Top 10 Most Affordable Colleges with the Best Return

Top 10 Most Affordable Colleges with the Best Return

Dears ! What’s the reason for choosing an affordable college if your degree earned from that college doesn’t let you earn a handsome living? Of course, it is worthless to pick such college for your education because affordability is not much important than your professional career. While on the other hand what’s the point of taking education from an expensive institute if it can give you the great quality and huge return degree for half the cost?

There are many schools, colleges and universities that are offering excellent education but at higher costs, contrary to the institutions that are offering education at lower costs but not as good as it should be. After a deep analysis and research, we have assembled the universities and colleges that are making the ranking list of top 10 most affordable colleges with the best return.

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While preparing the ranking list we have kept two  points into our consideration as follows:

  1. Annual cost of college tuition cost
  2. Expected Future Income after completing your graduation degree from the school.

The special thing in our ranked schools and colleges is that all these institutes are offering the excellent quality education as well as they also ensure a heavy amount after your graduation.

Qualities Making a College More affordable than others

List of Top 10 Most Affordable Colleges in USA with the Highest Return

Low tuition Cost+Heavy annual salary is a great and most ideal combination for every student. Expensive colleges are more likely to give you a brilliant and successful professional career but how to join these expensive colleges if you are not rich? How can you manage and arrange the money to get admission to such institutes, planning to get a heavy student loan, or getting a scholarship? Furthermore, there are many other risks involved in the failure of your degree program. What will befall if you are unable to continue your degree for any reason such as family problem, sickness or any accident?

It is much reliable for you to find an institute that is most affordable in terms of educational cost as well as that ensures you the heavy living after completing your degree. That’s the advantage you will get from reading this article because we’ve made it much easy for you to find the institute that really give you both the qualities.

United States Naval Academy (Annapolis) Claims to be the Most Affordable and highest paying Institute

United States Naval Academy

The United States Naval Academy is known as a 4-year coeducational federal services academy just positioned in Annapolis, USA. It was founded in 1845, so it is a historical institute in the United States. The successful graduates of this liberal arts college get a Bachelor’s of Science degree. These graduates are given the commission as an Ensign in USA navy, or they are appointed in U.S Marine Corps. As Second Lieutenant. The selected students are called midshipmen and treated as officers during their training session.

The U.S navy affords and pays their educational expenses as the reward of their active-duty service after they compute their graduation. All the candidates are obliged to apply directly to the academy as per their requirements and should obtain a nomination, mostly from a congressional agent.

United States Military Academy

United States Military Academy (West Point) holds the second spot in our rankings as one of the most affordable colleges with the best return. It is known as the second most affordable college that offers its students a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Its cadets are treated as officers during their training period. The U.S Military has the responsibility to meet all the educational expenses of these cadets in the return of active duty of these officers that are given a commission as 2nd lieutenant in U.S army. Applicants are required to apply directly.

There the tuition fee is free, and the successful graduates can earn the starting salary of $74000, and their mid-career salary is $1, 20,000. Below is the list of Top ten most affordable colleges in the United States that promise to give you heavy annual salaries. Just Scroll down the list and pick either of these popular institutes.


List of Top 10 Most Affordable Colleges With the Best Return – 2016 Rankings

Rank College Tuition Starting Salary Mid-Career Salary 15-Year Return
1. United States Naval Academy (Annapolis)
Annapolis, MD
free  $77,100 $131,000 $1,560,750
2. United States Military Academy (West Point) free $74,000 $120,000 $1,455,750
3. SUNY Maritime College (State University of New York) $5,870 $59,400 $116,000 $1,315,500
4. United States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs) free $64,900 $109,000 $1,304,250
5. Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO $14,400 $66,700 $106,000 $1,295,250
6. Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
$8,258 $60,700 $108,000 $1,265,250
7. University of California – Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
$12,864 $54,700 $111,000 $1,242,750
8. Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rola, MO
$7,946 $61,900 $96,100 $1,185,000
9. Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Buzzards Bay, MA
$1,465 $54,700 $102,000 $1,175,250
10. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Rapid City, SD
$8,240 $62,400 $91,800 $1,156,500


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