Stetson University

Stetson University

The university is named as the Stetson University which is situated in Deland, Fla. Its second campus is just spotted in Gulf port, Fla. And two satellite centers. The Institute was established in 1883 by Henry A. DeLand as the DeLand Academy and afterward renamed Stetson University to tribute its patron, John B. Stetson. Stetson University holds a historical administration, significance, and standards. This institution is home to numerous Florida firsts, along with the first university daily paper, the most established schools of music and business administration, the first school of law and was the state’s initial private college to combine. Anyhow, our story isn’t only about the structures on its campuses and the individuals who helped form the Institute; it’s truly about the students.

President Wendy B. Libby drives Stetson University; strengthen by managerial workplaces that are providing their assets and services to faculty as well as the students. SU is home to about 73 academic programs in four divisional zones along with undergrad and graduate studies obtainable in numerous regions.

Programs Offered by Stetson University

Stetson University admission

Choose your field, discover a major, analysis graduate programs and find academic means that can support you succeed. Stetson University is offering 76 dissimilar academic programs in the form of graduate subjects and undergrad minors and majors. Stetson University is also offering various means to the society in some sort of the academics, events, camps and private lectures.

Undergraduate Programs

Sr. No. Programs
1. Accounting
2. Africana Studies
3. American Studies
4. Anthropology
5. Applied Statistics
6. Aquatic and Marine Biology P
7. Art
8. Art History
9. Business Administration
10. Biochemistry
11.  Biology
12. Business Systems and Analytics
13. Business Law
14. Computer Science
15. Communication and Media Studies
16. Chemistry
17. Computer Information Systems
18. Creative Writing
19. Digital Arts
20. Education
21. Economics (College of Arts and Sciences)
22. English
23. Economics (School of Business Administration)
24. Environmental Science and Geography
25. Entrepreneurship
26. French
27. Family Enterprise
28. Finance
29. German
30. Gender Studies
31. Geography
32. Humanities
33. History
34. International Studies
35. Integrative Health Science
36. International Business
37. Journalism
38. Latin-American Studies
39. Molecular Biology
40. Management
41. Mathematics
42. Marketing
43. Music
44. Music Liberal Arts
45. Music Combined With Business
46. Music Performance – Guitar
47. Music Composition
48. Music Education
49. Music Performance – Voice
50. Music with an Outside Field
51. Music Performance – Orchestral Instrument
52. Music Theory
53. Music Performance – Organ/Piano
54. Music Technology
55. Philosophy
56. Psychology
57. Physics
58. Political Science
59. Russian Studies
60. Religious Studies
61 Spanish
62. Social Science
63. Sociology
64. Sport Management
65. Theater Arts

Graduate Programs offered by the University

Sr. No. Programs
1. Accounting
2. Advocacy
3. Business Administration
4. Counselor Education Certification
5. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
6. Creative Writing
7. Executive Business Administration
8. Elementary Education: Educating for Social Justice
9. Educational Leadership
10. Elder Law
11. International Law
12. School Counseling
13. Law
14. Law + Business Administration (Dual-Degree)
15. Modified Educational Leadership
16. Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
17. Play Therapy Certification
18. Pharmacy + Business Administration (Dual-Degree)


Stetson University students

At this popular and top rated Institute, the graduation isn’t the only limit. It’s only one stop along the path as the students seek after incredible and noteworthy learning for themselves and their general surroundings. The university claims its students to be noteworthy.

The University is licensed by various certifying offices, incorporating the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Its academic program is firmly adjusted to the commercial center prepare the students for life behind Stetson. Volunteer administration, Undergrad authority, research, and participatory exercises prosper at all four of the areas in the university.

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  • Bonner Scholars Program
  • Discovery Program
  • Honors Program
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Health
  • Pre-Law
  • Roland George Investments Program
  • Study Abroad


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  • Address : 421 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32723, United States
  • Phone : (386) 822-7000


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