.

Impact of Higher Education in Australia

Higher education in Tasmania may be small but it is a very strong education system in the Top Universities in Tasmania. Yet the absence of other tertiary education institutes means that many of the adults in Tasmania fall behind the average for post-secondary education graduates in Australia. Actually, the fact is that almost 50% of the total Tasmanian population is categorized as functionally illiterate. That may go down to the fact that even though there are around 10 colleges in the state, only one is considered a tertiary education institute. That is because unlike other states in Australia the colleges for students are separate for classes 11 and 12. High school is from grade 7 to grade 10, while before that students go to elementary school.

Around half of the students are also below the national average for mathematic baseline as well. The reason so many students in Tasmania do not go on to receive education even beyond the 10th grade level is because they need to obtain the Tasmanian Certificate of Education which is only doled out by colleges that are mostly in Hobart. So, people from other towns are too reluctant to let their kids leave at the age of 16. The ones that do go on to the University of Tasmania and other Top Universities in Tasmania are usually better off as the recipients of tertiary education in the state go on to earn two to three times more on average than those without an undergraduate degree.

The two degree granting tertiary institutes of Tasmania are listed below.

Top Universities in Tasmania

Christ College

Top Universities in Tasmania State

Situated in the small town of Sandy Bay with only 12,000 population; Christ College is the oldest tertiary institute in Australia, as it established in 1846 as a theological college. After its affiliation with University of Tasmania in 1933, the college became a residential institute. The influence from the bigger university has also caused Christ College to include post-graduate studies amongst its curriculum. The college has around 250 undergraduate and postgraduate students in its care at any given time.

The reason Christ College (part of Top Universities in Tasmania) was established was not only to give theological and philosophical education to its students but also supply an education base for those who wanted to be in ministry studies as well. Even its motto says ‘Jesus Christ Shall be mine’. Being a residential college of the University of Tasmania, the college is also involved in sporting activities that include soccer, rugby, tennis, Australian rules football and cricket which is taken quite seriously. The second one in Top Universities in Tasmania.

University of Tasmania

Top Universities in Tasmania

University of Tasmania (exists in Top Universities in Tasmania) is the fourth oldest university in Australia, established in 1890 in the city of Hobart as a public institute. The university has now poised itself as a very large research intensive university. It has a student population that is around the 34,000 mark while 6,000 of them are in graduate studies and research projects. The university is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities and it is ranked among the top 10 research universities in Australia several times over. One of the reason U of T has done so well in these rankings is because of its strong Institute for Marine and Arctic Studies. It offers over 250 distinct programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level. UT offered its very first PhD after the Second World War in 1949.

Over the years, the university has merged with or gotten affiliated with several other tertiary education institutes in and out of the state. The College of Advanced Education which was established in 1966 was eventually merged with the university and its courses were also taken over by the university in 1981. The story of Christ College has already been described. UT also has a brilliant library collection with several libraries in Hobart and one in the campus of Sandy Bay. Department of Education has made quite a few reforms when it comes to University of Tasmania because of which the institute has expanded its educational reach in almost all the regions – Northwest, South, North – of the states in order to give students in rural areas a shot at higher education as well. The acceptance rate here is just around the 80% mark which is still rather strict when you consider that the university is the only one in the state with so many affiliates and one residential college. The university is fairly involved in national sports with varsity teams and receives around 600 million Australian dollars annually in state funding. It ranked 1st in Top Universities in Tasmania.

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