Harvard University Medical School

Harvard University Medical School

A Brief Overview of the Institute

The application deadline of medical school at Harvard University is Oct. 22nd of every year. Students have to pay $100 as the application fee. While the full-time tuition fee at Harvard University is $54,200. When it comes to the faculty to student ratio, it is 13.4:1. About 12,584 full-time as well as part-time faculty members are serving here at the Harvard University.

Harvard medical school is also known as HMS, and the president of HMS designed this modern medical school program in the late of 1800s. HMS has determined to innovate and authority the medical edification since its former years. However, today its students are divided into four separate categories from which every category facilitate the term based erudition below the faculty management. The applicants interested in the nexus of engineering and medicine programs may get enrolled instead in the Harvard-MIT partition of health sciences and technology plan which is making up the 5th academic society here.

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Prior to starting clinical, the HMS students study for the two years. No traditional letter grade is honored during the initial two years of study. Despite the students are weighted up by a pass/fail scale. Students can study at the medical school campus on Boston’s Longwood Avenue, and they are free to finish clinical at around 20 associated institutes all through the region. The medical students may also go for the dual degree programs such as M.D/Ph.D. program just attainable in combination with the Harvard Graduate school of Arts and Sciences.

Despite the tiring course burden, HMS also offers some recreational and entertaining programs to its students. These programs enable them to have some fun with its extracurricular events akin to FEAT (First year Adventure Trip) and the yearly white coat observance. Similarly the 2nd year students write and carry out a live musical and appropriately patrician the Second Year show.

The entire medical as well as the dental students having the desire to stay at campus share a residential hall. The Institute holds a significant role as world’s popular personalities had been the students at this institute.  The former surgeon general of U.S military Joseph Lovell and U.S. Senator & Surgeon Bill Frist are the personalities who are among the 1, 00,000 living alumni of HMS.

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Programs and Specialties offered by The Harvard University Medical School

Sr. No Program
1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
2. Women’s Health
3. Internal Medicine
5. Pediatrics
6. Geriatrics

Educational Statistics of The Harvard University Medical School

Particulars Figures
Applications Date Starts on June 1st and Ends on October 22
Full Time Academic Cost $54,200
Application Fee $100
Required Fee $1,585
Number of Full-time faculty Members 9,713
Faculty-Student Ratio 13.4:1


[vision_content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”Contact Details :”] Address : 25 Shattuck St, Boston, MA 02115, United States

Phone : (617) 495-1000

Official Website : hms.harvard.edu [/vision_content_box]

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