Top 10 Universities in Texas By Quality Education

Top 10 Universities in Texas By Quality Education

Texas is the second largest state in USA and unlike Alaska, the largest state that is mostly uninhabited, Texas has not only the complete package when it comes to several different climates but also a lot of big cities to go with it. The state also thrives in its energy center as with the discovery petroleum it has become one of the largest energy producing states in the country. With the economic growth on the rise it is a no-brainer that the overhauled education system of the state has a large part to play in that over the past few years. The state funded universities have become cultural and quality educational hubs with University of Texas and Texas A&M University both having widespread campus systems over several cities. Here in this article you can read all about Top Universities in Texas.

The technological scene in Texas is quite strong and so are the aeronautical, energy and greener ecosystem promotions. The selection process of the top ranking universities is also much stricter than in many other neighboring and western states in US. Out-of-state students have a much harder time getting in the universities here but those that do can rest assured that they will be getting a high Return-on-Investment once they graduate.

Top Universities in Texas

5.University of Texas at Dallas

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University of Texas at Dallas was established quite recently in the grand scheme of things and in 1969 the Dallas campus of the famous public system in Texas finally came into being. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges; it has a student body of 23,000 that has been increasing at a good rate over the past few years. The students have an option to choose from a total of 133 majors at the undergraduate level only. The popular programs are in the engineering, accounting, business, Information Technology, psychology and neuroscience, and law. It comes at number five in the ranking of Top Universities in Texas.

  1. University of Houston

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University of Houston garners its large student body of over 40,000 from far reaches of the world. All of that is achieved by the attractive sites all around the metropolitan cities, the beautiful campuses and of course the high quality education facilities that make it stand out in a state full of universities and colleges. The acceptance rate is around 60% which is quite selective for a university that has such a large student body that is why it the part of Top Universities in Texas.

The most talked about and coveted programs at the University of Houston are the industrial and mechanical engineering as well as the geological studies. That is because Houston is called the energy capital of the world and whoever graduates from these courses have a great chance of thriving in these industries. There are also over 120 majors to choose from that include engineering, business, finance and information technology. There are also pre-professional studies in law and the field of medicine includes programs such as psychotherapy, dentist school, optometry, pharmacy, nursery and several others.The university ranks among the top 50 national universities by the U.S. news & World Report. It is 4rth in the list of Top Universities in Texas.

3.Texas A&M University

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Texas A&M (Agriculture and Manufacturing) University system had its roots established in the city of College Station first of all in the year 1876. Since then there has been a wide variety of schools and satellite campuses all over the state with campuses near cities like Houston, Dallas, Prairie View, Texarkana and what not. The system enrolls over 50,000 undergraduate students per year making the largest serving public educational systems in the state after University of Texas system. The university has an acceptance rate of 60 – 70% and the College Station campus ranks among the top 25 public universities in America, hence university ranks in the list of Top Universities in Texas. The most popular fields are agriculture and engineering which a given because of the name while the business and healthcare programs are also coveted majors. It is 3rd n category of Top Universities in Texas.

  1. Rice University

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Rice University is rather small when compared to the others that dominate the ranking in among the top universities in Texas. Despite that Rice University is one of the most sought after educational facilities in Texas with the most selective acceptance criteria at just 15%. There are over 4,000 undergraduate students among the student body while over 2,000 are post graduates. The university was established in 1891 some 125 years ago. The university is famous for producing Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners. There are also a lot of honor students that gain famous scholarships like Guggenheim and others for the grad students. A research oriented university; RU receives hundreds of million US dollars in research grants every year. It also has one of the lowest students to teacher ratio of 6:1 in the country. It is 2nd in the catalog of Top Universities in Texas.

  1. University of Texas at Austin

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The University of Texas at Austin (falls in the list of Top Universities in Texas) is revered in the country and even internationally if it was only based on their athletic achievements. The home of the Longhorn Football team and other varsity teams that are nationally ranked in the NCAA division 1, UT Austin is the premiere university for sports fans in Texas. Even apart from that the university is considered the signature campus among the University of Texas system with its engineering and business schools ranking among the top 10 nationally.

The university has a tough selection criterion with just over 35% of the applicants getting enrolled every year. That is surprising given the student body that is quite large, over 50,000, which means that UT Austin get the most applicants amongst all others in the state. UT Austin also offers several honors programs and has over 170 majors to choose from for the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level programs. It comes at number one in the ranking of Top Universities in Texas.

Top Universities in Texas

Ranking University/College Student Body Acceptance Rate
1. University of Texas at Austin Over 50,000 30 – 40%
2. Rice University 6,500 15%
3. Texas A&M University Around 60,000 60 – 70%
4. University of Houston 45,000 55 – 65%
5. University of Texas at Dallas 23,000 50 – 60%
6. Texas Tech University 35,000 60 – 70%
7. University of North Texas 42,000 60 – 70%
8 Texas State University 33,000 60 – 70%
9. Southern Methodist University 13,000 45 – 55%
10 Baylor University Over 20,000 40 – 50%