Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses

Studying, reading, writing and…surfing? For millions of students heading off to the college this year, a campus near to the beach and water is the major requirement. While, on the other hand,  some students favor the sunny climate of southern California or Florida. However, there are also some students who want the dark blue waters and autumn chill of new England and the Pacific Northwest. Either way, such students are especially searching for an ideal place to spend their four academic years. For the natural beauty lovers, we are going to list the Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses in the United States.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses 2016 Rankings

1.Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University
Getting the first spot in our rankings, the Pepperdine University claims to be the most beautiful coastal college campus in the United States. The university is widely popular as a private, coeducational research institute. The Mediterranean-revival architecture looks to flow the southern California grace. Resided in the foothills of Malibu, Pepperdine claims secure access to some of the most celebrity-dotted beaches on the coast. However, from the campus itself,  the students can enjoy the wonderful sights of the pacific ocean, the city of LOS Angeles and the channel islands. University’s students feel them luck, as they can spend their leisure time at nearby the Zuma Beach or wandering through the gorgeous hillside university campus.

2. University of San Diego

University of San Diego
The second most beautiful coastal institute in our rankings, the University of San Diego is a private Roman Catholic institute just positioned in the San, Diego, California, United States. The university offers a wide range of academic programs including 42 baccalaureate degrees, doctoral programs and an extensive number of law and nursing degree programs on different educational levels.  It is a small size campus, but it truly proves it the second most beautiful coastal campus that provides amazing panoramic sights of the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Islands, La Jolla and San Diego Harbor. The campus also holds a great historical importance as all of its buildings were constructed in the 16th century Spanish Renaissance architectural style that is the style with the Catholic roots of the University.

3. University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island
The third spot in our rankings goes to the University of Rhode island that is mostly known as URI. It is a great public research university situated within the easy range of Providence, Newport, Boston, and New York City. It is also popular as a land-grant and sea-grant institute that merges the best of new England culture and coastal charm. Its 1200 acre campus is dotted with both the ivy-covered buildings and the modern architecture. This beautiful campus overlooks the west entrance of Narragansett Bay that offers students stellar and stunning views.

4. Eckerd College

Eckerd College
Eckerd College is another beautiful campus near the beach. It is one of the most beautiful and attention grabbing campuses in the countryside. It invites the students to walk through its beautiful campus, and you are certain to a glimpse of nearby the Boca Ciega Bay, Pelicans, Palm Trees and maybe even a school of dolphins.  The college also owns a south beach that is the right place where students can rent different things like sailboats, kayaks, and other fishing equipment. The wakeboarding trips are also making it an ideal institute in the countryside.

5. The University of California at Santa Cruz

The University of California at Santa Cruz
Out of the ten university campuses, the University of California Santa Cruz campus holds the fifth spot on the list of top 10 most beautiful coastal college campuses in the countryside. It is a collegiate research university that enrolled over 17,866 students in 2014. It is just positioned along with the central coast California and tops the Monterey Bay. The university is simply known as UCSC that is just 75 miles away from the San Fransisco and even much close to many popular Bay area beaches including Bridges state beach and Cowell Beach. The students who are not interested in swimming with sharks have many other options to enjoy swimming.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campuses in USA – 2016 Rankings

Rank University Location
1. Pepperdine University Malibu, California
2. University of San Diego San Diego, California
3. University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island
4. Eckerd College St. Petersburg, Florida
5. University of California at Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, California
6. New College of Florida Sarasota, Florida
7. Salve Regina University Newport, Rhode Island
8. Brigham Young University Hawaii Laie, Hawaii
9. San Diego State University San Diego, California
10. University of Tampa Tampa, Florida

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