Top 10 Largest Texas Universities by Enrollment

Top 10 Largest Texas Universities by Enrollment

Texas A&M University Claims to be the Biggest University by highest Enrollments

When it comes to the highest number of students, Texas A & M University holds the first spot in the list of biggest Texas Universities. As per the recent survey of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, The University boasts having the highest number of enrollment, ahead of the University of Texas Austin Campus.

The Report shows that there are more than 56,602 registered students from which around 5,000 more than the Longhorns have on its campus.
It opened its doors in 1876 as the first public institution of the higher education in the state. So it also stands among the most historical Texan Universities.  Today the Biggest educational body in the state with more than 56,602 students. It is just positioned in the College station. Its main campus has more than 55,000 registered students, with over 4,36000 former students all through the world.

Currently, it is offering more than 120 undergraduate, 240 graduate and lots of other professional degree programs with excellence. The university is full of possibilities where you can pick either of its extensive programs.

Winning the second spot on the list of biggest Texas universities, is not other than the University of Texas Austin Campus. It is mostly referred to the bold and aggressive leader who is a public research institute founded in 1983.  It always holds the higher rank in the best research universities in the countryside. The UT Austin is home to more than 52,213 students, 3000 faculty and over 21,000 administrative staff.

University of Texas Austin campus building

It’s great student body, powerful community, and rich traditions have risen the proud alumni base of over 4,84,000 including the industry leaders like Micheal Dell and Rex Tillerson. Furthermore, the Widely popular Entertainers Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and many other popular personalities are its alumni.

The University of Texas At Arlington holds the third spot in our ranking. It stands among the fastest growing research universities that are committed to enhancing lives, discovering new ways, caring the community engagement and the innovative education. It stands among the educational leaders in the region.

University of Texas At Arlington

Taught by the world superior class faculty members, the UT Arlington has more than 51,000 student body on the campus and online students. The University is currently offering over 180 bachelor’s, master’s and Doctoral degree programs to the students coming from over 100 countries of the world. One interesting thing to discuss is the number of local students. More than 60% of university students belong to the North Texas that are contributing to 12.8 billion in the annual economic impact within the region.

List of Top 10 Largest Texas Universities by Enrollment

list of top 10 largest texas universities by enrollment

Rank University Preliminary enrollment, fall 2014 Certified enrollment, fall 2013 Change in number of enrolled students Percent change in enrolled students
1. Texas A&M University 56,602 53,219 3,383 6.36%
2. The University of Texas at Austin 51,341 52,059 -718 -1.38%
3. The University of Houston 40,914 39,540 1,374 3.47%
4. Texas State University 36,790 35,546 1,244 3.5%
5. University of North Texas 36,239 36,168 71 0.20%
6. Texas Tech University 35,191 32,797 2,394 7.3%
7. The University of Texas at Arlington 34,794 33,329 1,465 4.4%
8. The University of Texas at San Antonio 28,637 28,623 14 0.05%
9. The University of Texas at Dallas 23,087 21,193 1,894 8.94%
10. The University of Texas at El Paso 23,079 22,926 153 0.67%


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