Top 10 Computer Science Undergraduate Schools in 2016

Top 10 Computer Science Undergraduate Schools in 2016

Today, there is no one who can deny accepting the importance of computer science at the present age of science and information technology. Every student has a dream to maximize his/her income in the field of computer science, so all such students should be interested not only in visiting a college that is profoundly regarded for  its educational programs, but he should also try to find a best computer science degree that can provide him the best return on investment.

Since the computer science has become one of the leading and highest paying occupations around the world,  its demand has also raised over the last few decades. If a computer science student completes his degree and starts his career as a software developer, he can earn the average annual pay of $90,000.  While a student, starting his career as a computer and information research scientist, can earn more than $1, 00,000 as the annual salary as per indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this article, we have ranked the top ten best computer science undergraduate schools. Just scroll down the list and pick either of these popular schools as per your choice.


Best Computer Science Undergraduate Schools in USA

1.    California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology claims to be the No. 1 School offering the best computer science undergraduate program in 2016 rankings.  This popular institute is mostly referred to Caltech that boasts one of the best computer science undergraduate educational bodies offering the best education along with research programs. Caltech is not only deemed a popular school that offers the excellent quality educational programs, but it also got the second rank in the highest 30 years average net ROI between all the schools located in the United States, second simply to the Harvey Mudd College.

The working projects on the Molecular program are the significant research programs at Cal Tech Institute. Besides, the college is also getting several other research initiatives that are focused on learning the application of information having molecules like DNA and RNA, creating the innovative means by which to program the molecules with an aim to create a complicated artificial biomolecular program. When it comes to the world university rankings, Caltech Institute proudly holds 13th spot.

2.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Getting the second spot in our rankings is the Massachusetts Institute of technology that is mostly known as MIT. It is a widely popular due to its excellent quality education in engineering, science, technology and mathematics.  Here you can get one of the most popular and profoundly admired computer science degree programs on the planet. Here the students are given many research opportunities through the research centers that boast the cutting-edge research activities in various fields such as Artificial intelligence,  computer science, aerospace computational design, computer science education and computational biology. Apart from these research programs, MIT additionally offers an extensive range of many other programs making it stand among the popular schools in the United States.

3.    Stanford University

Stanford University
Founded in 1885, Stanford University is a private research institute positioned in the California State of America.  No one can deny accepting Stanford University to stand among the ranking list of best computer science undergraduate schools in the United States. The university enjoys associations with the number of great tech organizations.

The thing that makes it world’s outclass, and the popular university is its globally famous personalities. The alumni of Stanford University include HP, Google, Yahoo, and Sun Micro systems that are widely popular and greatest brands. These names are some of the major alumni of Stanford University in the field of computer science as the California State is home to more than 18000 firms that are founded by Stanford alumni. Below is the complete list of top ten computer science schools for the undergraduate programs as per 2015-16 ranking.

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Top 10 Computer Science Undergraduate Schools in 2016

Rank College 30 Year Average Net ROI
1. California Institute of Technology $1.99 Million
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology $1.6 Million
3. Stanford University $1.43 Million
4. Georgia Institute of Technology $1.39 Million
5. Harvard University $1.33 Million
6. Princeton University $1.23 Million
7. Carnegie Mellon University $1.22 Million
8. University of California-Berkeley $1.18 Million
9. Columbia University $1.18 Million
10. Cornell University $1.12 Million


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