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Top 10 Best Public Universities in 2016

Top 10 Best Public Universities in 2016

The public universities or colleges are the educational bodies that are funded, in part by the tax dollars and grants from the state, and these institutes are managed by the state government of a country. And the main purpose of these public universities or colleges is to provide the discounted and excellent education to the citizens living within and outside the state. It is a great advantage for the citizens of that particular state.

However a public school, college or university may vary from size and student body. The public universities run the extent from little liberal arts colleges to a large research institutes. If you seem for the most popular and best public universities in your region, we have collected and ranked the top ten public universities in 2016. Just scroll down the list and pick either of these top rated universities.


List of Top 10 Best Public Universities – 2016 Ranking List

10. University of California – San Diego

University of California—​San Diego

Founded in 1960, the University of California – San Diego campus holds the 10th spot on the ranking list of best public universities. It is a public university covering the area of 1976 acres of land.  It has the quarter-based academic calendar. More than 24810 registered undergraduates are getting education to this popular institute.

9. University of California – Irvine

University of California—​Irvine

Holding the next spot in our rundown is not other than the University of California at Irvine. It is also a public institute that was established in 1965. According to a recent report, it has more than 24489 undergraduate students getting the education in a wide range of programs. Out of these students, 54% are female while 46% are male students.

8. University of California – Santa Barbara

University of California—​Santa Barbara

Having the suburban setting, it is also a public institution that opened its doors in 1909. It is built on 989 acres of land area. The university offers its students excellent quality education along with more than 400 clubs and different organizations on the campus. UCSB consists of five different schools and colleges and out of these colleges, the College of Letters, and Science is the biggest college that is offering both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology main campus

Established in 1885, Georgia Institute of Technology is a public educational body consisted of 400 acres land area. It has more than 14682 enrolled students out of which 66% are male and 34% female.  It is just positioned in the heart of Atlanta.  GIT is offering a wide range of activities to prepare its students for a successful professional career.  It consists of 6 colleges including College of engineering and Scheller College of Business.  Georgia Tech University is marked by the Carnegie Foundation for the Promotion of Teaching as a university with pretty great research on-campus activities.

6. College of William And Mary

College of William and Mary

College of William and Mary holds the sixth spot in the ranking list of top 10 best Public Colleges in the United States. It is a historically rich institute that was founded by the King William III and Queen Mary II of England. So it is known as the 2nd oldest college in the countryside as well as widely popular as one of the oldest colleges in the world. It has more than 60 undergraduate and ten graduate programs with excellent results. Moreover, it also gives numerous professional degree programs to the students with excellence.

5. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill

Founded in 1789, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill is renowned as a public institute having more than 18350 registered students. It is covering 729 acres of land area and using a semester-based academic calendar. It is providing an expanded range of degree programs in various disciplines of study. Tuition fee for the academic session of 2015-2016 is $8562 for the in-state students and $33,644 for the out-state students.  The university is frequently known as UNC having lots of popular student’s organizations including The Daily Tarheel, student-run radio station, Student newspaper and WXYC. Furthermore over 3000 UNC’s Students are reported to be the members of Greek life.

4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor

The next spot on this rundown is given to the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor that is a popular state university. It was founded in 1817, so it stands among the historical universities. It has more than 28,395 enlisted students out of which 51 percent are male and 49 percent female. If you want to get admission to any of the programs offered in university, you can apply till Feb 1st.  The university claims to have one of the best college towns in the countryside making it a popular institute.

3. University of Virginia

University of Virginia

Teaching on the semester-based academic calendar, this institute boasts many popular and best graduate programs including:

  • Curry School of Education
  • Darden Graduate school of Business Administration
  • School of Law
  • Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • School of Medicine

Thomas Jefferson founded this educational body in 1819 and today it is located in Charlottesville. The university covers 1682 acres of land area.

2. University of California – Los Angeles

University of California—​Los Angeles

Today there is no student who has not heard the name of this popular university. It is a public institute and was established in 1919.  More than 29633 undergraduate students, it holds the second spot on the list of best public universities. It is covering 419 acres land area that is only five miles away from the Pacific ocean. Getting admission here can be a good decision for you as it has an extensive range of programs available for the students in different fields. Here the Tuition for the in-state students is $12,753 and $35,631 for the out-state students.

1. University of California – Berkeley

University of California—​Berkeley

Winning the first spot in our ranking list isn’t other than the University of California Berkeley that was founded in 1868. With more than 27, 126 students, it is the best public institute ever offering a broad field of degree programs in various disciplines. It has a beautiful campus with the well-disciplined living so around 95% of freshmen coming to the University favor to live on campus. It has more than 1000 student organizations.

list of top 10 best public Universities in 2016

Ranking List of Top 10 Best and Most Popular Public Universities – As per 2016 Estimates

Rank University Location
1. University of California—​Berkeley Berkeley, CA
2. University of California—​Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
3. University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
4. University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
5. University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC
6. College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA
7. Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
8. University of California—​Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA
9. University of California—​Irvine Irvine, CA
10. University of California—​San Diego La Jolla, CA


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