Top 10 Best Public Policy Schools in USA 2016

Top 10 Best Public Policy Schools in USA 2016

In the USA, a great interest in the government and public policy has been observed, so the interest in public services degree program has raised too.  We churn out more lawyers per square mile than we can hire, and many latest professionals gather to the strong, encouraging city of Washington D.C. we keep up with the daily news and retain tabs on government officials, and are usually surprisingly instructed on effects of the healthcare, social justice, and economy. Today there are many schools that are offering the best public policy degree programs in the United States, but here we are going to rank the top 10 institutes with best and most affordable program.

List of Top 10 Best Public Policy Schools in USA 2016

10. George Mason University

George Mason University
No doubt the George Masson University is on the last spot, but still it proudly boasts standing in the top ten rankings. It is famed as a great public educational body with a thriving honor for excellence in a wide range of study disciplines. It is mostly known as GMu that hosts more than 30000 students every year. Here the students are offered great and attractive programs in many disciplines including the public policy schools.

9. University of Virginia

 University of Virginia
Winning the 9th spot in our catalog is the University of Virginia that is widely popular as one of the top-rated schools in the countryside and boasts the prestigious Frank Batten School of Leadership and public policy. The school offers one of the innovative programs one after one and helps the students to find out the entrepreneurial thinking abilities and social values.

8. University of Minnesota

 University of Minnesota
Next name featured in our rankings is the University of Minnesota whose school of public affairs is presently rated in the top 20 on U.S News rankings of public affairs graduate programs. The school offers a major program in public policy, urban and regional planning, international development, environment policy, public affairs and earn certificate in the early childhood policy, policy issues on work and pay and nonprofit management.

7.  University of Chicago

University of Chicago
The next spot in our rankings goes to the University of Chicago that has a popular school known as Harris School of public policy that is offering outstanding Masters, Ph.D. and Joint Degree programs to the brilliant students. Within the school, the interdisciplinary program lets the students link their studies with a major in various fields such as Business Administration, Middle Eastern Studies, Social Service Administration, LAW, and divinity.

6. University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh
Getting the 33rd rank by the U.S News, the University of Pittsburgh holds the sixth spot on the list of best schools that are offering outstanding public policy programs in the USA. The graduate school of public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh is featuring the wide range of accelerated degree programs, research centers, and many online learning events to its students making it stand among these top rated U.S. educational departments. The major concentration of this school is the international development and public administration, but the joint public services programs are also accessible in law, business administration, public health, information science, and social work.

5. Rutgers University – Newark

Rutgers University – Newark
Popular for its innovative public services program, the Rutgers University holds the 5th spot in our rankings where the students can enjoy a wide range of unique degree programs besides creating international relationships, and can carry research through the Rutgers Institute for Anti-Corruption Studies and many others. Furthermore the other programs makings it a unique institute include the Virtual Museum of Public Service that can assist the students to encourage the socially efficient careers that gives information on the government officials more quickly and convenient.

4. Princeton University

 Princeton University
Getting the fourth spot in our rankings isn’t other than the Princeton University that is known as an Ivy League institute. It is actually lauded as one of the premier colleges in the countryside. It’s Woodrow Wilson School of public and international affairs is focusing on the impulse and building a strong dedication to the public services that ensures the students a successful political and public services career upon the completion of their degree program.

3. New York University

New York University
The New York University has an urban college with the buildings spread throughout the campus, is mostly noted for its outstanding education in the creative arts program. However, the Wagner school of public affairs at University is equally important that is constantly getting the recognization from the U.S News rankings professionals.NYU is simply offering many innovative programs for aiming the public services experts.

2. Duke University

Duke University
Duke students are given a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields of study. Besides the students are also offered a masters degree in public policy or international development. Dual degree programs are only available in the fabulous choices such as law, business administration, and many other programs along with a more advanced and unique areas of education including the medicine and environment.

1.     Harvard University

Harvard University
The John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University was identified before one of the U.S most loved presidents, is offering the ambitious programs to simply the most capable and outstanding students.   It stands among the only few American schools that are graced with a 5 star innovative ranking from the QS top universities. Here the students are given the choice to build a handful of specially created degree programs and also have a choice to pick from an awesome list of joint programs.

List of Top 10 Best Universities for Public Policy Services 2016

Rank Institute Annual Tuition
1. Harvard University $16,445/yr
2. Duke University $19,116/yr
3. New York University $34,268/yr
4. Princeton University $21,231/yr
5. Rutgers University – Newark $10,601/yr
6. University of Pittsburgh $22,341/yr
7. University of Chicago $31,935/yr
8. University of Minnesota $15,531/yr
9. University of Virginia $13,463/yr
10. George Mason University $16,155/yr


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