Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Scholastic accomplishments of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University are what made it separated as an exclusive learning familiarity. In 2014, FAMU was perceived among 2014 U.S. News & World Report’s “Best National Universities.” The U.S. News & World Report reveals FAMU as the top public traditionally dark university or college within the countryside for 2015. It is additionally recorded among The Princeton Review’s “Best in the Southeast” institutes. The institute is also standing among the top selections for giving an astounding instruction at a reasonable cost in Florida, as indicated by The College Database (2013).

FAMU values differences in thinking, culture and perception. The University enlists more than 10,000 students hailing from inside and outside the United States. A recent report reveals apart from the  USA,  FAMU enrolls students coming from more than 70 nations, including various African nations, Indonesia, Bahamas, Brazil, China, and the United Arab Emirates, to nominate a few. The student body incorporates legislative body from all ethnic, religious foundations and socioeconomic.

An extensive Range of Academic Degree Programs is making FAMU a Good Option for Students

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University campus building

At Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,the students looking for a challenging educational establishment will discover an extensive number of programs to meet their professional goals. The University is offering 54 graduates, 29 masters, 12 doctoral and three professional degree programs, in an extensive variety of academic ranges.

Its most famous undergrad programs include criminal justice, business administration, allied health, and biology. Similarly the further majors are also accessible in every field, from animal science to nursing and engineering. Also, the school is offering various typical degree programs. These incorporate such majors as Journalism, jazz studies, health informatics and management and cardiopulmonary sciences.

Programs Offered By Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is offering an extensive range of degree programs including the bachelor’s of Science in the following disciplines :

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University students

Sr. NO. Bachelor of Science in :
 1. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
 2. Agronomy
 3. Animal Science
 4. Biological and Agricultural System Engineering
 5. Entomology
 6. Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation
 7. Food Science
 8. Veterinary Technology
 9. Biology Education
 10. Chemistry Education
 11. Elementary Education
 12. Music Education
 13. Mathematics Education
 14. Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Education
 15. Physical Education
 16. Physics Education
 17. Social Science Teacher Education
 18. Technology Education
 19. Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
 20. Civil and Environmental Engineering
 21. Computer and Electrical Engineering
 22. Mechanical Engineering
 23. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
 24. Chemistry (ACS/Biochemistry/Pre-Medicine/Dentistry)
 25. Biology (Pre-Professional/Molecular-Cell)
 26. Computer Science
 27. Computer Information Systems
 28. Mathematics (Mathematical Sciences/Traditional/Actuarial Sciences)
 29. Physics (General/Applied)
 30. Graphic Design
 31. Journalism
 32. Public Relations
 33. Accounting
 34. Environmental Sciences
 35. Business Administration
 36. Business Administration with a Program Major in Facilities Management
 37. Cardiopulmonary Sciences
 38. Economics with Minor in Business
 39. Health Information Management
 40. Health Care Management
 41. Nursing
 42. Health Sciences
 43. Architectural Studies
 44. Construction Engineering Technology
 45. Electronic Engineering Technology
 46. Fine Arts
 47. African-American Studies
 48. Criminal Justice
 49. History
 50. Music
 51. Philosophy & Religion
 52. Psychology
 53. Political Science
 54. Sociology
 55. Social Work
 56. Theater

Bachelor of Arts  in  various disciplines

Sr. NO. Bachelors of Arts in
1. African-American Studies
2. English
3. History
4. Fine Arts
5. Philosophy & Religion
6. Psychology
7. Political Science
8. Theater


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  • Phone : (850) 599-3000
  • Address : 1601 S. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32307, United States
  • Official Website : www.famu.edu