Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University

The United Methodist Church in connection with the local civic heads in Dallas organized the Southern Methodist University in 1911, but the university was inaugurated in 1915. From its simple origins, Southern Methodist University is now offering numerous graduate, undergraduate and professional degree programs through its seven degree-granting schools. It has extended the number of its enrolled students to 11000. In the national universities, it holds a notable position. It is fascinating dark number of pupils from fifty states and more than 90 countries.
It is also famous for its ten libraries, boasting of the greatest private collection of researching stocks in the southwest. The university is additionally recognized as SMU that is listed by the Carnegie Foundation because of its “High Research Activity” and the Cox School of Business that is offering three different MBA programs. And these programs are standing among the top fifteen spots. Furthermore, the U.S News & World Report also ranked the Dedman School of Law amid the top fifty law schools in 2012.

Programs offered by the Southern Methodist University

The university stands among the most comprehensive institutes in the United States that are providing a broad range of academic programs.  It is offering more than 100 major and 75 minor programs covering areas:

Sr. No. Program
1. Accounting
2. Biological Sciences
3. English
4. Advertising
5. Civil Engineering
6. Finance
7. Journalism

Furthermore, the university is also offering multiple minor programs including the following subjects:

Sr. No. Programs
1. American Politics
2. Econometrics
3. Teacher  Education
4. Chinese
5. Italian
6. Women Education

SMU is also offering the PRE-LAW scholars plan in which the outstanding students can achieve admission to the significantly ranked Dedman Law School. Apart from the Pre-Law program, SMU is also offering the precise pre-physical therapy and pre-medical programs. The Lyle school of engineering in the SMU is highly rated undergraduate and graduate degree program along with the striking engineering and computer science specialization incorporating security, bioinformatics, and game development.

Accreditation of Southern Methodist University


Sr No. Accreditation and Accrediting Authority
1. Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools
2. National Association of Schools of Theater, Commission on Accreditation
3. American Bar Association, Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
4. National Association of Schools of Dance, Commission on Accreditation
National Association of Schools of Music, Commission on Accreditation
5. American Psychological Association, Committee on Accreditation
6. National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Commission on Accreditation


[vision_content_box style=”teal-2″ title=”Contact Details of Southern Methodist University :”] Address : Dallas, TX, United States

Official Website :

Phone : (214) 768-2000 [/vision_content_box]

Admission Criteria of Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University campus building

Getting admission in SMU is not much apparent because of its stringent selection process. Though if you choose Southern Methodist University for your higher education it will be a good decision for your brilliant future. Top apply here; the inherent students are required to submit both the application form as well as the SMU supplement.  Apart from the application form, the applicants are further required to provide the following additions:

Sr. No. Requirements
1. Official High School Transcripts
2. Application Fee of $60
3. ACT or SAT official Scores
4. Extra Curricular Resume
5. Required Counselor
6. Home School Supplement (If capable)
7. Teacher Recommendations (Optional)

Hence, the students who are applying for Fine Arts programs may be required to send a portfolio of their artistic work, or an audition can also be taken. The admission terms for the graduating classes may vary from program to program as every program has its selection requirements. So the before applying to a particular program, students must visit the relevant department and get the precise information relating to the program of their choice.
The students are required to have a bachelors’ degree program from an accredited institute with a reasonable GPA score. In some programs, the applicants are required to submit GMAT or GRE scores along with their official undergraduate transcripts.
Contact Details of Southern Methodist University:

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