Top 10 Universities for Masters in Human Services

Top 10 Universities for Masters in Human Services

Did you know what is exactly an accredited online master’s degree in human services? It might not be in your knowledge however it is sure that this is a widely popular graduate degree program. Mostly it blends the phases of all psychology, leadership, counseling, administration, social work and interpersonal communications into a sole degree choice.  Many programs tend more approaching the counseling side, while on the other hand, a concentration on the business appearances of human services. Either way, the students having a graduate degree in this popular major, have the option to get a job in behavioral health, human resources, social services, nonprofit work and organizational development.

If you have some geographical or financial restrictions, picking an online program can be a perfect decision for you. Today, a wide number of schools, colleges and universities are offering a masters degree in human services through the distance learning system that has become a significant part of this fastest growing era. This choice allows the students to enjoy the time-saving events without any requirement of relocating for the school. Besides a wide range of online students are also working full time on the great vacant. In this article, we have ranked the top ten online universities for the best master’s degree in human services.

List of Top 10 Universities for Masters in Human Services 2016 Rankings

1. Lubbock Christian University

Lubbock Christian University

Winning the first spot in our rankings, the Lubbock Christian University is a famed private educational body positioned in the Lubbock, Texas, USA. It is offering an extensive range of degree programs making it an ideal choice for both the on-campus and online students. The students who want to focus on the nonprofit management, the University offers a graduate program. Furthermore, the university also offers a best and most affordable masters degree in human services that gives the university first spot in our rankings. It’s challenging coursework also makes it a great and significant institute in the countryside.

2. Post University

Post University

Discovered in 1890, the post-university is a profit-making university situated in the Waterbury, Connecticut.  As per U.S. News, this popular institute has many online undergraduates as well as graduate degree programs accessible in the USA at the most affordable tuition. Post University offers the second most affordable masters degree in human services that consists of 37-credit and 18 month duration. This program also offers you a concentration in the clinical counseling in the organizational structure, a specialization that uniquely allows the students challenging job opportunities with the businesses and mental health organizations.

The academic curriculum of this great university incorporates the variety and ethics,  human services policy, applied research techniques, psychological assessment and family systems theory. Furthermore, students also have the option to complete two separate research programs during their session at the Post University just to make sure that they need the sufficient knowledge in the critical thinking, data analysis and experimental design to graduation.

3. St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

Discovered in 1912, it is a private, coeducational institute that proudly maintains the third spot in the ranking list of most affordable masters in human services programs. It mostly offers education in leadership and administration, however, a number of falls short of presenting licensure choices.  St. Marry is an exceptional university as its health and human services administration program offers students to seek licensure in home nursing. The major health-focused programs offered in the university include the labor relations, informatics, financial management, human services policy, common diseases and treatment and project management programs. No doubt, the SMU is one of the popular institutes that are showing their results on the national survey of student engagement for the public verification.

4. Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Wilmington University is a popular private nonprofit doctoral/ research university that consists of seven dissimilar colleges. It is offering both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields of education. For all the students who are seeking for both the management and social services education, the University offers an online masters degree in the human services. Wilmington University also gives you the knowledge in different interesting topics such as leadership abilities, dynamics of relationships, volunteerism, social security, substance abuse, research design and many more.

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List of Top 10 Most Affordable Masters Programs in Human Services 2016 Rankings

Rank University Annual Tuition
1. Lubbock Christian University Tuition: $6,840/yr
2. Post University Tuition: $7,590/yr
3. St. Mary’s University of Minnesota Tuition: $7,668/yr
4. Wilmington University Tuition: $7,812/yr
5. University of Nebraska Omaha Tuition: $4,415/yr (In-state) $12,330/yr (Out-of-state)
6. Southeastern University Tuition: $8,550/yr
7. Concordia University St. Paul Tuition: $8,550/yr
8. Bellevue University Tuition: $9,270/yr
9. Western Carolina University Tuition: $4,098/yr (In-state) $14,505/yr (Out-of-state)
10. Liberty University Tuition: $9,360/yr

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