Top 10 Most Affordable Small Colleges in USA 2016

Top 10 Most Affordable Small Colleges in USA 2016

Picking the best college to attend at the cheapest tuition can look like a great decision – and in many cases it is proved. Before selecting a college, every student has a force to pick a choice where he can spend four years of his education, in fact not only the educational quantity and reputation is to be considered, but he also has to monitor many other things to decide whether he should get registered to that college or not. In this article, we have ranked the top 10 colleges and formed a ranking list of top 10 most affordable small colleges in America based on many factors. So feel free to pick either of the below-mentioned colleges with confidence.

List of Top 10 Most Affordable Small Colleges in USA 2016 Rankings

10. University of the West

University of the West

Founded in 1991, University of the West is a private non-profit making university just positioned in Rosemead, California. The university holds the tenth spot in our rankings since it is the main factor giving it a spot in our rankings is the most affordable tuition and excellence of education and environment

9. West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University

The university traces its roots since 1891 that displays it as a historical university in the United States. It is popular historically black public university holding all the charm of a small college with the sources of a great city. It is offering undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. Its undergraduate programs include 22 majors and 22 minors.

8. University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

The 8th spot in our rankings is given to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma that is mostly referred to USAO. It is a popular public liberal arts college. If you want to get registered to a definite and comprehensive liberal arts college in Oklahoma, then USAO can be a right choice for you.

7. Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Also known as SE or SOSU is a popular public university situated in Duran, Oklahoma, the USA having more than 5237 undergraduate students. This popular institute was founded in 1909 and today it holds a significant role in all the U.S. educational bodies. It joins the various resources and degree programs of a large school along with the general knowledge of the best small colleges.

6. South Arkansas University

South Arkansas University

Widely popular as a singular Institute, the South Arkansas University is offering a wide range of degree programs including different study discipline. It is also known as SAU and was founded in 1909 as an agricultural school. It is ranked 6th in the most affordable small college in America.

5. Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Founded in 1897, the Northwestern Oklahoma State University is offering both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of study disciplines. It boasts more than 40 academic departments along with pre-professional curricula such as Engineering, Medicine, Law and many more. Its educational excellence has been always admitted by the Top rankings of U.S. News. Furthermore, all the departments of this popular college have been accredited many times from different accrediting bodies.

4. Langston University

Langston University

Holding the fourth spot in our ranking is the Langston University that is a popular public university located in Langston, Oklahoma, the United States and was established in 1897. It is a unique institute to pick the students who are interested in any field of education. Since the university is offering an extensive range of programs in different fields of study.

3. Amridge University

Amridge University

This popular private university is non-profit making an educational body that was founded in 1967. It has been accredited by various accrediting authorities giving it a stand among the best and most affordable small colleges in America. It is known as the formal Alabama Christian School of Religion and today it is famed for a small, affordable college having a great popularity for its online education since 1993.

2. Berea College

Berea College

Being a tuition-free work college, the Berea College was also the first mingled and coeducational school in the South. Berea College is recognized not only in the countryside but also all over the world. It offers the best undergraduate programs making it the second most affordable small college in American in 2016 ranking catalog.

1. Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University

The Elizabeth City State University claims to be the most affordable small college in America that is famed as historically black college just positioned in the Elizabeth City. It is a public university offering a wide range of vocational training degree programs both at undergraduate and graduate level of education. It is also known as ECSU that started teaching the students in 1891. It gives you the most affordable degree in various disciplines including Engineering, Business, Social Sciences, Economics, literature, visual arts, and mathematics.

List of Top 10 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America – 2016 Ranking

Rank College Student Body Average Fee
1. Elizabeth City State University  2,421  $1,993/yr
2. Berea College  1,623  $2,323/yr
3.  Amridge University   631  $6,122/yr
4.  Langston University  2,533  $6,193/yr
5.  Northwestern Oklahoma State University  2,307  $6,989/yr
6.  South Arkansas University  3,404  $7,604/yr
7.  Southeastern Oklahoma State University  3,826  $7,811/yr
8.  University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma  918  $7,910/yr
9.  West Virginia State University  2,677  $7,910/yr
10.  University of the West  362  $8,017/yr

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