Top 10 Colleges for Online Theology Degree in 2016

Top 10 Colleges for Online Theology Degree in 2016

Getting an online Christine studies and theology degree can be your good luck especially for the students who need a career with a spiritual determination. All the graduates getting a degree in a major such as Biblical texts, Theology, Family Ministries, Christian Studies and many others are well suitable for the great jobs as both the ministers and missionaries.  All the students who already have pursued their graduation degree in this field, have the option to work as Staff members of non-profits, church administrators, youth group leaders and various other vacant like this.

By keeping in mind the demand of such online programs, we have tried to find out the most appropriate institutes for the religious students interested in the distance learning programs.  Today, there are a lot of institutes that are offering the best online education in theology and Christine education offered by both the Christian and non-denominational universities. Below is the list of top ten institutes that are offering the most affordable online theology degree programs in the United States.

List of Top 10 Colleges for Online Theology Degree in 2016 Rankings

1. Apex School of Technology

Apex School of Theology

Apex School of Technology claims to be the most affordable institute that offers most outstanding online theology program in the United States. It allows the students to get a degree for less than $5000 annual tuition cost. Notably, the school retains a high caliber of curriculum notwithstanding the least educational costs. As per the statistics of college prowler, around 90% students claim to be happy at Apex School while 100% eventually graduate with a degree. Furthermore the teaching professionals attending the college online are reported to satisfy their demands for a religious study with all the courses such as Making of Bible, Church History, and Introduction to Biblical languages.

2. Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Getting the second spot in our rankings, the Holy Apostles College and Seminary was founded in 1956 and currently popular for its wide range of degree programs.  It is the second best choice for all the students who want to attend a school that is totally dedicated to their religious interest. The already working professionals can also attend this theology and Christina program degree online, getting the compelling courses in scripture, theological reading and writing, moral and dogmatic theology, Catholic church and many other programs. Besides many other supplementary courses like history, philosophy, humanities and social sciences also round out your learning.

3. Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute

Getting the third spot in our rankings, the Moody Bible Institute was founded in 1886 and today it stands among the most popular Christian institutes in the countryside that are offering the best higher learning in the wide range of academics. For all the students who are devoted to obtaining a theology and Christian studies degree online,  Moody Bible Institute can be a great choice that offers the third most affordable degree program in theology major. The college offers you a B.S. in Biblical Studies as well as a concentration in Theological studies, theology and cultural engagement and ministry leadership programs. An extensive range of degree programs, this popular institute, holds a significant spot in the countryside.

4. Welch College

Welch College

Founded in 1942, Welch College is a private four-year college spotted in Nashville, Tennessee. It is offering an extensive range of degree programs in various fields of study. It is not only popular for its on-campus academics, but its online educational programs are also making it a popular choice for the students who are looking for an accredited online theology degree.  This program is specially designed just to enable the students for all the spiritual leadership careers giving them an ideal life in a church.  One of the top rated online theology and Christian education degree programs, the curriculum aptly marries theology and Christian thoughts with the arts and sciences for providing a well-rounded liberal learning.

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List of Top 10 Colleges for Online Theology Degree in 2016 Rankings

Rank Institute Annual Tuition
1. Apex School of Theology Tuition: $4,900/yr
2. Holy Apostles College and Seminary Tuition: $10,470/yr
3. Moody Bible Institute Tuition: $11,356/yr
4. Welch College Tuition: $12,842/yr
5. Lee University Tuition: $13,750/yr
6. Regent University Tuition: $15,838/yr
7. Grand Canyon University Tuition: $17,000/yr
8. Southwestern Assemblies of God University Tuition: $17,830/yr
9. Brescia University Tuition: $17,830/yr
10. Hampton University Tuition: $20,724/yr

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