Top 10 Universities in India For Engineering

Top 10 Universities in India For Engineering

Engineering claims to be one of the most popular educational streams in India. A major portion of students wants to pick it as a major for their higher education. Today, India has an extensive range of government and private colleges and universities that are offering the engineering programs both at the undergraduate and graduate level of education. Similarly, in the metropolitan cities like Guwahati, Roorkee, Kanpur, Vellore, Kharagpur and Allahabad, there are also many institutes offering the engineering degree programs. Since the number of private and government engineering institutes has raised, it has become troublesome to pick the most appropriate and best institute for every student. For such students, we are going to rank the top 10 engineering colleges in India.

Today Indian Institute of Technology claims to be the best engineering institute in the countryside. Since, IITs have begun to rule over the engineering sector, thus offering the country with the top rated classes technology professionals. The seven campuses of Indian Institute of Technology have the excellent quality and high standard education for the technical learning. Getting admission to IIT for any undergraduate program is based on the joint entrance examination (JEE) results.

Apart from the IITs, there are also many other institutes that are offering the quality education in the engineering field of education. Out of these popular institutions, Birla institute of technology and sciences (BITS), Pilani is one of the leading and best private engineering colleges in India that are popular for their excellence. Furthermore,  Hindu University is also a popular university that stands among the oldest Indian universities for engineering programs. All the below-listed institutes have a near and clear selection procedure. However, the different colleges are conducting dissimilar entrance examinations like JMET and GATE, etc. Students are given the choice to pick from a good range of engineering programs, be it civil, computer, biochemical, mechanical, electronic or chemical.

List of Top 10 Universities in India For Engineering  in 2016

5. Indian Institute of technology Madras

Indian Institute of technology Madras

IIT Madras claims to be the fifth best engineering university in India that was founded in 1959. Today it is considered one of the leading institutes that are offering best engineering programs at higher technical education level. Today, the institute has over sixteen academic departments and some advanced research centers that are used in various disciplines of engineering and sciences. The university has more than 100 laboratories that are managed in a unique formation of functioning. Its faculty has internationally proven reputation making its student community a brilliant one. Furthermore, the university has highly skilled and supporting staff that makes an impressive administration at IIT Madras campus.

4. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
The fourth spot goes to the IIT Roorkee that is a popular university for the engineering programs. It was founded in 1847 for which it is known as the oldest university in the countryside. It has more than 4472 undergraduate students and over 400 teaching staff. The number of postgraduate students is estimated to 2093. The University is also popular as the University of Roorkee that consists of 18 dissimilar academic departments offering degrees in study various disciplines including engineering, humanities & social sciences, applied sciences and management programs with a deep concentration on the scientific and technological study and research programs.

3. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Founded in 1951, the IIT Kharagpur holds the third spot in our rankings which is popular as the third best public engineering university in India. The university consists of 19 departments, seven centers and eight schools making it the third best university that is especially popular for its engineering programs. However, it also offers you the quality education in many other study disciplines.

2. Indian Institute of Technology  Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Winning the second spot in our rankings, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is a popular public research university that was founded in 1961. The university consists of 11 centers, 13 departments, and three schools that are offering the best and excellent quality education in different undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree programs.

1. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur claims to be the best Indian university for engineering programs. Mostly known as IIT Kanpur that was founded in 1959 with the support of nine research institutes as a part of Kanpur Indo-American program (KIAP). These are the top rated IITs of India, apart from IITs, there are many other institutes that are famed as the best engineering colleges in India, below is the list of top 10 engineering colleges in India as per 2016 rankings.

Top 10 Universities in India For Engineering 2016 rankings

List of Top 10 Universities in India For Engineering 2016 Rankings

Rank Institute Location
 1.  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)  Nankari, Kanpur
 2.  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)  Hauz Khas, Delhi
 3.  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)   Kharagpur
 4.  Indian Institute of Technology   Roorkee
 5.  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)  44/A, G S TRoad, Guindy, Chennai
 6.  Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences(BITS, Pilani)  Vidya Vihar
 7.  Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT, BHU)  Varanasi
 8.  Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT)  Katpadi, Vellore
 9.  Delhi Technological University  Bawana Road, Near Sector-7, Shahbad Daulatpur, Delhi-110042, delhi
 10.  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)  Amingaon,North Guwahati


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