Rice University

Rice University

Rice University is a widely popular non-profit making private research institute just positioned in Houston, Texas. It traces its roots since the last 100 years and today it boasts one of the extremely respected universities throughout the United States. As indicated by the U.S News and World report, Rice won the 17th rank in the overall national universities. Similarly, in the 2012 rankings of Best Colleges, it got the 6th spot for the undergraduate biomedical programs. In reality, 17 in the overall university graduate programs included them within the top 50 rankings in the countryside. The institute always prefers the highest quality educational principles in case when the enrollment rate is low. It is only because the student-to-faculty ratio is 8 to 1 and the approval rate in beneath 20 percent.

Programs offered by Rice University

Programs Offered by Rice University

Rice offers its quality programs including the bachelor’s; master’s as well as doctoral degree programs. However the post-graduate is an additional certificate that is offered by Rice University. It’s available undergraduate programs incorporate the following programs:

Sr. No. Program
1. Psychology
2. Bioengineering
3. Political Science
4. Computer Science
5. Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
6. Economics
7. German studies

In its masters programs Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an extensive program. However, it also offers many other master’s programs including  engineering, natural sciences, architecture, music, humanities and so on.

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Rice University Accreditation

The Rice University has historical values and achievements because it has been attributed by the Commission to Institutes of the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges since 1914. It also got accredited by the following boards:

  • Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology in 2006
  • National Architectural Accrediting Board in 2010.
  • Texas Education Agency in 2009
  • International association for management education in 2008.

All these educational achievements are making it one of the most popular universities not only in Texas, but in rest of u.s states as well. There are many other things making it an ideal university some of its further qualities are as follows:

  • It offers an extensive number of Financial Aids and Scholarship programs to its students.
  • Study Abroad / Exchange Programs.
  • Distance Learning / Online Courses.
  • Library.
  • Sports Facilities and Activities
  • Housing Facilities [/vision_content_box]

Size and prolific Structure

Rice University Main Campus building

Particulars Figures
Range of Enrolled Students More than 45,000
Range of Academic Staff More than 5,000
Institute Type Public
Entity Type Non-Profit Making
Religious Affiliation None
Campus Sitting Urban
Academic Calender Semester

Admission Criteria

Rice University does not require a specified Grade Point Average (GPA) from the new coming students. However, the university accepts a minor portion of all applications received. It accepts only 20% applications including it into the most discriminating universities in Texas State.

Contact Details

Location 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005, United States
Mailing Address P.O. Box 1892, Houston, Texas 77251-1892
Official Website Rice University Official Website