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Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University is joining the benefits of a human sciences college with the strengths of a comprehensive institute. Its scholarly programs and other resources are preparing its students for great achievements in their chosen professions and for cutting edge learning at the graduation level. Associations with regional organizations and community associations are giving significant internships and open educational doors outside of the classroom.

A Brief History of JU

Established in 1934 in downtown Jacksonville, the Jacksonville University was begun as a junior school to offer the evening classes. Later on, it rapidly turned into a four-year, co-education foundation and shifted towards its current area in the Arlington region of Jacksonville during earlier 1950s.


Jacksonville University campus building

Jacksonville University is just situated in lovely riverfront scenery in rural Jacksonville, over the St. Johns River from downtown and a few minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. It is covering 190-acres of land area. It’s campus incorporates a half-mile of riverfront, oak-lined ways, and a blend of memorable and fresh campus structures.

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Jacksonville University is offering seven bachelor’s degree and over 70 majors, programs, and concentrations. You can pick your graduation program in either of the below-listed disciplines:

  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Business
  • Orthodontics
  • Fine Arts
  • Marine Science
  • Math
  • Public Policy

The Accelerated Degree Program allows the evening classes. Besides the weekend classes are also offered for the nontraditional students.


Distinguished Programs offered by JU

Between the improved offerings of Jacksonville University are remarkable programs in Navy ROTC, group service education, undergrad research, study abroad, and leadership. Students discover brilliant chances for learning outer their classrooms.

Engaged Learning  

The University is advancing the Engaged Learning all through the educational program. Students are motivated to assume responsibility they could call their own education and search out practical learning open doors within the classroom, additionally through services, research, and student-centered exercises.

Scholarship Aid

Jacksonville University holds a marvelous scholarship program that liberally honors the students for past scholastic accomplishments. More than 90% of freshmen avail such grants. The “sticker cost” contrasts positively, and different schools and the scholarship system is making the educational expense exceptionally reasonable.

Facts Figures
Tuition Guaranteed Plan:  Not Available
Financial Aid Forms Deadline: Not Reported
Prepaid Tuition Plan: Available
Tuition Payment Plan: Available
In-State Tuition: $29,900
Out-of-State Tuition: $29,900



Davis College of Business

The College of Arts & Sciences is offering formal liberal arts and science majors, also programs in education, nursing, and pre-professional learning. The College of Fine Arts holds the remarkable programs in theater, arts, music, and dance. The Davis College of Business involves another, mechanically propelled facility.


A majority of Students at JU are local citizens of Florida and the northeastern and southeastern United States. They are representing around 45 dissimilar states, Virgin Islands, the Puerto Rico, and 50 other foreign nations. The male-female student ratio is estimated 1 to 1.

 Student Body

Jacksonville University students

Types of Students No. of Students
Part-Time Undergrads:  1,166
 Full-Time Undergrads:    2,153
 Female Undergrads:  2,031
 Male Undergrads:  1,288
 Total Grad Students:   617
 Part-Time Grad Students:  224
 Full-Time Grad Students:   393

Campus Life at JU

The residential campus of JU is home to an awesome variety of Greek, Social Religious, Cultural, performance and service associations. The new Davis Student Commons and the Kinne University Center are giving a series of facilities to the students for their enjoyment during their stay at the university campus. Students are living in the residential halls and on-campus flats.


Jacksonville University

The students fascinated to attend Jacksonville University can contact the Office of Admission at 800-225-2027 or 904-256-7000 just to schedule a period to visit and meet an advisor. You might also meet the ex-students of this university to get feedback about the Institute. Candidates are unequivocally urged to visit the campus to realize what Jacksonville University is about.

Overall Admission Statistics

Facts Figures
Male Applicants: 1,511
Female Applicants: 1,987
Total Applicants: 3,498
Male Acceptances: 790
Female Acceptances: 867
Total Acceptances: 1,657
Acceptance Rate: 47%
Yield (Percentage of admitted students who enroll in Harvey Mudd College): 32%


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  • Address : 2800 University Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32211, United States
  • Phone : (904) 256-8000
  • Official Website : www.ju.edu