Boston College

Boston College

The Jesus Society established a great institute in 1863 today known as the Boston College. With more than 14,700 undergraduate and graduate students, currently it is known as one of the leading universities in the United States. Students from all the U.S States and more than 80 countries apply for an undergraduate or graduate program to the Boston College.

Every year the University awards over 4000 degrees in 50 dissimilar disciplines of education through its 8 affiliated schools and colleges. It faculty has been esteemed by the Cambridge Foundation for the progress of education and the MacArthur Foundation. The reason for this achievement is that the faculty members are dedicated not only to the teaching, but they also take part in research programs together with their students. The U.S News & World Report has ranked the BC 31st among all the national universities.

Over the preceding decade, its students have received more than 200 distinguished educational scholarships incorporating the Marshalls, Rhodes Scholarships, Fulbright and Goldwater’s grants. Every year, the college students dedicate over 5,50,000 hours to the community services.The college has over 171,826 alumni which is widely recognized as a largest alumni association among Catholic universities on the planet.

Boston College Student Body

Most Popular Undergraduate Majors Offered by the Boston College

  • Applied Psychology & Human Development
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Communication
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • English
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Nursing

Boston College Facts and Figures for the Academic Year 2015

Facts Figures
Undergraduate Students 9,100
Graduate and Professional Students 4,400
Students in the Woods College of Advancing Studies 600

Undergraduate Student Body

Facts Figures
Female Students 53%
Male Students 47%
AHANA (Students of African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American) 30%
International Students 6%
Students identify themselves as Catholic 70%

Undergraduate Applications/Selectivity, Class of 2019

Facts Figures
Applicants 29,486
freshmen 2,280
Acceptance Rate:  29%
SAT Average: (Critical Reading, Math, Writing) 2034 on 2400 scale
Mid 50% SAT Range 1950-2150
Freshmen in Top 10% of High School Class 81%

Boston College Official Logo

Undergraduate Programs

Sr. College
1. Carroll School of Management
2. Connell School of Nursing
3. Lynch School of Education
4. Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences
5. Woods College of Advancing Studies

 Graduate/Professional programs

Sr. No. College
1. Boston College Law School
2. Carroll Graduate School of Management
3. Morrissey Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
4. School of Theology and Ministry
5. School of Social Work
6. Woods College

Note : The Graduate programs in education and nursing are awarded by the Connell School of Nursing and Lynch School of Education, respectively. 

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  • Address : Chestnut Hill, MA 02467, United States
  • Phone : +1 617-552-8000
  • Official Website :


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  • Full-time faculty = 786
  • Faculty/Student ratio = 1:12
  • Faculty hold doctoral degrees 93%
  • Sponsored Research Grants = $50.9 million

Endowment and Budget

  • $2.3 billion
  • $956 million operating budget


  •  Libraries = 8
  • Million volumes = 2.9
  • More than 700 manuscript collections
  • E-books = 530,000


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