Top 5 Texas Universities Offering Paleontology

Top 5 Texas Universities Offering Paleontology

top rated and best universities in texas offering Paleontology program

Texas State is widely famed as one of the best states for higher education degree programs. It has the number of schools and colleges that are offering most excellent and peak quality degree programs in various disciplines. Students that are looking for the best schools and colleges in Texas offering Paleontology, this article can be much informative for such students.

Paleontology is the field that exists as a part of geology, earth science and geosciences divisions within Texas region. In reality, it is mostly measured as a graduation degree. However, the students who are concerned with the specialty can usually get the undergraduate degree in diverse disciplines such as math, science and engineering along with all the paleontology courses while preparing for a graduate institute. In Texas state, you can find several institute offering paleontology as an education major that can combine the coursework, field study and research culminating in a bachelor’s, doctorate or masters’ degree.


At a Glance List of Top 5 Texas Universities Offering Paleontology

Rank Institute Address Official Website
1. Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX, United States Southern Methodist University
2. The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX 78759, United States The University of Texas at Austin
3. Texas Tech University 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409, United States Texas Tech University
4. The University of Texas-San Antonio 1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States The University of Texas-San Antonio
5. Baylor University Waco, TX 76706, United States Baylor University


5. Baylor University

Baylor University

Geology branch in Baylor’s University in the College of Arts & Science in Waco is offering a four-year college education and Master of Science program. In addition, a doctorate in topography is also offered by the department along with a chance to specialize in fossil science on the graduate level. The university students keen on paleontology are encouraged to choose courses in biology as well as accessible fossil science courses and utilize the exploration opportunities accessible on this level. Unique examination interests at the college incorporate fossil science and paleoecology. In addition, paleoclimatology and paleopedology are also offered.

4. The University of Texas-San Antonio

The University of Texas-San Antonio

The geological department of University is offering both the Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in geography. The B.A degree needs 43 credit hours within the department. While the B.S. requires from its students 60 hours. Inside the division, geobiology (fossil science and geomicrobiology) is one of the five noteworthy researching attractions.

As a response, the students are obliged to bring fossil science with a lab amid their undergrad course. In addition, the department is also offering a Master of Science degree in geography where the students have a choice to select a program in fossil science.

3. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Granted through the branch of geosciences at Texas Tech, geology degrees together with a paleontology fixation incorporate both the masters as well as doctorate degrees programs. The biggest research programs are incorporating vertebrate and invertebrate Paleo biostratigraphy, which is a procedure to recognize the fossils to focus the geologic period of sedimentary rock. Earlier than applying for a particular program, prospective students ought to contact the existing faculty to talk about their interest in research to focus a fit inside the department.

2. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin

It is a piece of  Jackson school of geosciences. The paleontology as well as the geobiology division is separated into the two major researching departments. The first is known as the vertebrate paleontologists who concentrate on advancement of vertebrates, together with their nature and formative developmental comeback.

The biggest research apparatuses incorporate a high determination computer supported tomography scanner utilized for 3D imaging of fossil vertebrates. The second group is the invertebrate paleontologists that are specially assigned to concentrate on Paleozoic echinoderms and their growth. The fossil science and geobiology separation is offering the masters as well as doctorate programs.

1. Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University

A part of the Huffington division for earth sciences, study in the paleontology field incorporates paleogeography, crustal advancement, and tectonics, tomography of vertebrate fossils, isotope fossil science, cretaceous geography, and paleoecology. The college concedes a Master of Science degree in proposition in geography consisting on 30-hour. In addition a doctoral degree that also requires its students two years to stay here on the campus or a sanction research office, as well as a thesis.

The department recompenses the research and teaching assistant situations to students who are entering the program. Candidates must hold the minimum 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, with a 3.25 in their specialization field. In addition, they are also asked to take the GRE. Doctoral students are eligible for the Roy M. also Phyllis Gough Huffington Fellowship to help with their graduation educational cost and expenses.