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Top 10 Music Colleges in USA

Top 10 Music Colleges in USA

The high school students are used to be stress regarding the SAT scores, applications for the college admission, essays and a couple of other things that are concerned with the college admission procedure. However, for the candidates interested to study a music program, these are many easy steps that direct to the great scary and anxiety-filled audition day.

For reducing this audition, anxiety is to mark the institutes that are truly fulfilling your career goals. The college factual has implemented their ranking methodology to figure out the top 10 music schools in the USA. So if you are interested in starting your career in the music field, you are welcome to pick either of the below-given music schools.

Southern Methodist University Claims to be the Best Music School in USA

Southern Methodist University Music Department

Offering a huge amount as the financial aid to the undergraduate and music students, this University holds the first spot in our rankings.  It is just positioned in Dallas, Texas. The Meadows School of the Arts settled in SMU always concentrates on raising the artistic abilities as both the musicians and society influencers within a rich environment.

The school was founded in 1917 as a school of music but later in 1964, it turned into the school of arts. It is a private institute positioned in University Park, Texas, USA. Currently, it is offering various types of degree and certificate programs including art, arts management, creative computation, dance music, film, journalism and many other programs.

Boston College

Boston College Music Department

Winning the second spot in our ranking list is not other than the Boston College that claims the highest starting salary for its successful music graduates. The average annual salary for a music graduate is estimated to $60,000. The college authorizes its students to get a dual major program in further fields of study if they want or to utilize these selected topics to get extra stage experience. There are many active groups that are inviting the students to take part by the music school too, varying from a cappella crowds to an Irish fiddle, twiddle, and dance ensemble.

Princeton University music department

The next spot goes to the Princeton University Established in 1746. The Princeton holds the 8th rank as the overall best U.S college, PU will provide you the excellence of education despite your chosen educational field. It is a private institute having more than 8125 enrollments during the last academic year 2014. Many world’s popular personalities are known to be its alumni. It offers many degree programs in various fields. The department of music education at Princeton is offering a major program in a musical performance that is defended for the students fascinated to concentrate on any distinct field of study outward of the music school at Princeton.

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List of Top 10 Music Colleges in USA – 2015 Rankings

Rank University Acceptance Rate
1. Southern Methodist University 52%
2. Boston College 34%
3. Princeton University 7.4%
4. Yale University 6.3%
5. Stanford University 5.1%
6. Cornell University 14%
7. Brown University 8.7%
8. Duke University 9.4%
9. Columbia University 6.9%
10. College of William and Mary 33.2%(2013)

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