List of Top 10 Universities in USA

List of Top 10 Universities in USA

United States stand among the best educational destinations all over the world. Its states especially Texas and California are notably famous for the top rated institutes. The best-ranked universities in the United States including MIT and Princeton are offering an extensive range of major and minor programs. These are awarding bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs. Most of these institutes are producing groundbreaking research programs in various disciplines.

As already mentioned above that there are number of widely popular universities in USA, but some are remarkably popular due to their particular features. So in this article are going to rank the top 10 universities in the United States of America. Scroll down and pick of the best university as per your choice.

List of Top 10 Universities in USA – 2015 Rankings

10. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

Mostly known as CIT, the California Institute of Technology is a private educational body founded in 1891. It stands among the widely popular science and engineering institutes. It is offering various student activities along with the highest quality educational programs. It has an interesting tradition to serve the dinner by the student waiters within the student’s residential area. Widely popular companies like Hotmail, Intel and Compaq, were founded by CIT’s alumni making it stand among the list of top 10 universities in USA.

9. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

It is a private university settled in Urban Philadelphia, Penn.  Is holds a deep history and was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740.It is offering numerous student activities to make its students successful in every field of their life. The university has number of clubs and groups  that work closely with the West Philadelphia region from side to side the community service. Donald Trump, William Henry Harison, and William Carlos Williams are the distinguished alumni of this admired institute.

8. Duke University

Duke University

Winning the 8th spot in our rankings, is not other than the Duke University, which is a private institute established in 1838. It is situated in Suburban Durham, N.C. its campus is covering about 8709 acres of the area making it one of the biggest institutes in the national universities. It is offering diverse superior educational programs, several gaming events, and various student activities. The Institute holds a significant importance because of its well-liked men’s basketball team as well as its traditional conflict with the university of north California tar heels. Its extensive number of students are affiliated with the Greek life. It has popular alumni including the following:

  • Melinda Gates (Co-Founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Carlos Boozer (NBA player & U.S Congressman)
  • Ron Paul (2 Times Presidential Candidate)

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is frequently referred to MIT which is a private educational body and was established on 1861. It is just situated in Urban Cambridge, Mass. It is widely popular for its technological as well as scientific research programs. Its engineers contain over 30 NCAA Division III teams. Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows its students  the housing facility in one of the coolest dorm in USA which is famous as “The Sponge”. It has number of widely popular alumni including the following personalities:

  • Kofi Annan (Former secretary general of United Nations)
  • Ben Bernanke (Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank)

It also educated number of popular personalities in the world.

6. University of Chicago

University of Chicago

Winning the 6th spot in the list of top 10 U.S universities, the University of Chicago is positioned in the urban Chicago, III. It is a private university that was founded in 1892. Aside from its excellent educational services, it is also offering various extracurricular activities to its students which is  making it one of the leading research universities in the countryside. It also allows its students to join a little but dynamic Greek life. It has the honor to educate world’s popular personalities including Jesse Jackson, John Ashcroft,  John Paul Stevens, Milton Friedman and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University

It is a private institute that is positioned in California’s Bay Area. It is stressing a multi-disciplinary grouping of teaching, research and learning. Stanford university offers its students lot of openings to get engaged in research programs.

4. Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University assures its students the housing facility during their four-year stay on the campus. Its main campus is located in the New York, USA. It consists of three undergrad schools including:

  • School of General Studies
  • Columbia College
  • FU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

3. Yale University

Yale University

Positioned in the urban new Haven, Conn, Yale University is a private institution that was founded in 1701 making it a historical institution in the United States. Its awesome music and drama programs are making it popular throughout the planet. The Yale Bulldogs are a piece of Ivy League and have a permanent competition with Harvard. Its secret societies are also making it attractive.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University

Winning the second spot in our rankings is not other than the Harvard University that is a private institute holding a great historical importance. It was founded in 1936 making it a historical institution in the countryside. It is just positioned in Urban Cambridge, Mass. Its widespread library system is making it unique one as it contains the oldest book and document set in USA. Besides the prominent educational standing, Harvard is also offering sports and energetic student association. The institute also holds the honor to educate eight dissimilar U.S presidents and several popular alumni.

1. Princeton University

Princeton University

Situated in quite Princeton, N.J, this Institute holds the first spot in our ranking list. It is a private institute that was established in 1746. Its historical campus is offering various events, organizations and activities within its area comprising 600 acres. The Princeton Tigers are also division of Ivy League and are distinguished for their physically powerful women’s and men’s lacrosse teams. A number of widely popular personalities including the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson are educated by this institute. The Institute asks it’s all undergrads to submit a senior thesis that is an exclusive feature of Princeton’s educational program.

At a Glace List of Top 10 Universities in USA according to 2015 Rankings

Rank University Address Official WEbsite
1. Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544, United States
2. Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138, United States
3. Yale University New Haven, CT 06520, United States
4. Columbia University 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027, United States
5. Stanford University 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, United States
6. University of Chicago 5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
8. Duke University Durham, NC 27708, United States
9. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States
10. California Institute of Technology 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125, United States


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